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this is the collection of all the playlists that I've typed in.
the first show was on September 2 1996.
It will take a while to get there
So far, there are 1348 playlist up with 56301 songs played going back to 0000-00-00


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1. 2008-03-10MinistryStigmataLand of Rape and HoneyWarner Bros
2. 2008-03-10Cannibal CorpseHammer Smash Face (single)Hammer Smash Face (single)metalblade
3. 2008-03-10FleshlessDoomed Glorification of BlasphemyGrind Godobscene
4. 2008-03-10MalignancyNeglected RejectionInhuman Grotesquerieswillowtip
5. 2008-03-10DecomposedInspired by HorrorTorn from the Wombworldeater
6. 2008-03-10ProteusSobbing Willow Neath Morning SkyPersonal Narrative of Cognative Dreamscapesmacabre_mentos
7. 2008-03-10Flesh ParadeCoping with itKill Whiteyrelapse
8. 2008-03-10To the WolvesSanctuaryDeath and the Company You Keepself-released
9. 2008-03-10Cavalera ConspiracySanctuaryInfliktedroadrunner
10. 2008-03-10Misery IndexconquistadoresDiscordiarelapse
11. 2008-03-10CatastrophicProblem, Reaction, SoutionPathology of Murdernapalm
12. 2008-03-10PsychristAt the Shrine of MortalitiesEmbrace Rapture in Disgustdissident
13. 2008-03-10Noose Bombhell bent for retirementBrainfood for the Brain Deadshifty
14. 2008-03-10Sin of AngelsParasitein the Grip of Despairobscenity_cult
15. 2008-03-10In Flamesthe Mirror's Truththe Mirror's Truth (single)koch
16. 2008-03-10Holy FuckJihadKill and Burns - 3 way spiltnegative_federal_funds
17. 2008-03-10the SwordHow Heavy This AxeGods of the Earthkemado
18. 2008-03-10AzaghalQuetzacoatlOmegamoribund
19. 2008-03-10EluveitiePrimordial BreathSlanianuclearblast
20. 2008-03-10ChildrenDeath Tribe 12"Death Tribe 12"kemado
21. 2008-03-10OvercastAbsolute ThresholdExpectational Dilutionendless_fight
22. 2008-03-10TankardDon't PanicHair of the Dognoise
23. 2008-03-10Cock and Ball Torturepoonta
24. 2008-03-10Negligent Collateral Collapseterate Physicist Gets Taste for FictionReprocess Segment Database Extenderobscene
25. 2008-03-10BileBileThe Shedno_escape
26. 2008-03-10EngorgedDeath Metal Attack 2000Fuck... I'm Dead vs Engorged - split CDno_escape
27. 2008-03-10Buzzard#2Elektrik Reich Orchestraself-released
28. 2008-03-10Coathanger AbortionSo... This is Salvation?Demo 2007self-released
29. 2008-03-10The BerzerkerBurntself-titledearache
30. 2008-03-10Genghis TronCity on a HillBoard up the Houserelapse
31. 2008-03-10Xentrixthe Human ConditionFor Whose Advantage?roadrunner
32. 2008-03-10Vicious RumorsDigital DictatorDigital Dictatorshrapnel
33. 2008-03-10GorgorothRevelation of DoomRegain Records sampler 2008regain
34. 2008-03-10OphthalamiaTime for WarDominionno_fashion
35. 2008-03-10Dawnthe Aphelion DesertsSlaughtersun (Crown of Triarachy)necropolis
36. 2008-03-10DisfearLive the StormLive the Stormrelapse
37. 2008-03-10DragonlordUnholyvoidRapturespitfire
38. 2008-03-10Meshuggahthis Spiteful SnakeObzennuclearblast
39. 2008-03-10Kingdom of SorrowGrieve a LifetimeLead into Demiserelapse
40. 2008-03-10Saint JudeAt Least You Look DeadAlways Hard - First Recordingstor_johnson
41. 2008-03-10CandiriaFractionBeyond Resonable Doubttoo_damn_hype
42. 2008-03-10ForbiddenTossed AwayTwisted into Formcombat
43. 2008-03-10Toxic HolocaustWar is HellThrashing Like a Maniac - Various Artistearache
44. 2008-03-10Iron LungMedicSexless//No Sexprank
45. 2008-03-10IndestroyJustice Sucksself-titlednew_renaissance
46. 2008-03-10Valorthe Flesh is weakFight for Your Lifewhite_stone
47. 2008-03-10Blood FeastR,I,P,Face Fatenew_renaissance
48. 2008-03-10Iron MaidenHallowed Be Thy Namethe Number of the Beastemi
49. 2008-03-10Einsturzende NeubautenEin Stuhl in der HoelleHaus der Luegerough_trade
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