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this is the collection of all the playlists that I've typed in.
the first show was on September 2 1996.
It will take a while to get there
So far, there are 1144 playlist up with 48759 songs played going back to 0000-00-00


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1. 2020-01-27MerrimackGospel of the VoidThe Acausal MassAFM
2. 2020-01-20Hellgoat04 Within the VoidBlasphemy from Serpent TonguesBoris Records
3. 2019-11-04Godless TruthEmbrace the VoidArrogance of Supreme PowerAmputated Vein Records
4. 2019-07-08Burden Of GriefTurmoil To The VoidUnchained (Limited Edition)
5. 2019-06-24AbarothStrike the VoidEmissary of the VoidSelf-Released
6. 2019-05-13CursedThe VoidTwoGoodfellow Records
7. 2018-10-15HaidukIcevoid NemesisExomancerSelf-Released
8. 2018-09-03They GrieveThe Name Of The VoidI Made My Sacrifice AccordinglyTranscending Records
9. 2018-08-06Soulrot10 Transfigured Through the VoidNameless Hideous ManifestationsMemento Mori
10. 2017-12-25Snowfallthe great voidDelerium Tremens [NHR2008]NHR Records - via Metalhit
11. 2017-11-13Limbonic ArtA Void of Lifeless DreamsCandlelight USA Winter SamplerCandlelight Records
12. 2017-10-30AlgolAutumn VoidEntering The Woods Of Enchantment
13. 2017-09-18All Pigs Must DieThe Blessed VoidGod Is WarSouthern Lord
14. 2017-09-04Ascended04 - Drifting in a voidThe art of necromancy - Demo 2008
15. 2017-08-07AtriarchVoidDead as TruthRelapse Records
16. 2017-07-17Hellgoat04 Within the VoidBlasphemy from Serpent TonguesBoris Records
17. 2016-09-19DecomposedVOIDWitherChaos Records
18. 2016-06-06FallujahThe Void AloneDreamlessNuclear Blast Records
19. 2015-08-31AdversarialImmersion Void ParagonDeath, Endless Nothing And The Black Knife Of Nihilismdark_descent
20. 2015-06-01MarutaThe Void WithinRemain Dystopianrelapse
21. 2015-05-18Blaze Of PerditionInto The Void AgainNear Death Revelationsagonia
22. 2015-03-16Forgotten TombSwallow The VoidHurt Yourself And The Ones You Loveagonia
23. 2015-03-16Fuming MouthInfernal VoidDemoself-released
24. 2015-02-02Fuming MouthInfernal VoidDemoself-released
25. 2014-06-09SepulturaEscape to the VoidSchizophreniaroadrunner
26. 2013-12-23All Pigs Must DieThe Blessed VoidGod Is Warsouthernlord
27. 2013-10-21MacabraContribution To Your Dis-Elaboration (Sustenance Of The Void)Blood-Nurtured Nature
28. 2013-08-19RazormazeWorshipping The VoidAnnihilatiaSlaney Records
29. 2013-06-10EnablerAll Hail The VoidAll Hail The Voidsouthernlord
30. 2013-05-06MonstrosityCeremonial VoidEnslaving The Massesconquest_music
31. 2013-04-15Civil DisobedienceThe Unavoidable ProcessIn A Few Hours Of Madness
32. 2013-04-01Vattnet ViskarDespair (Within The Void)demoself-released
33. 2013-02-18Pig DestroyerWho Are You? (Void Cover)Blind, Deaf, and Bleeding EPrelapse
34. 2012-12-31EnablerAll Hail The VoidAll Hail The Voidsouthernlord
35. 2012-12-24SepulturaEscape to the VoidSchizophreniaroadrunner
36. 2012-11-26EnablerAll Hail The VoidAll Hail The Voidsouthernlord
37. 2012-11-19Vattnet ViskarDespair (Within The Void)demoself-released
38. 2012-10-22EnablerAll Hail The VoidAll Hail The Voidsouthernlord
39. 2012-07-02Black SabbathInto The VoidUnder Wheels of Confusion 1970-1987 (Disc 2)warner_bros
40. 2012-02-20Forest of ImpaledDemonvoidDemonvoidred_stream
