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this is the collection of all the playlists that I've typed in.
the first show was on September 2 1996.
It will take a while to get there
So far, there are 1232 playlist up with 52343 songs played going back to 0000-00-00


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1. 2021-11-15The Ruins Of BeverastDaemonBlood Vaults (The Blazing Gospel Of Heinrich Kramer)
2. 2021-10-04Age Of RuinCracks In The MirrorBlack Sands Of The Hourglass
3. 2021-09-27The Ruins Of BeverastBlood Vaults (I - Thy Virginal Malodour)Rain upon the impure
4. 2021-04-19Celestial Ruin03 No QuarterPandora (EP)Self-Released
5. 2020-11-23The Ruins Of BeverastSilhouettes Of Death's GraceDon't Walk On The Mass Graves (split w. Mourning Beloveth)
6. 2020-10-05Carnal Ruin2. ScholomanceThe Damned Lie RottingRedefining Darkness Records
7. 2020-07-06The Ruins of BeverastThe IconoclastThe Furious Waves Of Damnation
8. 2019-11-25Eternal RuinChildren of a Depleted HumanityDenied Existence
9. 2019-04-08RUINThe Embrace of DemonsHuman AnnihilationMemento Mori
10. 2019-01-28Ruins of FaithLord's Prayer
11. 2018-10-22RUINDeath Meditation TranceHuman AnnihilationMemento Mori
12. 2018-05-28The Ruins Of BeverastThe Clockhand's Groaning CirclesUnlock The Shrine (Reliquary Of The White Abyss)
13. 2018-01-08The Ruins of BeverastWrath Of The SnakeThe Furious Waves Of Damnation
14. 2017-04-24RuinPutrid Is My BrainSplit with Violation WoundFudge Worthy Records
15. 2017-02-27Ruin (US)04 The Thirst for AnnihilationDrown in BloodMemento Mori
16. 2017-02-13FELL RUINTo Wither The Golden Rose In BloomTo The Concrete DriftsI, Voidhanger Records
17. 2017-01-02The Ruins Of BeverastMount Sinai MolochFoulest Semen of a Sheltered Elite
18. 2016-10-24RuinousFrom_Flames_of_Malice_BornGraves of Ceaseless DeathDark Descent Records
19. 2014-01-13AmongRuinsMind ScrutinyBring Out Your DeadNoiseheadrecords
20. 2013-03-04Within the RuinsNew Holy WarElitee1_music
21. 2011-11-28In RuinsForest Of The ImpaledFour Seasons Of Greymetalblade
22. 2009-04-13Arise and RuinThis is Warthe Final Dawnvictory
23. 2009-03-16Arise and RuinIn DeathNight Storms Hailfirevictory
24. 2009-03-09Arise and RuinBring the RainNight Storms Hailfirevictory
25. 2009-03-02Within the RuinsCall off the WeddingCreaturevictory
26. 2009-03-02Arise and RuinDoom SentenceNight Storms Hailfirevictory
27. 2009-02-23Rebuilding the RuinsIt came from helldemoself-released
28. 2009-02-09Rebuilding the RuinsPirate Metaldemoself-released
29. 2008-09-29RuinerA Bridge too ManyI Heard These Dudes are Assholesbridge9
30. 2008-09-08Arise and Ruinthe Final Dawnthe Final Dawnvictory
31. 2008-05-26Menace RuineSky as a Revesed AbyssCult of Ruinsalien8
32. 2008-02-25Menace RuineKill the EgregoreCult of Ruinsalien8
33. 2008-02-18Arise and Ruinto the Grindthe Final Dawnvictory
34. 2008-02-04Arise and RuinIn Lifethe Final Dawnvictory
35. 2007-12-03Arise and Ruinthe Final Dawnthe Final Dawnvictory
36. 2006-03-20behind lies ruinconspiracy
37. 2006-03-13behind lies ruinbetween ones arms
38. 2006-02-27behind lies ruinunmarked dreams
39. 2006-02-20behind lies ruinbetween ones arms
40. 2006-01-30behind lies ruinconspiracy
41. 2005-06-27progeny of ruinfall away
42. 2004-02-23eternal ruinforced to contend
43. 2004-01-26eternal ruinchildren of a depleted humanity
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