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this is the collection of all the playlists that I've typed in.
the first show was on September 2 1996.
It will take a while to get there
So far, there are 1311 playlist up with 55059 songs played going back to 0000-00-00


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1. 2023-05-22WormholeExistence GapGenesis
2. 2023-05-01Blood Red ThroneMephiticationAltered Genesis
3. 2023-04-24LegionnaireDawn of GenesisDawn of GenesisGates of Hell Records
4. 2023-04-10VintersorgNaturens GalleriCosmic GenesisNapalm Records
5. 2023-04-03InfernaeonThe Scar Of DavidGenesis To NemesisProsthetic Records
6. 2023-04-03SodomOccult PerpetratorGenesis XIX
7. 2023-03-20BELETHBlack SpeechSILENT GENESISScorched Earth Records
8. 2023-03-13ATEMPORAL2. Draped In Abyssal FireThorn GenesisI, Voidhanger Records
9. 2023-03-13NecrodeathAwakening Of DawnPhylogenesisScarlet Records
10. 2023-02-20MelecheshGrand Gathas Of Baal SinThe EpigenesisNuclear Blast GmbH
11. 2023-02-06ColossusAbysmal Tectonic TyrantsDegenesisComatose Music
12. 2023-02-06WormholeExistence GapGenesis
13. 2023-02-06Job for a CowboyAltered from CatechizationGenesisMetal Blade
14. 2023-02-06ORIGIN03 - Autopsied AliveAbiogenesis - A Coming Into ExistenceAgonia Records
15. 2023-01-16WormholeGeoform 187Genesis
16. 2022-07-11WormholeGenesis ChamberGenesis
17. 2022-05-02SHED THE SKIN03 Invincible in IronThaumogenesis (CD, LP)Hells Headbangers Records
18. 2022-03-28WormholeNurtured in a Poisoned WombGenesis
19. 2022-03-07WormholeExistence GapGenesis
20. 2022-02-28ObscuraOribital ElementsCosmogenesisRelapse Records
21. 2022-02-28WormholeGravity Manipulation UnitGenesis
22. 2022-02-07WormholeBattle Logic DisruptedGenesis
23. 2021-12-27ColossusViolent Ichor Of Primordial AscensionDegenesisComatose Music
24. 2021-11-15ColossusMalignant Eye Of Inexorable RuinDegenesisComatose Music
25. 2021-10-18SodomGlock 'n' RollGenesis XIX
26. 2021-09-13WormholeGenesis ChamberGenesis
27. 2021-08-16SodomGlock 'n' RollGenesis XIX
28. 2021-05-17BELETHCries Of The FatherlessSILENT GENESISScorched Earth Records
29. 2021-04-26VintersorgCosmic GenesisCosmic GenesisNapalm Records
30. 2021-03-29ObscuraInfinite RotationCosmogenesisRelapse Records
31. 2021-01-18ColossusIniquitous MacrocosmDegenesisComatose Music
32. 2020-02-10ORIGIN02 - MauledAbiogenesis - A Coming Into ExistenceAgonia Records
33. 2019-12-23ObscuraInfinite RotationCosmogenesisRelapse Records
34. 2019-12-16InfernaeonCreeping DeathGenesis To NemesisProsthetic Records
35. 2019-12-16WormholeGenesis ChamberGenesis
36. 2019-11-25ORIGIN07 - InfestationAbiogenesis - A Coming Into ExistenceAgonia Records
37. 2019-07-01VintersorgCosmic GenesisCosmic GenesisNapalm Records
38. 2019-03-18Martelo Negro04 Rameira NecromanteParthenogenesisHelldprod Records
39. 2019-02-04WormholeAutomated Distress SignalGenesis
40. 2018-08-13WormholeAutomated Distress SignalGenesis
41. 2017-05-15LegionnaireShadow Upon the MetropolisDawn of GenesisGates of Hell Records
42. 2016-10-10NecrodeathExtreme Emotional ShockPhylogenesisScarlet Records
43. 2016-09-12ObscuraDesolate SpheresCosmogenesisRelapse Records
44. 2016-02-08MelecheshThe Magickan And The DronesThe EpigenesisNuclear Blast GmbH
