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this is the collection of all the playlists that I've typed in.
the first show was on September 2 1996.
It will take a while to get there
So far, there are 1370 playlist up with 57009 songs played going back to 0000-00-00


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1. 2020-07-06MinistryStigmataLand Of Rape And HoneyWarner Bros.
2. 2020-07-06
3. 2020-07-06Blood of the GodsDawn of BloodThe Shadow
4. 2020-07-06DodsferdYour Kingdom Was Built in a LieSpitting With Hatred the Insignificance of LifeMoribund Records
5. 2020-07-06FallujahLevitationThe Flesh Prevailsunique_leader
6. 2020-07-06Nuclear DeathCorpse Of AllegianceBride Of InsectWild Rags Records
7. 2020-07-06
8. 2020-07-06Predatory LightLurid HandPredatory LightInvictus Productions
9. 2020-07-06The Ruins of BeverastThe IconoclastThe Furious Waves Of Damnation
10. 2020-07-06Nocturnal BloodChaos BloodDevastated Graves - The Morbid CelebrationHells Headbangers Records
11. 2020-07-06Harakiri for the Sky05 The traces we leaveIIIArt of Propaganda
12. 2020-07-06
13. 2020-07-06A Dark HaloNucleusCatalystHeavy Armor Records
14. 2020-07-06Night to DieA Piece of SoulSudamerican Porno/All Evil Crying, Disc 2Blackened
15. 2020-07-06
16. 2020-07-06TaakeRavnajuv (Darkthrone cover)Jaertegn - Taake/Deathcult splitEdged Circle Productions
17. 2020-07-06Empress04 TrostPremonitionIndependent
18. 2020-07-06A Forest Of StarsA Blaze Of HammersBeware The Sword You Cannot SeeProphecy Productions
19. 2020-07-06
20. 2020-07-06ArcturusGame OverArcturianProphecy Productions
21. 2020-07-06AntimatterStillborn EmpiresThe Judas TableProphecy Productions
22. 2020-07-06EnsiferumRun from the Crushing TideThalassicMetal Blade Records
23. 2020-07-06
24. 2020-07-06YSENGRINTemenosInitiatioI, Voidhanger Records
25. 2020-07-06Negura BungetImpodobeala timpuluiTauProphecy Productions
26. 2020-07-06GolgothaDistorted TearsErasing the PastXtreem Music
27. 2020-07-06
28. 2020-07-06Street LethalRoll RacingWelcome to the RowFighter Records
29. 2020-07-06VhäldemarMetal of the WorldMetal of the WorldFighter Records
30. 2020-07-06
31. 2020-07-06Zombie AssaultThe PlagueVideo NastyEclectic Productions
32. 2020-07-06TraumaAfter DeathKarma Obscura
33. 2020-07-06ObeisanceNuklear Desert Armageddon666 War!!!Old Cemetery Records
34. 2020-07-06At The GatesNight Comes, Blood BlackThe Red In The Sky Is Ours
35. 2020-07-06
36. 2020-07-06PolyptychSilent DiscordDefying the MetastasisBlood Harvest Records
37. 2020-07-06Sartegos07 As Devesas som dos LobosO Sangue Da NoiteBlood Harvest Records
38. 2020-07-06URGEHAL07 Thy Daemon IncarnateAeons in SodomSeason of Mist
39. 2020-07-06Pulling TeethClipped WingsMartyr ImmortalDeathwish
40. 2020-07-06Cénotaphe02 Aux cieux antérieursMonte Verità LPNuclear War Now! Productions
41. 2020-07-06
42. 2020-07-06Haunted CemeteryHarbor CottageSacrifice the Human Race
43. 2020-07-06WarkvltIn Nomine Odium (in the name of hate)Blasphemous Alliance
44. 2020-07-06DesecrationRotten Brain ExtractionCemetery Sickness
45. 2020-07-06DECOMPOSEDTransmogrificationspread the rot
46. 2020-07-06Intestinal DiseaseIntestinal Disease - MadeliefjeCornucopia / Intestinal Disease
47. 2020-07-06Coffin Rot06 Incubation of MadnessA Monument to the Dead CD/LP/TAPEBlood Harvest Records
48. 2020-07-06
49. 2020-07-06VoivodWarriors Of IceMorgoth Invasion [Live Demo December 1984]
50. 2020-07-06Thunder RiderFor Christ's SakeTales of Darkness & Light
51. 2020-07-06VirginIce And FireVirgin
52. 2020-07-06Laaz RockitTown To TownNo Stranger To Danger
53. 2020-07-06
54. 2020-07-06MortificationRotting DeadDemo 1989
55. 2020-07-06Agent SteelThe Day At GuyanaUnstoppable Force
56. 2020-07-06AcceptDon't Go Stealing My Soul AwayRestless And Wild [Demo Version]
57. 2020-07-06MaliceDeath or GloryCrazy in the Night
58. 2020-07-06
59. 2020-07-06Steeler (USA)Hot On Your HeelsSteeler
60. 2020-07-06Axe AttackI'll Never Look BackNitemare
61. 2020-07-06Einsturzende NeubautenEin Stuhl in der HoelleHaus der Luegerough_trade
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