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New site? Maybe some day.


this is the collection of all the playlists that I've typed in.
the first show was on September 2 1996.
It will take a while to get there
So far, there are 1311 playlist up with 55059 songs played going back to 0000-00-00


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1. 2009-08-10MinistryStigmataLand of Rape and HoneyWarner Bros
2. 2009-08-10
3. 2009-08-10InfamyGraveside Bloodfeastthe Blood Shall Flowworld_war_iii
4. 2009-08-10Lorde of All Desiresthe Vision of Deaththe Scent of Malevolenceroot_of_all_evil
5. 2009-08-10AbarothDefile the AngelsEnter the Kingdom of Nighteinheri
6. 2009-08-10
7. 2009-08-10BlackguardThe SwordThe Most Extreme Sampler of the Summer 09nuclearblast
8. 2009-08-10Mantic RitualMurdered To DeathExecutionernuclearblast
9. 2009-08-10RazormazeSlave to the Mazethe True Speed of Steelhold_true
10. 2009-08-10
11. 2009-08-10Vio-lenceEnternal NightmareEternal Nightmaremca
12. 2009-08-10Celtic LegacyLive By The SwordVarious Artist - Heavy Metal Killersearache
13. 2009-08-10ThrowdownBaby Got Backn/an/a
14. 2009-08-10The HauntedOne Kill WonderWarning Shotsearache
15. 2009-08-10
16. 2009-08-10MerauderBuilt On BloodGod Is Iregain
17. 2009-08-10The OceanComfort ZonesFluxionmetalblade
18. 2009-08-10Hail of BulletsDestroyerWarsaw Risingmetalblade
19. 2009-08-10Job for a CowboyConstitutional MasturbationRuinationmetalblade
20. 2009-08-10
21. 2009-08-10BehemothOv Fire and The VoidEvangelionmetalblade
22. 2009-08-10Winds of PlagueBattle ScarsThe Great Stone Warcenturymedia
23. 2009-08-10Blood Red ThroneThrone Of DamnationSouls Of Damnationearache
24. 2009-08-10Man Must DieKill It Skin It Wear Itno Tolerance For Imperfectionrelapse
25. 2009-08-10
26. 2009-08-10HowlKings That Stealself-titledrelapse
27. 2009-08-10MossTomb of the Blind DruggedTombs of the Blind Druggedmetalblade
28. 2009-08-10
29. 2009-08-10BloodsoakedRise With MeSadistic Deeds... Grotesque Memoriescomatose
30. 2009-08-10SuffocationLeige of InveracityBest ofn/a
31. 2009-08-10CompostedHigh on KrylonSexual Transmission: Symplex Slamcephalic
32. 2009-08-10Suicide SilenceWastedNo Time to Bleedcenturymedia
33. 2009-08-10
34. 2009-08-10CuntscrapeUncle Nasty FingersSplitroastprime_cuts_music
35. 2009-08-10Insect WarfareNuclear DeterranceWorld Exterminationearache
36. 2009-08-10OceanoFractured Frames, Scattered FleshDepthsearache
37. 2009-08-10KatalepsyNumber of Deaths (13)Triumph Of Evilutionsoulflesh_collector
38. 2009-08-10BoarcorpseBaby Pasteself-titledself-released
39. 2009-08-10
40. 2009-08-10Death Before DishonorBoys In BlueBetter Ways to Diebridge9
41. 2009-08-10Shoot To KillGreen DeathAltar Of Pigsfrequency_deleted
42. 2009-08-10Sworn EnemyReady To FightTotal World Dominationcenturymedia
43. 2009-08-10Blood for BloodSoullessSpit my Last Breathlost_disciple
44. 2009-08-10
45. 2009-08-10ArchitectThe Dog and Pony ShowGhosts of the Saltwater Machinesblackmarket_activities
46. 2009-08-10EmpyreanShackled WithinQuietusprime_cuts_music
47. 2009-08-10GorgutsRottenatomyAnd Then Comes Lividity/Demo Anthologygaly
48. 2009-08-10Hate EternalKing of All KingsKing of All Kingswicked_world
49. 2009-08-10
50. 2009-08-10SlayerJihadChrist Illusionamerican
51. 2009-08-10DisincarnateBeyond the FleshDreams of the Carrion Kindroadrunner
52. 2009-08-10DeathTogether As OneHumanrelativity
53. 2009-08-10VintersorgKosmosaikSolens Rotternapalm
54. 2009-08-10Einsturzende NeubautenEin Stuhl in der HoelleHaus der Luegerough_trade
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