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this is the collection of all the playlists that I've typed in.
the first show was on September 2 1996.
It will take a while to get there
So far, there are 1349 playlist up with 56325 songs played going back to 0000-00-00


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1. 2007-07-23MinistryStigmataLand of Rape and HoneyWarner Bros
2. 2007-07-23CancerDeath Shall RaiseDeath Shall Raiserestless
3. 2007-07-23BaphometValley of the Deadthe Dead Shall Inheritpeaceville
4. 2007-07-23Vital RemainsHammer Down the NailsIcons of Evilcenturymedia
5. 2007-07-23Pig DestroyerJupiter's EyePhantom Limbrelapse
6. 2007-07-23AngelcorpseSaints of BlasphemyOf Lucifer and Lighteningosmose
7. 2007-07-23EmethMitigation EnmityInsidiousbrutal_bands
8. 2007-07-23Ion DissonanceThrough EvidenceMinus the Herdabacus
9. 2007-07-23Despised Icona Fractured HandIlls of Modern Mancenturymedia
10. 2007-07-23NileWhat can be safely writtenIthyphallicnuclearblast
11. 2007-07-23Unholy GhostCross ContaminationTorrential Reignolympic
12. 2007-07-23MardukLimbs of WorshipRom 5:12regain
13. 2007-07-23The Red ChordIt came from over therePrey for Eyesmetalblade
14. 2007-07-23the AbsenceDead and GoneRiders of the Plaguemetalblade
15. 2007-07-23Godless Risingthe Lair of CerberusBattle Lordsmoribund
16. 2007-07-23Drawn and QuarteredBloodbath of RenewalMerciless Hammer of Lucifermoribund
17. 2007-07-23HacavitzSummoning Self-DestructionKatunmoribund
18. 2007-07-23Dark FaithWith Skeptics GrievingTerrains Vaguesdeathgasm
19. 2007-07-23Crimsion MassacreEpochthe Luster of Pandemoniumdeathgasm
20. 2007-07-23DimentianonBloodshed from a Black RosePromoself-released
21. 2007-07-23Krohmthe WaningMoribund Records compmoribund
22. 2007-07-23Morbid Angelchapel of ghouls (live)Live Madness
23. 2007-07-23Beneath the MassacreTotalitarian HypnosisEvidence of Inequitygaly
24. 2007-07-23Sik FukOrgasm Through Virgin DissectionGore Deliciousunited_gutteral
25. 2007-07-23GravewormSuicide CodeCollateral Defectnuclearblast
26. 2007-07-23PestilencePresence of the DeadTestimony of the Ancientsroadracer
27. 2007-07-23TankardCommandmentsThe Morning Afternoise
28. 2007-07-23SighDies Irae - the Master MaliceHangman's Hymnend
29. 2007-07-23WreKking CrewMe, Myself & IMachanistic Terminationmausoleum
30. 2007-07-23Vision of DisorderViolaself-titledroadrunner
31. 2007-07-23Wargasm#5self-releasedself-released
32. 2007-07-23DisembodiedAmaranthHereticedison
33. 2007-07-23The Dillinger Escape Planthe Mullet BurdenUnder the Running Boardsrelapse
34. 2007-07-23Throwing Shrapnelhuffing gas fumes mid februaryBlackself-released
35. 2007-07-23Gorgorothgod seed (twilight of the idols)Ad Majorem Sathanas Gloriamcandlelight
36. 2007-07-23Lord BelialAncient SplendorRevolation: the 7th Sealregain
37. 2007-07-23Damnation ADDon't Feel a Thingin this life or the nextvictory
38. 2007-07-23BelphegorAngel of RetributionPestapokalypse IVnuclearblast
39. 2007-07-23BeheadedFed on OdiumRecounts of Disembodimentforever_underground
40. 2007-07-23Abaddon IncarnateVicroty or AnnihilationNadirsentinel
41. 2007-07-23Disgorge (mex)FaecalizedChronic Corpora Infestamerican_line
42. 2007-07-23King DiamondBlack of NightGive me your Soul... Pleasemetalblade
43. 2007-07-23Dekapitatorthe Call the CombatBefore the Calmrelapse
44. 2007-07-23Cephalic CarnageLet them hate so long as they fearAnomaliesrelapse
45. 2007-07-23Job for a CowboyBearing the Serpents LambGenesismetalblade
46. 2007-07-23AvskyPossessedMass Destructionhumanitys_plague
47. 2007-07-23Grimy Grim#8Holy Bible
48. 2007-07-23Porcupine TreeFear of a Black PlanetFear Of A Blank Planetroadrunner
49. 2007-07-23SwansShe Lives!the Great Annihilatorinvisible
50. 2007-07-23Einsturzende NeubautenEin Stuhl in der HoelleHaus der Luegerough_trade
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