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this is the collection of all the playlists that I've typed in.
the first show was on September 2 1996.
It will take a while to get there
So far, there are 1262 playlist up with 53414 songs played going back to 0000-00-00


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1. 2021-12-13MinistryStigmataLand Of Rape And HoneyWarner Bros.
2. 2021-12-13
3. 2021-12-13Shadows FallThoughts Without WordsThe Art of BalanceCentury Media
4. 2021-12-13UnearthConvictionsAbove the Fall of ManEndless Fight
5. 2021-12-13RAMLORDRealitySplit w/ Condensed Flesh
6. 2021-12-13
7. 2021-12-13DeathPull The PlugLeprosy
8. 2021-12-13GorebagViscera Showers and Funky FuneralsTethered to the Wicked DomainGrind to Death Records
9. 2021-12-13FetidConsumed PeripherySteeping Corporeal Mess
10. 2021-12-13PeripheryFeed The GroundClear
11. 2021-12-13Every Time I DieI Been Gone a Long TimeHot Damn!Ferret Music
12. 2021-12-13
13. 2021-12-13VamacharaBeyond ReachHereafter
14. 2021-12-13Fuming MouthInfernal VoidDemo
15. 2021-12-13Spirit AdriftScreaming from BeyondEnlightened in Eternity
16. 2021-12-13
17. 2021-12-13WINTERSTORM (Ecuador)04 The Storm & The NightVinterstormenerSignal Rex
18. 2021-12-13Clouds03 Your Name In My FleshDespărțirePersonal Records
19. 2021-12-13Shotgun FaceliftBury MeDakota Blood StampedeEclipse Records
20. 2021-12-13
21. 2021-12-13Caestus03 The Undoer's KeyThe Undoer's KeyPurity Through Fire
22. 2021-12-13Hammerdrone3. Hammerdrone - A Trinity Of Rage - Part III -...A Trinity of Rage (EP) - Out Dec 10thSelf-Released
23. 2021-12-13Avskräde04 När stillheten stundarDet stora tunga sjukaPurity Through Fire
24. 2021-12-13
25. 2021-12-13Kriegzeit03 For You the SonHateworshipPurity Through Fire
26. 2021-12-13Sacrificium Carmen04 AzraelNekrognosis - Avain VarjoihinPurity Through Fire
27. 2021-12-13RiftNight GlareTo Quench The Thirst Of WolvesSeance Records
28. 2021-12-13
29. 2021-12-13Doodswens04 - Doodswens - EindzichtLichtvreesSvart Records
30. 2021-12-13
31. 2021-12-13Creeping DeathBloodlust ContaminationWretched IllusionseOne Music
32. 2021-12-13Violent Scum03 Revenge OfferingsFestering in Endless Decay TAPEBlood Harvest Records
33. 2021-12-13AshcloudTonight your Skin is MineChildren of the ChainsawXtreem Music
34. 2021-12-13Majestic Downfall04 Doors...When DeadPulverised Records
35. 2021-12-13
36. 2021-12-13Sewercide03 Snares Of CarnalityImmortalized in SufferingUnspeakable Axe Records
37. 2021-12-13Lye By MistakeStagFea JurBlack Market Activities
38. 2021-12-13Love Lost But Not ForgottenHappy to Be AliveUpon the Right, I Saw a New MiseryHappy Couples Never Last
39. 2021-12-13IntegrityPsychological WarfareHumanity Is The DevilVictory
40. 2021-12-13The Tony Danza Tap Dance ExtravaganzaThe Lost & DamnedDanza IIIBlack Market Activities
41. 2021-12-13
42. 2021-12-13LIONSHEARTSo Cold (Lionsheart)Heart of the Lion
43. 2021-12-13Reason To FightBattle BrigadeRise And Fall Of The Common Man
44. 2021-12-13Rhapsody of FireBloody Red DungeonsTriumph or Agony
45. 2021-12-13
46. 2021-12-13Rapid TearsOperation AirliftHonestly
47. 2021-12-13SavatageShe's Only Rock'n'RollFight For The Rock
48. 2021-12-13HeathenSave the SkullBreaking the Silence
49. 2021-12-13RazorOut of the GameViolent RestitutionSteamhammer
50. 2021-12-13
51. 2021-12-13White TigerRunawayWhite Tiger
52. 2021-12-13Speed Limit1000 GirlsProphecy
53. 2021-12-13WitchkillerPenance For Past SinsDay Of The Saxons
54. 2021-12-13MirageHellbound...And The Earth Shall Crumble
55. 2021-12-13
56. 2021-12-13Goddess Of LoveHell Is For ChildrenGoddess Of Love
57. 2021-12-13The Grim ReaperWrath Of The RipperSee You In Hell/Fear No EvilBMG Collectables
58. 2021-12-13MessiahHeavenly MetalFinal WarningShephard Productions
59. 2021-12-13
60. 2021-12-13Metal ChurchOf Unsound MindBlessing In Disguise
61. 2021-12-13HiraxHate, Fear And PowerHate, fear & power
62. 2021-12-13Einsturzende NeubautenEin Stuhl in der HoelleHaus der Luegerough_trade
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