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this is the collection of all the playlists that I've typed in.
the first show was on September 2 1996.
It will take a while to get there
So far, there are 1275 playlist up with 53860 songs played going back to 0000-00-00


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1. 2022-09-19HUSSARBlind Charge Into GunfireAll-Consuming HungerI, Voidhanger Records
2. 2022-09-12Obsessed, TheBlind LightningThe Church WithinColumbia
3. 2022-08-22RingwormBlind to FaithThe PromiseIncision
4. 2022-06-20Ziggurat (Israel)03 Blind FaithRitual Miasma CDBlood Harvest Records
5. 2022-03-21LADIABLINDYear of 1989
6. 2021-04-26Hagel03 BlindnessVeneration of the Black LightPersonal Records
7. 2021-04-19WITCHING HOUR (Germany)Sorrow Blinds His Ghastly Eyes...And Silent Grief Shadows the Passing Moon (CD, LP, TAPE)Hells Headbangers Records
8. 2020-11-30NoctemBlind DevotionHaeresisProsthetic Records
9. 2020-05-04SkeletonwitchBlinding_Black_RageBreathing the FireProsthetic Records
10. 2020-01-20Black SabbathSnowblindLive... Gathered In Their Masses
11. 2019-12-16ConvergeSnowblindLive
12. 2019-12-02AcmeBlindTo Reduce the Choir to One SoloistEdison Records
13. 2019-11-04Abominable Putridity03 blindfold surgeryIn The End Of Human Existence
14. 2018-04-30Agnostic FrontBlind JusticeVictim in Pain
15. 2018-04-30Insanity08 BlindVisions Of ApocalypseUnspeakable Axe
16. 2018-03-05Thy Will Be DoneEyes For The BlindIn Ancient of Days
17. 2018-02-05Ziggurat (Israel)03 Blind FaithRitual Miasma CDBlood Harvest Records
18. 2017-09-11DRAGHKARCowering In The Town Of Blinded EyesWorld UnraveledBlood Harvest Records
19. 2017-08-07The AutomataDye My Eyes BlindThrough The Bandage Seeps A Whisperlifeforce
20. 2017-03-06TorrefyBlinding The BeholderThe Infinity ComplexSelf-Released
21. 2016-11-14ArmageddonBlind FuryEmbrace the Mystery + 3Century Media Records
22. 2016-09-19Winter SolsticeThe Hampton Roads Fourth Annual Parade of the BlindThe Fall of RomeMetal Blade
23. 2016-08-29ArmageddonBlind FuryEmbrace the Mystery + 3Century Media Records
24. 2016-05-02RingwormBlind to FaithThe PromiseIncision
25. 2015-08-17Napalm DeathChristening of the BlindUtopia Banishedearache
26. 2015-05-25InfestJust Act BlindMankind
27. 2015-03-30Trash TalkBlind EvolutionAwake EP
28. 2015-03-09PowermadBlind Leading the BlindThe Maddness Beginsreprise
29. 2014-06-23Dust BoltDrowned In Blind FaithAwake The Riotnapalm
30. 2014-06-09SororicideBlindThe EntityPlatonic
31. 2014-04-28HiraxBlind FaithHate, Fear, And Powerrestless
32. 2013-09-30CoalesceThe Blind EyeOXrelapse
33. 2013-09-16RottrevoreBlind Sided AttackHung By The Eyesocketsxtreem
34. 2013-08-05At The GatesForever BlindPurgatory Unleashed: Live At Wakenearache
35. 2013-05-20The ObsessedBlind LightningThe Church Withincolumbia
36. 2013-04-01KornBlind
37. 2012-10-08DestructionRippin You Off BlindCracked Brainnoise
38. 2012-09-24PowermadBlind Leading the BlindThe Maddness Beginsreprise
39. 2012-09-17Over Your ThresholdCortical BlindnessFactictymetalblade
40. 2012-07-09SacrilegeBlind AcceptanceReaping The Demo(n)sxtreem
41. 2012-05-14Light is the LanguageThe Mating Habits of a Blind MisanthropeThe Void Falls Silent
42. 2012-05-14The ObsessedBlind LightningThe Church Withincolumbia
43. 2012-03-05At The GatesForever BlindPurgatory Unleashed: Live At Wakenearache
44. 2011-08-08At The GatesBlinded By FearSlaughter of the Soulearache
45. 2011-07-18Blind GuardianGuardian Of The BlindBattalions of Fearnuclearblast
