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this is the collection of all the playlists that I've typed in.
the first show was on September 2 1996.
It will take a while to get there
So far, there are 1364 playlist up with 56812 songs played going back to 0000-00-00


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1. 2006-09-04ministrystigmataLand of Rape and HoneyWarner Bros
2. 2006-09-04in flamesepisode 666Whoraclenuclearblast
3. 2006-09-04the crown1999 - Revolution 666Hell is Heremetalblade
4. 2006-09-04halo suffocation machine#6 live 2000-12-26
5. 2006-09-04iranach#2 live 2002-02-05
6. 2006-09-04tears of avarel#2 live 2001-07-10
7. 2006-09-04failsafe device#2 live
8. 2006-09-04invocation of nehek#2 live 2001-08-02
9. 2006-09-04since the flood#2 live 2003-02-05
10. 2006-09-04in dire need#2 live 2003-12-22
11. 2006-09-04Terminally, Your Aborted Ghost#3 live 2004-03-08
12. 2006-09-04shading the end#2 live
13. 2006-09-04Clitorture#1 live
14. 2006-09-04dissectionUnhallowed
15. 2006-09-04suffocationmisconcieved
16. 2006-09-04deicidedesecrationthe Stench Of Redemptionearache
17. 2006-09-04baphomet's horns#3
18. 2006-09-04Throwing Shrapnelfuck 'em
19. 2006-09-04napalm deatheyes right out
20. 2006-09-04dismemberto the bone
21. 2006-09-04All Shall Perishprisoner of war
22. 2006-09-04heaven shall burnstay the course
23. 2006-09-04All that Remainsthis calling
24. 2006-09-04the black dahlia murderwhen the last grave has emptied
25. 2006-09-04at the gatesforever blind
26. 2006-09-04Blood for BloodSoullessself titledlost_disciple
27. 2006-09-04the Hope Conspiracythey know not
28. 2006-09-04It Will End in Pure Horror#2
29. 2006-09-04diecastpeacemaker
30. 2006-09-04Fuck the Factsthe sound of your smashed head
31. 2006-09-04PiecemealproclamationSomewhere Between Crucifixion and Resurrection Lies Redemptionwonderdrug
32. 2006-09-04deathkilling spree
33. 2006-09-04Cannibal Corpsehammer smashed face
34. 2006-09-04sepulturaescape to the void
35. 2006-09-04slayershow no mercy
36. 2006-09-04lawnmower dethsumo rabbit and his inescapeable trap of doomOoh Crikey, It's.../Kids in Americaearache
37. 2006-09-04entombedhellraiser
38. 2006-09-04morticianhell on earthZombie Apocalypserelapse
39. 2006-09-04anatadisobedience pays
40. 2006-09-04cattle decapitationalone at the landfill
41. 2006-09-04brujeriaConsejos Narcos
42. 2006-09-04fear factorymartyr
43. 2006-09-04cynicviel of maya
44. 2006-09-04the Automatathe logic of manThrough the Bandage Seeps a Whisperlifeforce
45. 2006-09-04Everytime I Diethe logic of crocodiles
46. 2006-09-04From a Second Story Windowthe challenge of caring
47. 2006-09-04anal cunt#10 - fudge worthy comp
48. 2006-09-04nileramses bringer of war
49. 2006-09-04anal cunt#10 - fudge worthy comp
50. 2006-09-04gorgorothexit
51. 2006-09-04taetrethe art
52. 2006-09-04hate theorywish
53. 2006-09-04Saduslast abidea Vision of Miseryracecar
54. 2006-09-04Desensitisedfoetus in fetu
55. 2006-09-04disincarnatein sufferance
56. 2006-09-04Konkhratime will heal
57. 2006-09-04Impetigodear uncle creepy
58. 2006-09-04Shit Fuckbite it you scum
59. 2006-09-04dying fetusGrotesque Impalement
60. 2006-09-04vehemencewhore cunt dieThoughts from which I Hideself-released
61. 2006-09-04Birds of Preymangled by mongoloidsWeight of the Woundrelapse
62. 2006-09-04Anoxiaintense killingsIntense Killingspathos
63. 2006-09-04dehumanizedProphocies Foretold
64. 2006-09-04einsturzende neubautenein stuhl in der hoelleHaus der Luegerough_trade
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