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New site? Maybe some day.


this is the collection of all the playlists that I've typed in.
the first show was on September 2 1996.
It will take a while to get there
So far, there are 1369 playlist up with 56979 songs played going back to 0000-00-00


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1. 2017-07-10MinistryStigmataLand of Rape and HoneyWarner Bros
2. 2017-07-10
3. 2017-07-10ConvergeWorms Will Feed/Rats Will FeastAxe to FallEpitaph Records
4. 2017-07-10Tengger CavalryLeader WolfSunesu Cavalry
5. 2017-07-10God DethronedClose to VictoryThe World AblazeMetal Blade Records
6. 2017-07-10Bolt Thrower...For Victory...For VictoryEarache Records
7. 2017-07-10
8. 2017-07-10Obsidian KingdomA Year With No SummerA Year With No SummerSeason of Mist
9. 2017-07-10Ex-EyeXenolith: The AnvilEx EyeRelapse Records
10. 2017-07-10NorsethShock ThousandThe Hexed Enigma
11. 2017-07-10DaggerspawnI Am The Thousand PlaguesSuffering Upon The Throne Of DepravitySevared Records - via Metalhit
12. 2017-07-10SuffocationYour Last Breaths...Of The Dark LightNuclear Blast Records
13. 2017-07-10
14. 2017-07-10Blurring02 Terminus and the WingBlurringHandshake Inc
15. 2017-07-10CrucifistSkull Smashing Face Ripping DeathPerpetual ConversionHandshake Inc
16. 2017-07-10
17. 2017-07-10Municipal WastePoison the PreacherSlime And PunishmentNuclear Blast Records
18. 2017-07-10HeadCrusherA Plague Upon UsDeath Comes with SilenceSelf-Released
19. 2017-07-10Casket RobberyLilithThe AscensionSelf-Released
20. 2017-07-10ScalpelLabors of LoathingMethods to DelusionSelf-Released
21. 2017-07-10
22. 2017-07-10Dying FetusDie With IntegrityWrong One to Fuck WithRelapse Records
23. 2017-07-10DecapitatedKill The CultAnticultNuclear Blast Records
24. 2017-07-10Ossuary Insane03 ImprecariDemonize the Flesh LPBlood Harvest Records
25. 2017-07-10OriginCascading Failures, Diminishing ReturnsUnparalleled UniverseNuclear Blast Records
26. 2017-07-10
27. 2017-07-10IntegrityDie With Your Boots OnHowling, For The Nightmare Shall ConsumeRelapse Records
28. 2017-07-10RIVER BLACKLowRiver BlackSeason of Mist
29. 2017-07-10AMPÜTATOR03 Sarin Death VengeanceDeathcult Barbaric HellGreyhaze Records
30. 2017-07-10ExecrationNekrocosmReturn to the VoidMetal Blade Records
31. 2017-07-10
32. 2017-07-10ALESTORMMexicoNo Grave But The SeaNapalm Records
33. 2017-07-10GWARRagnarokRagNaRokMetal Blade Records
34. 2017-07-10EntombedMasters of DeathCandlelight USA Winter SamplerCandlelight Records
35. 2017-07-10Agoraphobic NosebleedThe Fourth Day of SodomAltered States of America, Disc 1Relapse Records
36. 2017-07-10Cephalic CarnageZuno GyakusastsuLucid IntervalRelapse Records
37. 2017-07-10MayhemA Grand Declaration of WarGrand Declaration of WarSeason of Mist
38. 2017-07-10
39. 2017-07-10Goatlord11 Possessed Soldiers of WarSodomize the Goat DLPNuclear War Now! Productions
40. 2017-07-10DeathfallBreak the MachineRebornBurning Star Music
41. 2017-07-10Funeral OrationBurning DesireFuneral OrationHopeless
42. 2017-07-10Conquest Of SteelHalfway To HellMay Your Blade Never DullNo Face Records
43. 2017-07-10
44. 2017-07-10IncendiaryHanging From The Family TreeThousand Mile StareClosed Casket Activities
45. 2017-07-10Most Precious BloodYour Picture Hung ItselfOur Lady of AnnihilationRoadrunner Records
46. 2017-07-10HatebreedPrepare for WarSatisfaction Is the Death of DesireVictory Records
47. 2017-07-10All Out WarVengeance for the AngelsCondemned to SufferVictory Records
48. 2017-07-10Wrecking CrewThousand Yard Stare1987-1991Bridge Nine Records
49. 2017-07-10Incendiary/Xibalba split
50. 2017-07-10XibalbaStone HeartIncendiary/Xibalba splitclosed_casket_activities
51. 2017-07-10OPERA IXEyes in the WellStrix Maledictae in AeternumAgonia Records
52. 2017-07-10HellBlasphemy And The MasterHuman RemainsNuclear Blast GmbH
53. 2017-07-10Einsturzende NeubautenEin Stuhl in der HoelleHaus der Luegerough_trade
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