41. 2012-02-13SepulturaEscape to the VoidSchizophreniaracercar
42. 2011-08-08SlytractNull & VoidExisting Unrealnoiseheadrecords
43. 2011-07-04Vattnet ViskarDespair (Within The Void)demoself-released
44. 2011-05-02Vattnet ViskarDespair (Within The Void)demoself-released
45. 2011-04-11MonstrosityCeremonial VoidEnslaving The Massesconquest_music
46. 2011-01-03Dawn Of AshesNyarlathotep's Children Of The VoidGenocide Chaptersmetalblade
47. 2010-12-27DemonizerInto The Dark VoidTriumphatorfolter
48. 2010-10-18BloodthirstVoid InferiorSanctity Deniedpagan
49. 2010-05-10LudicraClean White VoidThe Tenantprofound_lore
50. 2010-04-05Dark TranquillityI Am The VoidWe Are The Voidcenturymedia
51. 2010-01-04November's DoomWhen Desperation Fills The VoidInto Night's Requiem Infernalend
52. 2009-10-26Abstract RaptureThe VoidDemocadenciamaddening_media
53. 2009-09-21SepulturaEscape to the VoidSchizophreniaracercar
54. 2009-09-14Abstract RaptureThe VoidDemocadenciamaddening_media
55. 2009-08-31BehemothOv Fire and The VoidEvangelionmetalblade
56. 2009-08-10BehemothOv Fire and The VoidEvangelionmetalblade
57. 2009-08-03SepulturaEscape to the VoidSchizophreniaracercar
58. 2009-02-09SepulturaEscape to the VoidSchizophreniaracercar
59. 2008-07-21LaethoraBlack Void RemembranceMarch of the Paracitesend
60. 2008-05-19MucopusVoidUndimentionalsevared
61. 2008-04-28SepulturaEscape to the VoidSchizophreniaracercar
62. 2008-03-10DragonlordUnholyvoidRapturespitfire
63. 2008-01-21Exhausted Prayerthe Unwaving Bludgeoning of a Mind by the Angst Arising from an Encounter with the VoidLooks Down in the Gathering Shadowsdwell
64. 2007-12-24Godless TruthEmbrace the VoidArrogance of Supreme Poweramputated_vein
65. 2007-10-22KrisiunSlaughtering VoidWorks of Carnagecenturymedia
66. 2007-08-27Ion DissonanceVoid of ConscienceMinus the Herdabacus
67. 2007-07-09Ion DissonanceVoid of ConscienceMinus the Herdabacus
68. 2007-05-14laethoraBlack Void Remembrance
69. 2007-01-22Cold Workerthe contaminated void
70. 2006-11-13dr knowinto the void
71. 2006-09-04sepulturaescape to the void
72. 2005-06-13cursedthe void
73. 2005-02-14sepulturaescape to the void
74. 2004-05-17sepulturaEscape to the Void
75. 2004-04-19sepulturaEscape to the Void
76. 2003-11-24krisiunSlaughtering Void
77. 2003-10-05krisiunslaughtering void
78. 2003-06-03SuffocationDevoid of Truth
79. 2003-03-18BenumbProgramming the Cranial Void
80. 2003-02-25BenumbProgramming the Cranial Void
81. 2003-01-14NaglfarInto the Cold Voids of Eternity
82. 2003-01-07SuffocationDevoid of Truth
83. 2002-05-21NaglfarInto the Cold Void of Eternity
84. 2002-03-19Mental HorrorBlack Spiritual Void
85. 2002-01-01Old Man\'s ChildIn black endless void
86. 2001-10-02Old Man\'s Childin black Endless Void
87. 2001-07-24DragonlordUnholy void
88. 2001-07-24DragonlordUnholy void
89. 2001-07-03DragonlordUnholy Void
90. 2001-05-15Old Man's Childin Black Enless Void
91. 2000-06-19Old Man's Childin the Black endless Void
92. 2000-05-29SepulturaEscape to the Void
93. 2000-03-13Old Man\'s Childthe Black Endless Void
94. 1999-11-30Forest of ImpaledDemonvoid
95. 1999-10-25NaglfarInto the Cold Voids of Eternity
96. 1999-08-09SepulturaBeneath the Remains/escape the void(live)
97. 1997-10-20SepulturaEscape to the Void
98. 1997-07-07InsultMy Rules Void
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