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this is the collection of all the playlists that I've typed in.
the first show was on September 2 1996.
It will take a while to get there
So far, there are 1301 playlist up with 54728 songs played going back to 0000-00-00


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1. 2008-08-04MinistryStigmataLand of Rape and HoneyWarner Bros
2. 2008-08-04OnslaughtFight with the Beastthe Forcecombat
3. 2008-08-04CopremesisIn Silence...Muay Thai Ladyboysparagon
4. 2008-08-04NeuraxisDreaming the Endthe Thin Line Betweenprosthetic
5. 2008-08-04With Faith or FlamesBendin Spacea Conquest Triumphantstand_and_deliver
6. 2008-08-04Disfearthe Final of ChaptersMisanthropic Generationrelapse
7. 2008-08-04WhitechapelPossessionThis is Exilemetalblade
8. 2008-08-04Deadwater DrowningSleepwalking with a Knifeepblackmarket_activities
9. 2008-08-04Eternal Lordthe DamnedBlessed be this Nightmareferret
10. 2008-08-04Atrocious AbnormalityDead in Sixty SecondsEchoes of the Rottingcomatose
11. 2008-08-04SexcrementCamel Toe RodeoGenitales from the Porno Pottydeathmetal_us
12. 2008-08-04Drive-by BukakkeMidnight ManslaughterMidnight Manslaughterself-released
13. 2008-08-04the SummonedBring Forth the CrowsHarvestrespawn
14. 2008-08-04VehemenceWhore Cunt DieThoughts from which I Hideself-released
15. 2008-08-04Summoning HateBurn the Churches
16. 2008-08-04Eden A.D.Murder BallardCycles of Relevancespare_change
17. 2008-08-04Plan for SorrowMy Last GoodbyeI am the Devilspare_change
18. 2008-08-04Negative ReactionWorthless HumanTales from the Insomniacspare_change
19. 2008-08-04SerenityColdness KillsFallen Sanctuarynapalm
20. 2008-08-04HexenKnee Deep in DeadState of Insurgencyosm
21. 2008-08-04Carnifexin Coalesce with Filth and Faithvictory samplervictory
22. 2008-08-04Bury Your DeadWomb DiseaseBury Your Deadvictory
23. 2008-08-04VerseOld Guards, New MethodsAggressionbridge9
24. 2008-08-04DeicideBlame it on GodSerpents Of The Lightroadrunner
25. 2008-08-04Job for a CowboyRelinquishedDoommetalblade
26. 2008-08-04PrionSimulate, HideImpressionscomatose
27. 2008-08-04Agenda of SwineAmongst the ForgottenWaves of Human Sufferingrelapse
28. 2008-08-04DebaucheryAngel of DeathContinue to Killlocomotive
29. 2008-08-04One King DownMass Suicide
30. 2008-08-04PisschristChemical WarfareNothing Has Changed
31. 2008-08-04Ringwormmadness of warBirth is Painvictory
32. 2008-08-04Hero DestroyedCause for Cancerself-titledrelapse
33. 2008-08-04The Acacia StrainJFCContinentprosthetic
34. 2008-08-04RamallahRamallahBut a Whimperbridge9
35. 2008-08-04PsychoShavedCollectionax/ction
36. 2008-08-04Ed Geinkilling a co-workerJudas Goats & Dieseleatersblackmarket_activities
37. 2008-08-04Fuck the FactsState of PanicDisgorge Mexicorelapse
38. 2008-08-04Black PyramidCarivanseven inchelectric_earth
39. 2008-08-04EquilibriumHeideraucheSagasnuclearblast
40. 2008-08-04In FlamesLeechesCome Clarityferret
41. 2008-08-04Dying FetusBorn in SodomDestroy the Oppositionrelapse
42. 2008-08-04ExcrationBrutal SuppressionA Feast for the Wretchedcomatose
43. 2008-08-04Black TormentHowling Wolves Summoning Countess ArmiesSatanic Holocaustold_cemetery
44. 2008-08-04Gama BombFinal FightCitizen Brainearache
45. 2008-08-04CathedralMidnight MountainMidnight Mountainearache
46. 2008-08-04TankardAlienBest Case Scenario: 25 Years in Beerslocomotive
47. 2008-08-04FormicideNoctural Justiceself-titleddue_process
48. 2008-08-04Embrace the EndCarbombs and ConversationsCounting Hallways to the Leftabacus
49. 2008-08-04Scar SymmetryArtificial Sun ProjectionHolographic Universenuclearblast
50. 2008-08-04Einsturzende NeubautenEin Stuhl in der HoelleHaus der Luegerough_trade
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