45. 2015-09-07Lunar MantraStellar CatacombsGenesisinvictus
46. 2015-05-25InfernaeonFirst Of The FallenGenesis To Nemesisprosthetic
47. 2015-04-20InfernaeonLilith Ave SatanasGenesis To Nemesisprosthetic
48. 2014-07-14ObscuraCosmogenesisCosmogenesisrelapse
49. 2014-03-31ObscuraUniverse MomentumCosmogenesisrelapse
50. 2014-02-24ObscuraIncarnatedCosmogenesisrelapse
51. 2013-12-23ObscuraChoir of SpiritsCosmogenesisrelapse
52. 2013-07-08NecrodeathPropitiation Of The GodsPhylogenesisscarlet
53. 2013-05-27VintersorgRainbow Demon (Uriah Heep)Cosmic Genesisnapalm
54. 2013-01-14ObscuraChoir of SpiritsCosmogenesisrelapse
55. 2012-05-14ObscuraOrbital ElementsCosmogenesisrelapse
56. 2012-01-30ObscuraChoir of SpiritsCosmogenesisrelapse
57. 2011-10-17ObscuraOrbital ElementsCosmogenesisrelapse
58. 2011-08-29VintersorgA Dialogue with the StarsCosmic Genesisnapalm
59. 2011-02-14MelecheshGhouls Of NinevehThe Epigenesisnuclearblast
60. 2011-01-31MelecheshMystics Of The PillarThe Epigenesisnuclearblast
61. 2010-12-13MelecheshIllumination - the Face Of ShamashThe Epigenesisnuclearblast
62. 2010-11-29MelecheshSacred GeometryThe Epigenesisnuclearblast
63. 2010-11-22MelecheshGhouls Of NinevehThe Epigenesisnuclearblast
64. 2010-11-15MelecheshSacred GeometryThe Epigenesisnuclearblast
65. 2010-11-08MelecheshMystics Of The PillarThe Epigenesisnuclearblast
66. 2010-11-01MelecheshGrand Gathas Of Baal SinThe Epigenesisnuclearblast
67. 2010-10-25MelecheshGrand Gathas Of Baal SinThe Epigenesisnuclearblast
68. 2010-10-18InfernaeonLilith Ave SatanasGenesis To Nemesisprosthetic
69. 2010-10-11InfernaeonFirst Of The FallenGenesis To Nemesisprosthetic
70. 2010-09-27InfernaeonThe Scar Of DavidGenesis To Nemesisprosthetic
71. 2010-09-20InfernaeonLegacy Of KaneGenesis To Nemesisprosthetic
72. 2010-09-13InfernaeonCreeping DeathGenesis To Nemesisprosthetic
73. 2010-08-23ObscuraUniverse MomentumCosmogenesisrelapse
74. 2010-05-24ObscuraIncarnatedCosmogenesisrelapse
75. 2009-08-03Job for a CowboyReduce to Mere FilthGenesismetalblade
76. 2009-06-01Job for a CowboyEmbeddedGenesismetalblade
77. 2009-05-04ObscuraIncarnatedCosmogenesisrelapse
78. 2009-04-06Obscurathe Anticosmic OverloadCosmogenesisrelapse
79. 2009-03-09ObscuraCosmogenesisCosmogenesisrelapse
80. 2009-03-02ObscuraNoospheresCosmogenesisrelapse
81. 2009-02-16ObscuraChoir of SpiritsCosmogenesisrelapse
82. 2009-02-09ObscuraInfinite RotationCosmogenesisrelapse
83. 2009-02-02ObscuraUniverse MomentumCosmogenesisrelapse
84. 2008-09-01Job for a CowboyEmbeddedGenesismetalblade
85. 2008-08-11Job for a CowboyAltered from CatechizationGenesismetalblade
86. 2007-08-06Job for a CowboyReduce to Mere FilthGenesismetalblade
87. 2007-07-23Job for a CowboyBearing the Serpents LambGenesismetalblade
88. 2007-07-09Job for a CowboyAltered from CatechizationGenesismetalblade
89. 2007-07-02Job for a CowboyAltered from CatechizationGenesismetalblade
90. 2007-06-25Job for a Cowboythe divine falsehoodGenesismetalblade
91. 2007-06-18Job for a Cowboymartyrdom unsealedGenesismetalblade
92. 2007-06-11Job for a CowboyStrings of hypocrisyGenesismetalblade
93. 2007-06-04Job for a CowboyBearing the Serpents LambGenesismetalblade
94. 2007-05-28Job for a CowboyReduce to Mere FilthGenesismetalblade
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