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New site? Maybe some day.


this is the collection of all the playlists that I've typed in.
the first show was on September 2 1996.
It will take a while to get there
So far, there are 1263 playlist up with 53450 songs played going back to 0000-00-00


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1. 2015-03-09MinistryStigmataLand of Rape and HoneyWarner Bros
2. 2015-03-09
3. 2015-03-09EngineerSmall RoseReproachhex
4. 2015-03-09Found Dead HangingObserving Cash Flow Analysis at my Local Crack Housedemoself-released
5. 2015-03-09From a Second Story WindowThe Challenge Of CaringNot one Word has Been Omittedblackmarket_activities
6. 2015-03-09Premonitions of WarBest Day Everthe True Face of Panicblackmarket_activities
7. 2015-03-09EyeHateGodMedicine NooseEyeHateGod
8. 2015-03-09
9. 2015-03-09MelecheshMultiple TruthsEnkinuclearblast
10. 2015-03-09DodheimsgardGhostforce Soul ConstrictorSupervillain Outcastmoonfog
11. 2015-03-09GrimoireCachot De CristalL'aorasie Des Spectres Reveurseisenwald
12. 2015-03-09HypocrisyThrough the Window of TimeThe Final Chapternuclearblast
13. 2015-03-09
14. 2015-03-09BattleaxeThor Thunder AngelBurn This Town
15. 2015-03-09CovenBoneless ChristianBoneless Christianred_light_records
16. 2015-03-09VaderTriumph Of DeathTibi Et Igninuclearblast
17. 2015-03-09
18. 2015-03-09EnslavedBuilding With FireIn Timescenturymedia
19. 2015-03-09Acid WitchAfter MidnightMidnight Movieshells_headbangers
20. 2015-03-09Karyn Crisis' Gospel Of The WitchesAncient WaysSalem's Woundscenturymedia
21. 2015-03-09DrakkarWatcher Of The WallRun With The WolfMy Kingdom Music
22. 2015-03-09
23. 2015-03-09FamishgodChapter 3: Black EyeDevourers Of Lightxtreem
24. 2015-03-09MalthusianSlouching EquinoxBelow The HengiformInvictus Productions
25. 2015-03-09MoonspellExtinctExtinctnapalm
26. 2015-03-09SorcererExorcise The DemonIn The Shadow Of The Inverted Crossmetalblade
27. 2015-03-09
28. 2015-03-09TheoriesAbortive CrescentRegressionmetalblade
29. 2015-03-09Blut Aus Nordthe Choir of DeathThe Work Which Transforms Godcandlelight
30. 2015-03-09Carach AngrenTwo Flies Flew Into A Black Sugar CobwebThis Is No Fairy Taleseason_of_mist
31. 2015-03-09Sickening GorePsychopathic ButcheryDestructive Reality
32. 2015-03-09Benumb0% Down Enslavement For LifePreminitions Of War/Bemunb splitthorp
33. 2015-03-09Agoraphobic NosebleedCloved In TwainHonkey Reductionrelapse
34. 2015-03-09
35. 2015-03-09SolstafirMioaftannOttaseason_of_mist
36. 2015-03-09Metal PriestNot For The InnocentBursting Out - Live & Loud
37. 2015-03-09Borknagarthe Ruins of FutureQuintessencecenturymedia
38. 2015-03-09Old Man's ChildThe Plague Of SorrowVermincenturymedia
39. 2015-03-09Vital RemainsForever UndergroundForever Undergroundosmose
40. 2015-03-09
41. 2015-03-09EntrailsDescend To The BeyondRaging Deathmetalblade
42. 2015-03-09Mutilation RitesGravitational CollapseHarbingerprosthetic
43. 2015-03-09An Autumn For Crippled ChildrenConverging Towards The LightThe Long GoodbyeWickerman Recordings
44. 2015-03-09GodfleshTowers Of EmptinessA World Lit Only By Fire
45. 2015-03-09IndianDirectionalFrom All Purityrelapse
46. 2015-03-09
47. 2015-03-09SlayerPsychopathy RedWorld Painted Blood
48. 2015-03-09Judas PriestRedeemer Of SoulsRedeemer Of Souls
49. 2015-03-09AbortedThe Gangrenous EpitaphThe Archaic Abattoircenturymedia
50. 2015-03-09Infernal WarEater Of HopeAxiomagonia
51. 2015-03-09Rings Of SaturnGodless TimesLugal Ki Enunique_leader
52. 2015-03-09PsycropticIdeals That Won't SurrenderPsycropticprosthetic
53. 2015-03-09
54. 2015-03-09Goat SemenAltares De PandemoniumEgo Svm Satanahells_headbangers
55. 2015-03-09PowermadBlind Leading the BlindThe Maddness Beginsreprise
56. 2015-03-09Einsturzende NeubautenEin Stuhl in der HoelleHaus der Luegerough_trade
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