46. 2010-12-13Fleshgod ApocalypseBlinded By Fearmafiawillowtip
47. 2010-09-13AndrallsBlind Leads The BlindAndrallsxtreem
48. 2010-09-13KreatorBlind FaithTerrible Certaintynoise
49. 2010-08-16Abominable PutridityBlindfold SurgeryIn the End of Human Existencelacerated_enemy
50. 2010-07-26Napalm DeathBlind To The Truth/Negative Approach/Common EnemyThe Peel Sessionsbbc_music
51. 2010-07-19AcmeBlind...To Reduce The Choir To One Soloistedison
52. 2010-06-28CuntscrapeGrind Leading The BlindPapsmear Campaignprime_cuts_music
53. 2010-06-14Napalm DeathChristening of the BlindUtopia Banishedearache
54. 2010-01-25At The GatesBlinded By FearSlaughter of the Soulearache
55. 2009-12-14Skeleton WitchBlinding Black RageBreathing The Fireprosthetic
56. 2009-12-07CoalesceThe Blind EyeOXEPrelapse
57. 2009-08-10MossTomb of the Blind DruggedTombs of the Blind Druggedmetalblade
58. 2009-06-01Abominable PutridityBlindfold SurgeryIn the End of Human Existencelacerated_enemy
59. 2009-04-13BenumbStealing from the BlindBenumb/Pigdestroyer Splitrobotic_empire
60. 2009-03-23AcmeBlind...To Reduce The Choir To One Soloistedison
61. 2009-03-16Napalm DeathChristening of the BlindUtopia Banishedearache
62. 2008-12-22The Modern Age SlaveryDamned to BlindnessDamned to Blindnessnapalm
63. 2008-07-07At The GatesBlinded By FearSlaughter of the Soulearache
64. 2008-03-17At The GatesBlinded By FearSlaughter of the Soulearache
65. 2007-12-17RingwormBlind to Faiththe Promisevictory
66. 2007-12-03AcmeBlind...To Reduce The Choir To One Soloistedison
67. 2007-05-14Dark TranquillityBlind at Heart
68. 2007-05-07noxblind mad god
69. 2007-04-16Dark TranquillityBlind at heart
70. 2007-04-02noxblind mad god
71. 2007-03-19Type O NegativeTripping a blind man
72. 2006-12-25napalm deathchristening of the blind
73. 2006-10-16napalm deathchristening of the blind
74. 2006-09-04at the gatesforever blind
75. 2006-03-20Ringwormblind to faiththe Promisevictory
76. 2006-02-20Assuckblindspot
77. 2006-01-30callenish circleblind
78. 2005-08-08at the gatesforever blind
79. 2005-08-01crematoriumturn a blind eye
80. 2005-03-07winter solsticethe hampton roads fourth annual parade of the blind
81. 2005-02-21wasteformof blind consequence...
82. 2005-01-24napalm deathblind justice (agnostic front cover)
83. 2004-11-01Shadows Fallthe light that blinds
84. 2004-08-23wasteformof blind consequence
85. 2003-12-29phanton limbblinded by fear
86. 2003-02-11Napalm DeathChristening of the Blind
87. 2003-01-14Napalm Deathto lower Yourself (Blind Servitude)
88. 2002-04-09At The Gatesforever blind
89. 2002-03-26Light is the LanguageThe mating habits of a blind misanthrope
90. 2001-11-20MaharahjDying Blind (flesh as art)
91. 2001-09-25At The GatesForever Blind
92. 2001-03-06MonstrosityBlind Darkness
93. 2000-12-31KrisiunBlind Posession
94. 2000-08-21HypocrisyBlinded
95. 1999-10-18Brutal TruthBlind Leading the Blind (live)
96. 1999-06-14Emperorof Blindness and Subsequent Seers
97. 1999-03-22Agnostic FrontBlind JusticeVictim In Painrelativity
98. 1997-11-24Today is the DayBlind spot
99. 1997-11-17NailbombBlind and Lost
100. 1997-11-10Today is the DayBlindspot
101. 1997-09-01Out OutBlinders
102. 1997-08-25IndecisionBlindfold
103. 1997-08-18Out Outblinders
104. 1997-05-19ProngPositively Blind
105. 1997-04-21NailbombBlind and Lost
106. 1997-02-17KornBlind
107. 1997-02-17CarcassBlind Bleeding the Blind
108. 1997-02-03KornBlind
109. 1996-11-18Napalm DeathChristening of the Blind
110. 1996-10-07ProngPositively Blind
111. 1996-09-02KornBlind
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