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this is the collection of all the playlists that I've typed in.
the first show was on September 2 1996.
It will take a while to get there
So far, there are 1370 playlist up with 57009 songs played going back to 0000-00-00


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1. 2014-02-24MinistryStigmataLand of Rape and HoneyWarner Bros
2. 2014-02-24
3. 2014-02-24Severed SaviorDeadspeakServile Insurrectionwillowtip
4. 2014-02-24ObscuraIncarnatedCosmogenesisrelapse
5. 2014-02-24Totten KorpsThe Buried Wizard, in the Millenium of ObscurityTharnheim: Athi-Land Nhi- Cyclopean Cyrts Of Citadels
6. 2014-02-24GorgutsForgotten ArrowsColored Sandsseason_of_mist
7. 2014-02-24
8. 2014-02-24RamessesBaptism Of The Walking DeadTake The Curseritual_production
9. 2014-02-24Proteus4Rf Master
10. 2014-02-24FinntrollUnder Bergets RotNifelvindcenturymedia
11. 2014-02-24IwrestledabearonceBlack-Eyed BushIt's All Happeningcenturymedia
12. 2014-02-24Negligent Collateral CollapseUnknown ErrorSplit - CBT Filth Downthroat Negligent Collateral Collapse
13. 2014-02-24
14. 2014-02-24EyeHateGodDepressSouthern Discomfortcenturymedia
15. 2014-02-24Dead InfectionFire in the Foresta Chapter of Accidentsmad_lion
16. 2014-02-24It Will End in Pure HorrorWalking DeadNight Of The Living Demo
17. 2014-02-24PhobiaSelf WorthDestroying the Massespessimiser
18. 2014-02-24Excruciating TerrorProphecy Of DoomVision Of Terror
19. 2014-02-24
20. 2014-02-24Iron Hand122 Hours Of Fear (Screamers)Liquid Assets 7-inchsafety_meeting
21. 2014-02-24Ceremonical (Chile)A.-.R.-.C.-.Ars Magika 7-inchBlood Harvest
22. 2014-02-24Shroud Of The HereticChaotic Astral AscensionRevelations In AlchemyBlood Harvest
23. 2014-02-24DestrageG.O.D.Are You Kidding Me? No.metalblade
24. 2014-02-24Battle BeastRavenBattle Beastnuclearblast
25. 2014-02-24
26. 2014-02-24Flotsam and JetsamN.E.TerrorNo Place For Disgracemetalblade
27. 2014-02-24Morbus ChronIt Stretches In The HollowSwevencenturymedia
28. 2014-02-24Grand MagusFightTriumph And Powernuclearblast
29. 2014-02-24Mount SalemLucidEndlessmetalblade
30. 2014-02-24The Vintage CaravanLet Me BeVoyagenuclearblast
31. 2014-02-24
32. 2014-02-24Cripple BastardsRegime ArtificialeNero In Metastasirelapse
33. 2014-02-24DyscarnateA Drone In The HiveAnd So It Came To Passsiege_of_amida
34. 2014-02-24DemoraliserEarly YearsA Living Nightmaresiege_of_amida
35. 2014-02-24NothingSomersaultGuilty Of Everythingrelapse
36. 2014-02-24
37. 2014-02-24ToxikHeart AttackWorld Circusroadracer
38. 2014-02-24HadesRogues MarchBorn To Metalizemegaforce
39. 2014-02-24Solitude AeturnusBeneath The Fading SunBeyond The Crimson Horizonroadrunner
40. 2014-02-24Creation is CrucifixionThe Perfection of Suicide Is In Its AmbiguityIn Silico
41. 2014-02-24Clinging To The Trees Of A Forest FireCrossing The Gasoline Sea3-way split [Kill And Burns]
42. 2014-02-24
43. 2014-02-24SlayerSkeletons Of SocietySeasons in the Abyssdef_jam
44. 2014-02-24Napalm DeathCause and EffectMentally Murdered
45. 2014-02-24Cannabis CorpseLunatic Of Pot's CreationBeneath The Grow Lights Thou Shalt Risetankcrimes
46. 2014-02-24DismemberLive for the Fear (of Pain)Death Metalnuclearblast
47. 2014-02-24
48. 2014-02-24VektorDying WorldOuter Isolation
49. 2014-02-24Wrath A.D.MiseryPro-Prophecy
50. 2014-02-24
51. 2014-02-24...Love With Tear Us Apart (Joy Division Cover)Somebody Save Me
52. 2014-02-24The NightstalkerSad To See You AgainAgainst The Anesthetist
53. 2014-02-24Current 93The Summer PastCrocked Crosses For The Nodding GodWorld Serpent
54. 2014-02-24From The Sunset, Forest, and GriefFrom The Sunset, Forest, and Grief...Empty, Cold & Forgotten...
55. 2014-02-24Einsturzende NeubautenEin Stuhl in der HoelleHaus der Luegerough_trade
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