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this is the collection of all the playlists that I've typed in.
the first show was on September 2 1996.
It will take a while to get there
So far, there are 1226 playlist up with 52125 songs played going back to 0000-00-00


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1. 2021-08-23Humanity's Last BreathVultus (Remastered)Humanity's Last Breath (Remixed & Remastered)
2. 2021-06-07Bolt ThrowerDestructive InfinityWarmasterRelativity Records
3. 2021-05-17DefecationVestige Of Earthly RemainsPurity Dilution (Reissue & Remastered 1998)
4. 2021-05-03MegadethLooking Down The CrossKilling Is My Business...And Business Is Good! (Re-Mastered)
5. 2021-03-15Humanity's Last BreathHarmDetestor (Remixed & Remastered 2020)
6. 2021-02-08MasterUnknown SoldierMaster
7. 2021-02-08Accursed, TheLand of the DeadSeasons of the Scythe (Unmastered)
8. 2021-01-18Control DeniedBreaking the BrokenThe Fragile Art Of Existence Remaster CD 1
9. 2020-12-28MasterMangled DehumanizationMaster
10. 2020-11-30Control DeniedExpect the UnexpectedThe Fragile Art Of Existence Remaster CD 1
11. 2020-11-16Dropdead04 A NATION SLEEPSDropdead (first album - remastered)Armageddon Label
12. 2020-10-26Judas PriestBreaking The LawBritish Steel [The Re-Masters]
13. 2020-10-12SacrocurseAll Existence PerishesUnholier Master LP (Europe/UK)Iron Bonehead Productions
14. 2020-10-05MasterUnknown SoldierMaster
15. 2020-09-28Savage GraceFear My WayMaster Of Disguise
16. 2020-09-28Judas PriestYou Don't Have To Be Old To Be WiseBritish Steel [The Re-Masters]
17. 2020-09-21MasterTerrorizerMaster
18. 2020-07-20DefecationMutual TrustPurity Dilution (Reissue & Remastered 1998)
19. 2020-07-20Iron Cross (USA-IL)Beware The InnocentChurch And State [2008 Remaster]
20. 2020-07-13SacrocurseSepulchral DesolationUnholier Master LP (Europe/UK)Iron Bonehead Productions
21. 2020-06-29Judas PriestSome Heads Are Gonna RollDefenders Of The Faith [Remastered]
22. 2020-06-15Liege LordSoldiers' FortuneMaster ControlMetal Blade
23. 2020-06-08Liege LordMaster ControlMaster ControlMetal Blade
24. 2020-02-10Judas PriestRunning WildHell Bent For Leather [The Remasters]
25. 2019-06-03Bestial Raids03 Descending the ThantifaxathMaster Satan's Witchery LP/CDNuclear War Now! Productions
26. 2019-04-08King DiamondNo More MeThe Puppet MasterMassacre Records
27. 2019-02-18Judas PriestBetween The Hammer & The AnvilPainkiller [The Re-Masters]
28. 2019-02-18MotorheadDancing On Your GraveNo Remorse (1999 Remaster) Disc I
29. 2019-02-04EngraveFull Moon RisingThe Rebirth RemastersWorld War III
30. 2018-12-24MotörheadIron Horse Born To LoseMotörhead (Remastered)
31. 2018-07-02Prophecy of DoomEarth Reality VictimAcknowledge the Confusion Master
32. 2018-06-11BloodbathDrink from the Cup of HeresyFathomless MasteryPeaceville Records
33. 2018-05-28Electric WizardWe Hate YouDopethrone [2006 Remaster]
34. 2018-05-07Fear FactoryLeechmasterSoul Of A New Machine (Remastered)
35. 2018-04-30ZozobraVenom HellSavage Masters
36. 2018-04-23Messiah ProphetBattle CryMaster Of The Metalpure_metal
37. 2018-04-02ZozobraDeathlessSavage Masters
38. 2018-02-12MasterThe TruthMaster
39. 2018-02-12PriestessLiving Like a DogHello MasterAce Fu
40. 2018-01-29AccuserMourningThe MasteryMetal Blade Records
41. 2018-01-15Electric WizardDopethroneDopethrone [2006 Remaster]
42. 2017-10-16Control DeniedWhen the Link Becomes MissingThe Fragile Art Of Existence Remaster CD 1
43. 2017-09-25Liege LordFeel the BladeMaster ControlMetal Blade
