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New site? Maybe some day.


this is the collection of all the playlists that I've typed in.
the first show was on September 2 1996.
It will take a while to get there
So far, there are 1364 playlist up with 56812 songs played going back to 0000-00-00


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1. 2021-12-06MinistryStigmataLand Of Rape And HoneyWarner Bros.
2. 2021-12-06
3. 2021-12-06CannaeDawn of Dark SkiesTroubleshooting Deatheast_coast_empire
4. 2021-12-06It Dies TodayThe Requiem for Broken HeartsForever ScornedTrust Kill
5. 2021-12-06Invocation of NehekDrawing Blood from a StoneInvocation of NehekProsthetic
6. 2021-12-06Poison the Well12-23-93The Opposite of DecemberRoadrunner Records
7. 2021-12-06
8. 2021-12-06Fuming MouthExecutioner's SabbathDemo
9. 2021-12-06Fuming MouthVarious Artists-Master of ExtremityMetal Massacre XVMetal Blade Records
10. 2021-12-06Sunlights BaneFrom Heaven WeptThe Blackest Volume
11. 2021-12-06Outer HeavenTortured WindsRealms Of Eternal DecayRelapse Records
12. 2021-12-06DaemonarchSaniyagaHermeticum
13. 2021-12-06
14. 2021-12-06Lock UpRage Incarnate RebornNecropolis TransparentNuclear Blast GmbH
15. 2021-12-06Interment (TX)The Suspense is Killing MeThe Suspense is Killing Me
16. 2021-12-06AsphyxiateTorso PutrefactionAnatomy Of Perfect Bestiality
17. 2021-12-06Nordheim06 - Strength Became The StormRapthorSelf-Released
18. 2021-12-06
19. 2021-12-06Mavorim05 ElfenblutNon Omnis MoriarPurity Through Fire
20. 2021-12-06HOLLOW WOODS04 Transcendent EchoesCold Winds Cleave the EarthSignal Rex
21. 2021-12-06Charnel Altar04 WormworldAbatement of the Sun CD/LP/TAPEBlood Harvest Records
22. 2021-12-06
23. 2021-12-06Bekëth Nexëhmü03 Nordens VidderDe Fornas LikgaldrarPurity Through Fire
24. 2021-12-06BEYOND DEATH'S THRONE02 Diaphanous LethargyHaphazard EthosSignal Rex
25. 2021-12-06
26. 2021-12-06Flagg04 Circle of StonesCosmic Chaos ManfiestPurity Through Fire
27. 2021-12-06Diablery03 Spiral Ascension of BecomingCandlesSaturnal Records
28. 2021-12-06Coraxul03 Luonnollisesti SaatanaVihavirsiä AamunkoinPurity Through Fire
29. 2021-12-06
30. 2021-12-06PyrrhonThe Cost Of LivingAbscess TimeWILLOWTIP INC. (WTP)
31. 2021-12-06Red Chord, TheBlack SantaClientsReflections
32. 2021-12-06
33. 2021-12-06Aura NoirShadows Of DeathHades Rise
34. 2021-12-06MartyrAll Warriors BloodCircle of 8Metal Blade
35. 2021-12-06ParricideFearAccustomed to Illusion (Demo)
36. 2021-12-06
37. 2021-12-06GraveFor Your GodInto The Grave
38. 2021-12-06MasterGlorify The DeadCollection Of Souls
39. 2021-12-06
40. 2021-12-06Metal PriestOut For LoveBursting Out
41. 2021-12-06Black VirginMost Likely To ExceedMost Likely To Exceed
42. 2021-12-06GirlDo You Love MeSheer Greed
43. 2021-12-06BodineYou Didn't Give Me LoveBodine
44. 2021-12-06
45. 2021-12-06AttakkWithout A WordAttakk
46. 2021-12-06Forbidden EvilNext To DieEndless Slaughter
47. 2021-12-06MegadethThese Boots (Censored)Killing Is My Business...And Business Is Good! (Re-Mastered)
48. 2021-12-06ExciterUnder AttackHeavy Metal ManiacSMD
49. 2021-12-06
50. 2021-12-06Living DeathNight LightVengance Of Hell
51. 2021-12-06Messiah DeathLife After DeathGore Of The Crucifix
52. 2021-12-06OmenBattle CryBattle CryMetal Blade
53. 2021-12-06TargetDeath BlowMission Executed [2009 Remaster]
54. 2021-12-06
55. 2021-12-06Holy TerrorBlood Of The SaintsTerror And Submission
56. 2021-12-06Einsturzende NeubautenEin Stuhl in der HoelleHaus der Luegerough_trade
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