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this is the collection of all the playlists that I've typed in.
the first show was on September 2 1996.
It will take a while to get there
So far, there are 1348 playlist up with 56301 songs played going back to 0000-00-00


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1. 2020-07-20MinistryStigmataLand Of Rape And HoneyWarner Bros.
2. 2020-07-20
3. 2020-07-20Iron MaidenAlexander The GreatSomewhere In Time
4. 2020-07-20KylesaAlmost LostStatic Tensionsprosthetic
5. 2020-07-20Entombed10 - The Truth BeyondLeft Hand PathEarache
6. 2020-07-20MartyrdomColossusSlaying GiantsPulverised Records
7. 2020-07-20
8. 2020-07-20BloodbathBrave New HellNightmares Made Flesh
9. 2020-07-20Nazarene WhorePriest ImpalerInvocations Of Necro-Sodomy/Dark Realm Mysticism - Nazarene Whore/Nocturnal Evil -split 7"Iron Bonehead Productions
10. 2020-07-20WinterDestinyInto DarknessSouthern Lord
11. 2020-07-20SheolPerpetual Descent Into She'olSepulchral Ruins Below The Temple 12" MLPIron Bonehead Productions
12. 2020-07-20
13. 2020-07-20YobPrepare the GroundAtma
14. 2020-07-20DownEyes of the SouthNola
15. 2020-07-20
16. 2020-07-20Путь (Put')05 Над гробом ветхим (Above the old coffin)The Songs of the DeathAntiq Records
17. 2020-07-20Obscure Relic3. Master Of All FormsFirst Black CommunionHelldprod Records
18. 2020-07-20Silver Knife02 This Numinous LoomUnyielding/UnseeingAmor fati Productions
19. 2020-07-20
20. 2020-07-20SCARS03 - Ancient PowerPredatoryBrutal Records
21. 2020-07-20Ice WarSoldiers of FrostDefender, DestroyerFighter Records
22. 2020-07-20Selenseas04. TimeThe Outer Limits - Out Aug 7thRockshots Records
23. 2020-07-20Mosaic (Germany)03 Schwarze ErdeHarvestEisenwald Records
24. 2020-07-20
25. 2020-07-20Cardiac Arrest (U.S.)04 Plague Ridden DestinyThe Day That Death PrevailedMemento Mori
26. 2020-07-20Soulrot (Chile)04 I, MasterVictims of Spiritual WarfareMemento Mori
27. 2020-07-20Prosanctus Inferi04 Hypnotic Blood ArtHypnotic Blood Art LP/TAPENuclear War Now! Productions
28. 2020-07-20Valgrind (Italy)03 Entangled in a World BelowCondemnationMemento Mori
29. 2020-07-20
30. 2020-07-20ImmolationNailed To GoldHere In After
31. 2020-07-20Ossuary Insane04 My Name Is God & I Am A Liar (200Possession of the Flesh LPBlood Harvest Records
32. 2020-07-20NekromantheonBlood WisdomRise, Vulcan SpectreIndie Recordings
33. 2020-07-20VaderThe Sea Came in at LastThe BeastMetal Blade
34. 2020-07-20
35. 2020-07-20WargasmJigsaw ManSuicide Notes (Japanese Version)
36. 2020-07-20NecrophagistEpitathEpitaphRelapse Records
37. 2020-07-20DEATHVacant PlantesHuman - 2 Disc Reissue (Radio Promo)Relapse Records
38. 2020-07-20GRUESOMETrapped In HellSavage Land (NA Promo)Relapse Records
39. 2020-07-20
40. 2020-07-20Creation Of DeathYou Aren't Possessed YetPurify Your Soul
41. 2020-07-20Full Blown ChaosWake the DemonsWake the Demons, Disc 1Stillborn Records
42. 2020-07-20Comeback KidWake the DeadWake the DeadVictory Records
43. 2020-07-20Norma JeanCreating Something out of Nothing, Only to Destroy ItBless the Martyr and Kiss the ChildSolid State
44. 2020-07-20Byzanthian NeckbeardThe WerespiderMinaton
45. 2020-07-20
46. 2020-07-20Cave InJuggernautUntil Your Heart StopsHydra Head
47. 2020-07-20ExcrecorParallel Harmonic
48. 2020-07-20DefecationMutual TrustPurity Dilution (Reissue & Remastered 1998)
49. 2020-07-20Already DeadTenADemonstration
50. 2020-07-20Nuclear AgeFight Back And WinThe Distinct Sounds Of... 7"
51. 2020-07-20Blood Red ThroneMarch Of The UndyingBlood Red Throne
52. 2020-07-20
53. 2020-07-20Madam XMetal In My VeinsWe Reserve The Right
54. 2020-07-20SirenLike A BulletFinancial Suicide
55. 2020-07-20Iron Cross (USA-IL)Beware The InnocentChurch And State [2008 Remaster]
56. 2020-07-20Inhuman ConditionsDrugdeathPositive Or Dumb (demo II 1987)
57. 2020-07-20
58. 2020-07-20Angel DustWings Of An AngelTo Dust You Will Decay
59. 2020-07-20VengeanceCry Of The SirensArabia
60. 2020-07-20Y&TKnock You OutEarthshakerA&M
61. 2020-07-20
62. 2020-07-20HiraxThe Last WarHate, fear & power
63. 2020-07-20High PowerHeavy-RockLes Voilons de Satan
64. 2020-07-20Einsturzende NeubautenEin Stuhl in der HoelleHaus der Luegerough_trade
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