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New site? Maybe some day.


this is the collection of all the playlists that I've typed in.
the first show was on September 2 1996.
It will take a while to get there
So far, there are 1356 playlist up with 56555 songs played going back to 0000-00-00


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1. 2009-05-18MinistryStigmataLand of Rape and HoneyWarner Bros
2. 2009-05-18
3. 2009-05-18Success Will Write Apocalypse Across the SkyDespotThe Grand Partition and the Abrogation of Idolatrynuclearblast
4. 2009-05-18the Red DeathBefore an Empty ThroneEternal Frames of Referencemetalblade
5. 2009-05-18At The GatesSuicide NationSlaughter of the Soulearache
6. 2009-05-18Pig DestroyerHypervioletProwler in the Yardrelapse
7. 2009-05-18AeonGod Gives Head in HeavenBleeding the Falseself-released
8. 2009-05-18
9. 2009-05-18The BerzerkerFalse HopeAnimosityearache
10. 2009-05-18Cattle DecapitationThe Ripe Beneath the RindThe Harvest Floormetalblade
11. 2009-05-18Misery SpeaksLay This Burden DownCatalogue of Carnage
12. 2009-05-18AutopsyDeadDead As Fucknecroharmonic
13. 2009-05-18DeathOpen CasketDemo REH
14. 2009-05-18
15. 2009-05-18TexturesCircularDrawing Circleslistenable
16. 2009-05-18The Acacia StrainWhoa! shut it down.The Dead Walkprosthetic
17. 2009-05-18DesultoryForever GoneInto Eternity
18. 2009-05-18
19. 2009-05-18God DethronedUnder A Darkening SkyPassiondalemetalblade
20. 2009-05-18Old Man's ChildThe Crimson MeadowsSlaves of the Worldcenturymedia
21. 2009-05-18PrimordialInfernal SummerImramametalblade
22. 2009-05-18
23. 2009-05-18Get Laid#1demoself-released
24. 2009-05-18After the BombsForward Into Death
25. 2009-05-18Population ReductionHash Smoking Grind FreaksEach Birth a New Disastertankcrimes
26. 2009-05-18HellnationPolice PoliceA Sound Like Shit
27. 2009-05-18Brutal TruthI See RedNeed to Controlearache
28. 2009-05-18Agoraphobic Nosebleed100 Dead RabbitsBestial Machineryrelapse
29. 2009-05-18QuillsYour Own Realityself-titledgaly
30. 2009-05-18PlutocracySuckassDiscorande Axis-Plutocracy split
31. 2009-05-18TragedyNo End in Sight
32. 2009-05-18
33. 2009-05-18DebaucheryBaptised in BloodBack in Bloodlocomotive
34. 2009-05-18Cannibal CorpseTo DecomposeEvisceration Plaguemetalblade
35. 2009-05-18Atrocious AbnormalityBastard SpawnEchoes of the Rottingcomatose
36. 2009-05-18Dismantle the CyborgSlaughter of the Profanedemoself-released
37. 2009-05-18SapremiaLife of FantasyWith Winter Comes Despairopen_grave
38. 2009-05-18
39. 2009-05-18NarrowsSea WitchNew Distancesdeathwishinc
40. 2009-05-18HellchildInsurrection of the Living DeadDeeper the Wound
41. 2009-05-18the Brethrenpedal to the metaln/aself-released
42. 2009-05-18OvercastBleed Into OneReborn to Kill Againmetalblade
43. 2009-05-18StarkweatherLazarus RunsCrossbearer
44. 2009-05-18Dead Eyes UnderStitch The IncisionCursed be the Deceiverself-released
45. 2009-05-18
46. 2009-05-18Her EnchantmentMorpheus
47. 2009-05-18Dimmu BorgirEradication Instincts DefinedDeath Cult Armageddonnuclearblast
48. 2009-05-18SylosisReflections Through FireConclusion Of An Agenuclearblast
49. 2009-05-18Lazarus ADDamnation for the WeakThe Onslaughtmetalblade
50. 2009-05-18Razor of OccamHeat of BattleHomage to Martyrsmetalblade
51. 2009-05-18OphiolaltryPsychodemoniac MentalitiesAnti-Evangelistic Process
52. 2009-05-18
53. 2009-05-18CavityMarginal Man BluesDrowning
54. 2009-05-18Blessed DeathDigital WarDestined for Extinctionroadracer
55. 2009-05-18PestilenceHangmanResurrection Macabremascot
56. 2009-05-18CrucifixionDeath Sentence
57. 2009-05-18CallistoRule the BloodProvidencefullsteam
58. 2009-05-18Einsturzende NeubautenEin Stuhl in der HoelleHaus der Luegerough_trade
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