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New site? Maybe some day.


this is the collection of all the playlists that I've typed in.
the first show was on September 2 1996.
It will take a while to get there
So far, there are 1336 playlist up with 55896 songs played going back to 0000-00-00


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1. 2013-02-11MinistryStigmataLand of Rape and HoneyWarner Bros
2. 2013-02-11
3. 2013-02-11DevastationSigns of LifeSigns of Lifecombat
4. 2013-02-11Atheistunholy warPiece of Timeracercar
5. 2013-02-11RamHypnosDeathmetalblade
6. 2013-02-11ManowarThe Gods made Heavy MetalLouder than Hellmetalblade
7. 2013-02-11
8. 2013-02-11Sammy HagarHeavy MetalHeavy Metal - The Movie
9. 2013-02-11Holy GrailImmortal ManCrisis In Utopiaprosthetic
10. 2013-02-11SexcrementTrucker BombedSloppy Secondscomatose
11. 2013-02-11BeheadedNever To DawnNever To Dawnunique_leader
12. 2013-02-11
13. 2013-02-11SerocsOneirologyOneirologyself-released
14. 2013-02-11Acid DeathInside My WallsEidolonNoiseheadrecords
15. 2013-02-11Machine HeadNow I Lay Thee DownThe Blackeningroadrunner
16. 2013-02-11
17. 2013-02-11Death WolfLord Of PutrefactionII: Black Armoured Deathcenturymedia
18. 2013-02-11Alpha TigerFrom Outer SpaceBeneath The Surfacecenturymedia
19. 2013-02-11Shai HuludA Human FailingReach Beyond The Sunmetalblade
20. 2013-02-11NecrowretchGoat-HeadedPutrid Death Sorcerycenturymedia
21. 2013-02-11
22. 2013-02-11VoivodEmpathy For The EnemyTarget Earthcenturymedia
23. 2013-02-11RiversideCelebrity TouchShrine Of New Generations Slavesinsideout
24. 2013-02-11RamlordSkin CoffinCrippled Minds, Sundered Wisdomhypaethral
25. 2013-02-11Druid LordWitchfinderHymns For The Wickedhorror_pain_gore_death
26. 2013-02-11
27. 2013-02-11SpektrAntimatterCypheragonia
28. 2013-02-11Lightning Swords Of DeathChained To DecayBaphometic Chaosiummetalblade
29. 2013-02-11EnshadowedMagic Circle PsychedeliaMagic Chaos Psychedeliapulverised
30. 2013-02-11
31. 2013-02-11Nuclear AssaultHang the PopeAlive Againscreaming_ferret
32. 2013-02-11Agoraphobic NosebleedHang the PopeFrozen Corpse Stuffed with Doperelapse
33. 2013-02-11Pig DestroyerDeny Everything (Circle Jerks)Blind, Deaf, and Bleeding EPrelapse
34. 2013-02-11Abosranie BogomCOPROcessorCOPROcessor
35. 2013-02-11BlockheadsFinal AriseThis World Is Deadrelapse
36. 2013-02-11Rotten SoundThe GameSpecies At Warrelapse
37. 2013-02-11PrimateMarch Of The CurmudgeonDraw Back A Stumprelapse
38. 2013-02-11Thrones Of DeceitLiberty Is A FrontCrayola 2011self-released
39. 2013-02-11Lawnmower DethSatan's TrampolineVarious Artists - Grindcrusher 2earache
40. 2013-02-11
41. 2013-02-11Archaic EclipseWhere The Oak And Skyline Meetdiscographyself-released
42. 2013-02-11In Tormentata QuieteMonologoTeatroelementalemy_kingdom
43. 2013-02-11PaganlandNight ForestWind Of Freedomsvarga
44. 2013-02-11Sky ForgerThe Last BattleKurbadsmetalblade
45. 2013-02-11
46. 2013-02-11Lord BelialUnholy CrusadeUnholy Crusadeno_fashion
47. 2013-02-11Raven Black NightNocturnal BirthBarbarian Wintermetalblade
48. 2013-02-11Iron MaidenSeventh Son of a Seventh SonSeventh Son of a Seventh Sonemi
49. 2013-02-11King Of AsgardPlague-Ridden Rebirth...To Northmetalblade
50. 2013-02-11
51. 2013-02-11BathoryBaptised In Fire And IceHammerheartnoise
52. 2013-02-11A Forest Of StarsPrey Tell Of The Church FateA Shadowplay For Yesterdaysprophecy
53. 2013-02-11PosthumUntameLights Outindie
54. 2013-02-11
55. 2013-02-11AgallochIn the shadow of our Pale Companionthe Mantleend
56. 2013-02-11Einsturzende NeubautenEin Stuhl in der HoelleHaus der Luegerough_trade
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