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this is the collection of all the playlists that I've typed in.
the first show was on September 2 1996.
It will take a while to get there
So far, there are 1222 playlist up with 51985 songs played going back to 0000-00-00


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1. 2021-07-19AxamentaMoist TeutonicusNox Draconis Argenti
2. 2021-06-28Edge Of SanityBeyond The UnknownUnorthodox
3. 2021-06-14Humanic MutationStar SpawnPandora's Box
4. 2021-04-19Humanic MutationPandora's BoxPandora's Box
5. 2021-03-01AdramelchWas Called EmpireIrae Melanox
6. 2021-02-22MARE COGNITUMFrozen Star DivinizationSolar ParoxysmI, Voidhanger Records
7. 2021-02-08CrotchdusterCain Sings the Blues (edit)Big Fat Box of Shit
8. 2020-12-07EsophagectomyVehement Gush of Anthropological ResentmentA Noxious Cumulation of Tools for Auditory Extermination
9. 2020-10-05Satan's HostShperic DestinyArchidoxes of Evil + Bonus (Official Release)Moribund Records
10. 2020-08-24Oxalate/Perpetuated/Blood Spore/Vivisect02 God's Assassins4-Way Split CD/TAPE-Oxalate/Perpetuated/Blood Spore/VivisectBlood Harvest Records
11. 2019-07-15AncientSatan's ChildrenProxima Centauri
12. 2019-06-17CoalesceWild Ox MoanOxRelapse Records
13. 2019-02-04MIDNIGHTDeath ScreamShox of ViolenceHells Headbangers Records
14. 2018-10-29The MisfitsMommy, Can I Go Out and Kill Tonight?Boxed Set Disc 1 (Collection I/Collection II)Caroline
15. 2018-10-08Morbid MessiahGraveyard HeadhunterDemoniac ParoxysmMemento Mori
16. 2018-02-26IndecisionPurgatoryUnorthodoxExit
17. 2018-01-01AncientBeyond the Realms of InsanityProxima Centauri
18. 2017-08-14PURTENANCE02 Vicious Seeds of MortalityParadox of ExistenceXtreem Music
19. 2017-05-22Nuclear OathConfessionsToxic Playground (2017)Self-Released
20. 2017-04-17MIDNIGHT06 In League With Satan (Venom)Shox of Violence (12" MLP, CD, TAPE)Hells Headbangers Records
21. 2017-03-06Edge of SanityBeyond the UnknownUnorthodox
22. 2017-01-09MIDNIGHT03 Ready For DestructionShox of Violence (12" MLP, CD, TAPE)Hells Headbangers Records
23. 2016-11-21Blackwater ParkIndian SummerDirt Box
24. 2016-05-30Blackwater ParkOne's LifeDirt Box
25. 2016-05-23The MisfitsMommy, Can I Go Out and Kill Tonight?Boxed Set Disc 1 (Collection I/Collection II)Caroline
26. 2015-05-11God DethronedTypoid MaryThe Toxic Touchmetalblade
27. 2015-03-16HolycideApocalypse RidersToxic Mutationxtreem
28. 2015-01-05God Dethroned2014The Toxic Touchmetalblade
29. 2014-01-20CodeGlimlight TouristAugur Noxagonia
30. 2013-12-30CoalesceThrough Sparrows I RestOXEPrelapse
31. 2013-09-30CoalesceThe Blind EyeOXrelapse
32. 2013-03-18CoalesceWild Ox MoanOXrelapse
33. 2010-11-22CoalesceWild Ox MoanOXrelapse
34. 2010-03-01CoalesceTo My RuinOXEPrelapse
35. 2010-01-04CoalesceAbsent In DeathOXEPrelapse
36. 2009-12-21CoalesceJoyless In LifeOXEPrelapse
37. 2009-12-14CoalesceThrough Sparrows I RestOXEPrelapse
38. 2009-12-07CoalesceThe Blind EyeOXEPrelapse
39. 2009-11-16CoalesceTo My RuinOXEPrelapse
40. 2009-10-26CoalesceWild Ox MoanOXrelapse
41. 2009-09-07CoalesceWild Ox MoanOXrelapse
42. 2009-08-31CoalesceThe Plot Against My LoveOXrelapse
43. 2009-08-03CoalesceIn My Wake, For My OwnOXrelapse
44. 2009-07-27CoalesceWild Ox MoanOXrelapse
45. 2009-07-20Coalescethe Villain We Won't DenyOXrelapse
46. 2009-07-06CoalesceDesigned to Break a ManOXrelapse
47. 2009-06-22CoalesceQuestions to Root Out FoolsOXrelapse
48. 2009-06-15CoalesceWild Ox MoanOXrelapse
49. 2009-01-12PsytoxiaIncredible Edible ElderlyPsytoxia/Autolytic Society/Septic Cunt Washgore_on_demand
50. 2008-07-07PsytoxiaIncredible Edible ElderlyPsytoxia/Autolytic Society/Septic Cunt Washgore_on_demand
51. 2008-06-16PsytoxiaJager Bomb DelightPsytoxia/Autolytic Society/Septic Cunt Washgore_on_demand
52. 2008-06-02PsytoxiaWoody Allen's Mitzvah MoshPsytoxia/Autolytic Society/Septic Cunt Washgore_on_demand
53. 2008-05-26PsytoxiaIncredible Edible ElderlyPsytoxia/Autolytic Society/Septic Cunt Washgore_on_demand
54. 2007-08-06TurbonegroStroke the ShaftRETOXscandinavia_leather
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