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this is the collection of all the playlists that I've typed in.
the first show was on September 2 1996.
It will take a while to get there
So far, there are 1369 playlist up with 56979 songs played going back to 0000-00-00


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1. 2016-09-26MinistryStigmataLand of Rape and HoneyWarner Bros
2. 2016-09-26
3. 2016-09-26Mouth of the ArchitectHate and HeartacheQuietlyTranslation Los
4. 2016-09-26Behold! The MonolithLord of BonesArchitects of the VoidSelf-Released
5. 2016-09-26Swarm of the LotusBurn Autumn BurnWhen White Becomes BlackAt A Loss Recordings
6. 2016-09-26
7. 2016-09-26100 DemonsDying in My Own Arms100 DemonsDead Serious
8. 2016-09-26Cruel HandBroken GlassLock & KeyBridge 9
9. 2016-09-26Colin Of ArabiaKiss Me GoodbyePain MachinesDouble Or Nothing Records
10. 2016-09-26CALL OF THE VOIDThe Liar's HeartDragged Down A Dead End PathRelapse Records
11. 2016-09-26Backstabbers IncorporatedConcrete Evidence Supporting the Educational Value of Snuff FilmsWhile You Were SleepingTrash Art!
12. 2016-09-26Trap ThemSPEAK NIGHCrown FeralProsthetic Records
13. 2016-09-26
14. 2016-09-26Entombed A.D.Bait And BleedBack To The FrontCentury Media Records
15. 2016-09-26Sam Black ChurchComaThat Which Does Not Kill Us...untangled
16. 2016-09-26Anaal NathrakhLe Diabolique Est L'Ami Du SimplePassionCandlelight Records
17. 2016-09-26AvoidantThe Iconoclast SolutionMorphologyMiguel Centeno
18. 2016-09-26
19. 2016-09-26AsphyxWardriodIncoming DeathCentury Media Records
20. 2016-09-26Brutally DeceasedEpoch of Self-DenialSatanic Corpse CDDoomentia Records
21. 2016-09-26DERANGEDShivers Down Your Broken SpineStruck By A Murderous SiegeAgonia Records
22. 2016-09-26AllegaeonAll Hail ScienceProponent for SentienceMetal Blade Records
23. 2016-09-26
24. 2016-09-26OpethChrysalisSorceressNuclear Blast Records
25. 2016-09-26SAINT VITUSThe Bleeding GroundLive Vol. 2Season Of Mist
26. 2016-09-26Cardinal WyrmGrave PassageCast Away SoulsSvart Records
27. 2016-09-26
28. 2016-09-26HaarHaar - StringsHaar / Ur DraugrATMF
29. 2016-09-26Totten KorpsThe Black Flame of the UnderworldSupreme Commanders of Darkness LPBlood Harvest Records
30. 2016-09-26BRAIN TENTACLESGassedBrain TentaclesRelapse Records
31. 2016-09-26
32. 2016-09-26BrujeriaAngel De La FronteraPocho AztlanNuclear Blast Records
33. 2016-09-26CryptopsySlit Your GutsNone So VileCentury Media Records
34. 2016-09-26DehumanizedBeyond the MindBeyond the MindComatose Music
35. 2016-09-26
36. 2016-09-26Blessed DeathOmen Of FateKill Or Be Killedmegaforce
37. 2016-09-26FogcrawlerBrain PlaguedWelcome to Your SufferingMisery Productions
38. 2016-09-26GorerottedVillage People of the DamnedOnly Tools and CorpsesMetal Blade Records
39. 2016-09-26Atrocious Abnormality07 - The Inevitable UndoingFormed in DisgustComatose Music
40. 2016-09-26
41. 2016-09-26MARE COGNITUMMare Cognitum - ErgosphereAn Extraconscious LucidityI, Voidhanger Records
42. 2016-09-26BurstVortexPrey on LifeRelapse Records
43. 2016-09-26Obsidian TongueThe Noble2010
44. 2016-09-26Brian PosehnMore Metal Then You (radio edit)Fart & Wiener JokesRelapse
45. 2016-09-26
46. 2016-09-26AcceptSlaves to MetalObjection OverruledCMC Records
47. 2016-09-26RazorHot MetalExecutioner's Songviper
48. 2016-09-26Einsturzende NeubautenEin Stuhl in der HoelleHaus der Luegerough_trade
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