44. 2017-09-25Judas PriestMetal GodsBritish Steel (The Remasters)
45. 2017-09-18Control DeniedBreaking the BrokenThe Fragile Art Of Existence Remaster CD 1
46. 2017-09-18Proteus3Rf Master
47. 2017-09-11MotörheadWhite Line FeverMotörhead (Remastered)
48. 2017-08-07EngraveThe Infernal BleedingThe Rebirth RemastersWorld War III
49. 2017-05-01Judas PriestOut In The ColdPriest...Live! [The Re-Masters] - CD1
50. 2017-04-24Raging SlabBitch To KillAssmasterbuy_our
51. 2017-04-17Bestial Raids05 Kingdom BelowMaster Satan's Witchery LP/CDNuclear War Now! Productions
52. 2016-12-05Judas PriestEvening StarHell Bent For Leather [The Remasters]
53. 2016-11-07Messiah ProphetBattle CryMaster Of The Metalpure_metal
54. 2016-11-07Liege LordMaster ControlMaster Controlmetalblade
55. 2016-11-07Dr MastermindBlack Leather ManiacDr Mastermindshrapnel
56. 2016-10-03NevermoreTomorrow Turned Into YesterdayEnemies of Reality (Remix & Remaster)
57. 2016-09-19BehexenMouth of LeviathanBehexen / Satanic WarmasterHammer of Hate - via Metalhit
58. 2016-09-19MegadethGood Mourning / Black FridayPeace Sells...But Who's Buying? (Re-Mastered)
59. 2016-07-18BloodbathMock the CrossFathomless MasteryPeaceville Records
60. 2016-07-18Denner/ShermannThe Wolf Feeds at NightMasters of EvilMetal Blade Records
61. 2016-07-11Satanic WarmasterWhere Eternity AwaitsBehexen / Satanic WarmasterHammer of Hate - via Metalhit
62. 2016-05-30ObliveonFrosted AvowalsNemesis (Remastered - 2007)
63. 2016-05-23MegadethTrain Of ConsequencesYouthanasia (Re-Mastered)
64. 2016-03-21Electric WizardFuneralopolisDopethrone [2006 Remaster]
65. 2016-01-11Electric WizardBarbarianDopethrone [2006 Remaster]
66. 2015-12-27Savage GraceBound To Be FreeMaster Of Disguise
67. 2015-12-14Control DeniedBelieveThe Fragile Art Of Existence Remaster
68. 2015-11-16Electric WizardStone MagnetElectric Wizard [2006 Remaster]candlelight
69. 2015-11-02Liege LordFalloutMaster Controlmetalblade
70. 2015-09-28DioOne More For The RoadMaster Of The Moon
71. 2015-09-07GoatwhoreWhen Steel and Bone MeetBlood For The Mastermetalblade
72. 2015-08-24Savage GraceMaster Of DisguiseMaster Of Disguise
73. 2015-08-24Liege LordBroken WastelandMaster Controlmetalblade
74. 2015-05-25Bolt ThrowerWar MasterWarmasterearache
75. 2015-04-20Savage GraceBound To Be FreeMaster Of Disguisemetalblade
76. 2015-01-05Metal ChurchKiss For The DeadMasterpiecespv
77. 2014-12-29Savage GraceInto The FireMaster Of Disguise
78. 2014-12-29Liege LordKill The King (Rainbow)Master Controlmetalblade
79. 2014-12-22Savage GraceBound To Be FreeMaster Of Disguisemetalblade
80. 2014-12-15Control DeniedExpect the UnexpectedThe Fragile Art Of Existence Remaster
81. 2014-10-20DIOThe Man Who Would Be KingMaster Of The Moonsanctuary
82. 2014-09-15The DeathtripDynamic UnderworldDeep Drone Mastersvart
83. 2014-07-07Liege LordFalloutMaster Controlmetalblade
84. 2014-06-30AcephalixRaw LifeDeathless Master
85. 2014-06-23SacrocurseC.O.N.V.U.L.S.E.Unholier Masterhells_headbangers
86. 2014-06-16Liege LordEye Of The StormMaster Controlmetalblade
87. 2014-05-12Messiah Propheteavy Metal ThunderMaster Of The Metalpure_metal
88. 2014-04-14Electric WizardWizard In BlackCome My Fanatics... [2006 Remaster]
89. 2014-03-24Liege LordEye Of The StormMaster Controlmetalblade
90. 2014-02-24Proteus4Rf Master
91. 2014-02-10MasterFuneral BitchMasternuclearblast
92. 2013-10-21Lethal FireW.W.L.M.Master Of Extermination Artself-released
93. 2013-08-19DIOThe Man Who Would Be KingMaster Of The Moonsanctuary
94. 2013-07-01El DuceRoman ColiseumSlave To Thy Masterred_light
