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this is the collection of all the playlists that I've typed in.
the first show was on September 2 1996.
It will take a while to get there
So far, there are 1148 playlist up with 48910 songs played going back to 0000-00-00


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1. 2018-11-05Grim ReaperSee You In HellSee You In Hellrca
2. 2018-08-27Grim ReaperSee You In HellSee You In Hellrca
3. 2016-11-07HelloweenHalloweenKeeper of the Seven Keys (part I)rca
4. 2016-11-07Grim ReaperLord Of Darkness (Your Living Hell)Fear No Evilrca
5. 2016-06-13AtheistUnholy WarPiece Of Timeracercar
6. 2015-09-21Atheistunholy warPiece of Timeracercar
7. 2015-07-27SepulturaScreams From Behind The ShadowsSchizophreniaracercar
8. 2014-12-08AtheistOn They SlayPiece of Timeracercar
9. 2014-11-10Grim ReaperRun For Your LifeSee You In Hellrca
10. 2014-05-12Grim ReaperFear No EvilFear No Evilrca
11. 2014-04-21Grim ReaperThe Show Must Go OnSee You In Hellrca
12. 2014-04-21Silent RageDon't Touch Me ThereDon't Touch Me Thererca
13. 2013-11-11Grim ReaperDead on ArrivalSee You In Hellrca
14. 2013-10-28White WolfWhat The War Will BringStanding Alonerca
15. 2013-08-05Grim ReaperLet The Thunder RoarFear No Evilrca
16. 2013-05-20SepulturaInner SelfBeneath The Remainsracercar
17. 2013-05-06SepulturaInner SelfBeneath The Remainsracercar
18. 2013-04-22Grim ReaperSee You In HellSee You In Hellrca
19. 2013-02-11Atheistunholy warPiece of Timeracercar
20. 2013-01-14AtheistPiece of TimePiece of Timeracercar
21. 2012-09-17Grim ReaperFinal ScreamsFear No Evilrca
22. 2012-04-23Grim ReaperFight For the LastFear No Evilrca
23. 2012-02-13SepulturaEscape to the VoidSchizophreniaracercar
24. 2011-12-19Atheistunholy warPiece of Timeracercar
25. 2011-11-14HelloweenI Want OutKeeper of the Seven Keys (part II)rca
26. 2011-05-02Grim ReaperRun For Your LifeSee You In Hellrca
27. 2011-04-04SepulturaFrom The Past Comes The StormSchizophreniaracercar
28. 2011-01-03SepulturaInquisition SymphonySchizophreniaracercar
29. 2010-12-27Ratos de PoraoDeath Of The KingAnarkophobiaracercar
30. 2010-12-06Grim ReaperWrath Of The RipperSee You In Hellrca
31. 2010-11-22AtheistUnholy WarPiece of Timeracercar
32. 2010-10-25HelloweenHelloweenKeeper of the Seven Keys (part I)rca
33. 2010-03-29AtheistOn They SlayPiece of Timeracercar
34. 2010-03-22Grim ReaperNight Of The VampireRock you to Hellrca
35. 2009-12-21AtheistLifePiece of Timeracercar
36. 2009-09-21SepulturaEscape to the VoidSchizophreniaracercar
37. 2009-08-03SepulturaEscape to the VoidSchizophreniaracercar
38. 2009-03-09Grim Reaper#2Fear No Evilrca
39. 2009-03-02AtheistOn They SlayPiece of Timeracercar
40. 2009-02-09SepulturaEscape to the VoidSchizophreniaracercar
41. 2009-01-26Grim ReaperFear No EvilFear No Evilrca
42. 2008-11-17AtheistLifePiece of Timeracercar
43. 2008-09-22Grim ReaperDead on ArrivalSee You In Hellrca
44. 2008-04-28SepulturaEscape to the VoidSchizophreniaracercar
45. 2008-04-28AtheistRoom with a ViewPiece of Timeracercar
46. 2007-11-12Grim ReaperI want moreRock you to Hellrca
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