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New site? Maybe some day.


this is the collection of all the playlists that I've typed in.
the first show was on September 2 1996.
It will take a while to get there
So far, there are 1327 playlist up with 55604 songs played going back to 0000-00-00


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1. 2010-02-15MinistryStigmataLand of Rape and HoneyWarner Bros
2. 2010-02-15
3. 2010-02-15Black SabbathHand Of DoomParanoidvertigo
4. 2010-02-15RainbowAll Night LongDown To Earthpolydor
5. 2010-02-15Nuclear AssaultStop Wait ThinkOut Of Ordercombat
6. 2010-02-15HalfordInto The PitLive Insurrection (remastered)metal_god
7. 2010-02-15
8. 2010-02-15Before the DawnHeaven4:17 AMlocomotive
9. 2010-02-15ProngSnap your fingers snap your neckCleansingsony
10. 2010-02-15Misery IndexTheocracyTraitorsrelapse
11. 2010-02-15ImpiousDead AwakeningDeath Dominationmetalblade
12. 2010-02-15
13. 2010-02-15GazaBishopHe Is Never Coming Backblackmarket_activities
14. 2010-02-15DysphoriaStart AgainHope Without Reasonself-released
15. 2010-02-15Sarcophagus (IL)From The CrossDeadnoise
16. 2010-02-15Job for a CowboySummon The HoundsRuinationmetalblade
17. 2010-02-15
18. 2010-02-15Sons of AzraelArson and ApathyScouting The Boneyardmetalblade
19. 2010-02-15UnanimatedDeath To Lifein The Light Of Darknessregain
20. 2010-02-15EmperorIn the Wordless ChamberPrometheus - The Discipline of Fire and Demisecandlelight
21. 2010-02-15MegadethSymphony of DestructionCountdown to Extinctioncapitol
22. 2010-02-15
23. 2010-02-15Suicidal TendenciesinstitutionalizedSuicidal Tendenciesepic
24. 2010-02-15the CarrierEpilogue ForgivenessNo Love Can Save Me 7-inchdeathwishinc
25. 2010-02-15
26. 2010-02-15Raw Radar WarAll Arrows InVarious Artist: Chainsaw Safetychainsaw_safety
27. 2010-02-15Gray GhostHollowed OutDeep In The Shallow Endchainsaw_safety
28. 2010-02-15ExcrecorAttrictionn/ase
29. 2010-02-15MachetazoMasticasesosCarne De Cementeriorazorback
30. 2010-02-15In Dire NeedThe Red TideThe Blood Of The Damned And The Waters Of False Prophecyself-released
31. 2010-02-15Artery EruptionUtilize All HolesDriving Fist Through Her Chestsevared
32. 2010-02-15
33. 2010-02-15MorticianChainsaw DismembermentChainsaw Dismembermentrelapse
34. 2010-02-15With PassionDarkness Doth Bring MortalityIn the Midst of Bloodied Soilearache
35. 2010-02-15ZonariaPraise the Eradicationthe Cancer Empirecenturymedia
36. 2010-02-15The KandidateDistress And DecayUntil We Are Outnumberednapalm
37. 2010-02-15
38. 2010-02-15Evil WrathThe Downfall Of ExistenceChaotical InvasionNHR
39. 2010-02-15ThroneumFatal ResurrectionDeathcult Conspiracypagan
40. 2010-02-15Morbid AngelMaze Of TormentAltars of Madnessearache
41. 2010-02-15Earth CrisisFortressDestroy the Machinesvictory
42. 2010-02-15At WarCreed of SniperRetaliation Strikenew_renaissance
43. 2010-02-15CarcassExhume to ConsumeSymphonies of Sicknessearache
44. 2010-02-15
45. 2010-02-15ShabtiMemory SleepsLabors Of The Deadself-released
46. 2010-02-15Infinitum ObscureScepter Of MalevolenceSub Atris Caelisdeathgasm
47. 2010-02-15ValkryjaWelcoming WormsContaminationmetalblade
48. 2010-02-15CryptopsyWhite WormsWhisper Supremacycenturymedia
49. 2010-02-15
50. 2010-02-15Intervalle BizarreBlood PsalmVarious Artists: Check Assaultrelapse
51. 2010-02-15AeternamIteruDisciples Of The Unseenmetalblade
52. 2010-02-15TaramisPath To AquiloniaQueen Of Thievesmetalblade
53. 2010-02-15CynicTexturesFocusroadrunner
54. 2010-02-15
55. 2010-02-15Charred Walls Of The DamnedBlood On WoodCharred Walls Of The Damnedmetalblade
56. 2010-02-15CoalesceJesus... 20000:12 Revolution In Just Listeningrelapse
57. 2010-02-15Norano one takes pictures of the drummerLoser's Intuitiontrustkill
58. 2010-02-15Einsturzende NeubautenEin Stuhl in der HoelleHaus der Luegerough_trade
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