95. 2013-05-20Bolt ThrowerProfance CreationWarmastercombat
96. 2013-04-29Liege LordFeel The BladeMaster Controlmetalblade
97. 2013-03-04Liege LordBroken WastelandMaster Controlmetalblade
98. 2012-12-24AcephalixTomb Of Our FathersDeathless Master
99. 2012-12-03Bolt Throwerthe Shreds of SanityWarmastercombat
100. 2012-12-03Lethal FireFriends Of StupidityMaster Of Extermination Artself-released
101. 2012-11-19Bolt Throwerthe Shreds of SanityWarmasterearache
102. 2012-10-01HalfordMade In HellLive Insurrection (remastered)metal_god
103. 2012-07-30GoatwhoreEmbodiment Of This Bitter ChoasBlood For The Mastermetalblade
104. 2012-07-16DioMaster Of The MoonMaster Of The Moonsanctuary
105. 2012-07-02Judas PriestRed, White, & BlueBritish Steel (Remaster 2010)
106. 2012-05-28Church of MiseryCities On FlameMasters Of Brutalitymetalblade
107. 2012-05-21Electric WizardSolarian 13Come My Fanatics... [2006 Remaster]
108. 2012-03-26GoatwhoreWhen Steel and Bone MeetBlood For The Mastermetalblade
109. 2012-03-12It's A Fucking Trap#4Master Copy
110. 2012-03-05GoatwhoreWhen Steel and Bone MeetBlood For The Mastermetalblade
111. 2012-03-05DIOShiversMaster Of The Moonsanctuary
112. 2012-02-27HalfordMade In HellLive Insurrection (remastered)metal_god
113. 2012-02-27GoatwhoreParasitic Scriptures Of The Sacred WordBlood For The Mastermetalblade
114. 2012-01-30Ice VinlandThe New Best-SellerMasters Of The Seahigh_roller
115. 2011-09-05DIOThe End Of The WorldMaster Of The Moonsanctuary
116. 2011-03-21BehexenWhere the Devil SpokeBehexen/Satatic Warmaster Splithammer_of_hate
117. 2011-01-24Raging SlabBitch To KillAssmasterbuy_our
118. 2010-09-06Bolt ThrowerProfance CreationWarmastercombat
119. 2010-07-12HavohejBloud and SoulsKembatinan Premasterhells_headbangers
120. 2010-02-22HavohejBloud and SoulsKembatinan Premasterhells_headbangers
121. 2010-02-15HalfordInto The PitLive Insurrection (remastered)metal_god
122. 2010-02-08HavohejBloud and SoulsKembatinan Premasterhells_headbangers
123. 2009-10-26Metal ChurchKiss For The DeadMasterpiecenuclearblast
124. 2009-08-03BehexenWhere the Devil SpokeBehexen/Satatic Warmaster Splithammer_of_hate
125. 2009-08-03Bolt Throwerthe Shreds of SanityWarmasterearache
126. 2009-07-27HalfordMetal GodsLive Insurrection (remastered)metal_god
127. 2009-05-04Bolt ThrowerFinal RelevationWarmasterearache
128. 2009-03-02Bolt Throwerthe Shreds of SanityWarmastercombat
129. 2009-02-16BloodbathDrink from the Cup of Heresythe Fathomless Masterypeaceville
130. 2009-01-12BloodbathEarthrotthe Fathomless Masterypeaceville
131. 2009-01-05BloodbathDevouring the Feeblethe Fathomless Masterypeaceville
132. 2008-12-29BloodbathAt the Behest of Their Deaththe Fathomless Masterypeaceville
133. 2008-12-22BloodbathProcess of Disilluminationthe Fathomless Masterypeaceville
134. 2008-12-15BloodbathWretched Human Mirrorthe Fathomless Masterypeaceville
135. 2008-12-01BloodbathHades Risingthe Fathomless Masterypeaceville
136. 2008-11-17BloodbathSlaughtering The Will To Livethe Fathomless Masterypeaceville
137. 2008-11-10BloodbathDevouring the Feeblethe Fathomless Masterypeaceville
138. 2008-11-03BloodbathMock the Crossthe Fathomless Masterypeaceville
139. 2008-10-27BloodbathSlaughtering The Will To Livethe Fathomless Masterypeaceville
140. 2007-11-05Bolt ThrowerDestructive InfinityWarmastercombat
141. 2007-10-01Bolt Throwerthe Shreds of SanityWarmasterearache
142. 2007-08-20Bolt ThrowerRebirth of HumanityWarmastercombat
143. 2007-06-11Priestesstalk to herHello Mastercolumbia
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