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New site? Maybe some day.


this is the collection of all the playlists that I've typed in.
the first show was on September 2 1996.
It will take a while to get there
So far, there are 1370 playlist up with 57009 songs played going back to 0000-00-00


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1. 2011-11-21MinistryStigmataLand of Rape and HoneyWarner Bros
2. 2011-11-21
3. 2011-11-21AnthraxIndiansAmong the Livingisland
4. 2011-11-21WargasmRevengeWhy Play Around?profile
5. 2011-11-21DIOHoly Diver (live)Evil Or Devine - Live In New York Cityspitfire
6. 2011-11-21DownHail The LeafNOLAelektra
7. 2011-11-21
8. 2011-11-21CondemnedEmbodied In Elms Of Eternal MiseryRealms Of The Ungodlyunique_leader
9. 2011-11-21Fear FactorySlave LaborArchetypeliquid
10. 2011-11-21MeshuggahNew Millennium Cyanide ChristChaospherenuclearblast
11. 2011-11-21KalopsiaInvoke The CurseDeath Starts The Horrorself-released
12. 2011-11-21
13. 2011-11-21CeremonyViolenceViolence Violencemalfunction
14. 2011-11-21PowerwolvesHeavy Lies The CrownYou Won't Find Peacepanic
15. 2011-11-21Trapped Under IceDead InsideBig Kiss Goodnightgood_fight
16. 2011-11-21In The ShitPublic Hangings on Mass Ave2009-2010self-released
17. 2011-11-21FistulaMutant TeethLoserpatac
18. 2011-11-21The BodyDo They Owe Us A Living?self-titledcorleone
19. 2011-11-21
20. 2011-11-21ThrallVermin To The EarthVermin To The Earthmoribund
21. 2011-11-21AcherontasAbraxasVemacharaagonia
22. 2011-11-21BlasphemistRed To The SkyShadowtoned Worldnoiseheadrecords
23. 2011-11-21BahimironThrones Of OblivionRebel Hymns Of Left Handed Terrormoribund
24. 2011-11-21
25. 2011-11-21Mr DeathCome WinterDescending Through Ashesagonia
26. 2011-11-21Satan's HostFor The Love Of SatanCELEDRATION - For The Love Of Satan - 25th Anniversary Albummoribund
27. 2011-11-21SvarttjernAroused Self-ExtinctionTowards The Ultimateagonia
28. 2011-11-21
29. 2011-11-21Chewed OutGluttonSelf​-​Titled EPself-released
30. 2011-11-21InsultDiddler On PatroleInsult/Rampant Decay SplitPATAC
31. 2011-11-21WrenchneckQuitter (live)Hope Street Demolitionself-released
32. 2011-11-21Weekend NachosJock PowerviolenceWorthlessrelapse
33. 2011-11-21
34. 2011-11-21Magrudergrindsmash micros like it's 1999Magrudergrind-Shitstorm split CDrobotic_empire
35. 2011-11-21Brutal TruthButcherEnd Timerelapse
36. 2011-11-21BattlecrossPush Pull DestroyPursuit Of Honormetalblade
37. 2011-11-21HammerfallBang Your HeadInfectednuclearblast
38. 2011-11-21
39. 2011-11-21AbattoirStronger Than EvilVicious Attackcombat
40. 2011-11-21Destroyer 666King Of KingsTo The Devil His Duehells_headbangers
41. 2011-11-21KvelertakOffernattKvelertakindie
42. 2011-11-21Hard To SwallowOnly a Glimpse of...self-titledarmageddon
43. 2011-11-21VictimsBurning BridgesA Dissidenttankcrimes
44. 2011-11-21DisfearIn ExodusLive the Stormrelapse
45. 2011-11-21
46. 2011-11-21Mortal DecayRevived Half DeadSickening Erotic Fanticismunique_leader
47. 2011-11-21Landmine MarathonCloaked In RedGallowsprosthetic
48. 2011-11-21Lock UpUnseen EnemyNecropolis Transparentnuclearblast
49. 2011-11-21
50. 2011-11-21MithrasTomb Of Kings (live)Time Never Lastsglactic
51. 2011-11-21Vaast#6self-titledself-released
52. 2011-11-21Messe NoirPiece By PieceVarious Artists - Gateway To Hell 2: A Tribute To Slayerdwell
53. 2011-11-21RevocationThe WatchersChaos Of Formsrelapse
54. 2011-11-21
55. 2011-11-21NeuraxisShatter The WisdomTranslatteral Processionwillowtip
56. 2011-11-21Infernal LegionDawn Of The Last DayThe Spear Of Longinusmoribund
57. 2011-11-21Einsturzende NeubautenEin Stuhl in der HoelleHaus der Luegerough_trade
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