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this is the collection of all the playlists that I've typed in.
the first show was on September 2 1996.
It will take a while to get there
So far, there are 1161 playlist up with 49554 songs played going back to 0000-00-00


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1. 2020-06-22CAEDES CRUENTA (gre)Εκεί Όπου Τραγουδά Η Νεκροκεφαλή (There Where the Brainhead Sings)Ερείπια Ψυχών (Ruins of Souls)Helter Skelter Productions
2. 2020-02-24GraveWinds Of ChainsEndless Procession Of SoulsCentury Media Records
3. 2019-12-09EffigyProphet of EvilTortured Souls (Demo)
4. 2019-09-02At the GatesSuicide NationSlaughter of the SoulEarache
5. 2019-07-22Training for UtopiaTwo HandsPlastic Soul ImpalementTooth & Nail
6. 2019-07-22BereavedDissolute Paternal GodTortured Souls (Demo 1994)
7. 2019-07-01Satanic SlaughterServant of SatanLand of the Unholy SoulsNecropolis
8. 2019-05-13Chemical DisasterDisagreementLost Souls in the Aboninable Realm of Darkness [Demo]
9. 2019-04-29MasterHidden StoriesCollection Of Souls
10. 2019-04-22Rude02 In Thy NameSoul RecallFDA Rekotz
11. 2019-04-22Relics Of HumanityAnnihilationismGuided By The Soulless Call
12. 2019-04-01FleshcrawlDeathvastationSoulskinnerMetal Blade Records
13. 2018-12-31Satanic SlaughterForever I BurnLand of the Unholy SoulsNecropolis
14. 2018-11-12NeurosisStrippedSouls At Zero
15. 2018-09-24BenumbOf My OwnSoul Of The Martyr
16. 2018-09-24MasterJustice Or FateCollection Of Souls
17. 2018-08-20VOIDHANGER04. High on HateDark Days Of The SoulAgonia Records
18. 2018-08-13King DiamondBlack of NightGive Me Your Soul...PleaseMassacre Records
19. 2018-08-13MindrotDissipationSoulRelapse Records
20. 2018-07-16Blood Red ThroneThe Light The HateSouls Of Damnation
21. 2018-06-18At The GatesSuicide Nation ('95 Demo)Slaughter of the Soul
22. 2018-05-07Fear FactoryLeechmasterSoul Of A New Machine (Remastered)
23. 2018-05-07Sacrificial BloodTyrant Of PainSoulS For SaleHorror Pain Gore Death Productions
24. 2018-02-05VOIDHANGER02. Death WishDark Days Of The SoulAgonia Records
25. 2017-12-25OBSCENITYMENTAL DEATHAmputated Souls
26. 2017-12-04BenumbConsumedSoul Of The Martyr
27. 2017-10-16KreatorAgents of BrutalityComa of SoulsEpic
28. 2017-09-04Cardinal WyrmThe Resonant DeadCast Away SoulsSvart Records
29. 2017-08-14SUMMON (U.S.)03 Eve Of Anti-CreationDark Descent of Fallen Souls (LP)Werewolf records
30. 2017-06-05Blood Red ThroneYour Cold FleshSouls Of Damnationearache
31. 2017-02-06Creation Of DeathQuartering AlivePurify Your Soul
32. 2017-01-02ResurrectionCannibalizedSoul Descent - March of Death
33. 2016-12-12Damnation A.D.FallaciesKingdom of Lost SoulsRevelation
34. 2016-12-12KrepitusKrepitus - Eyes of the Soulless - 02 - Apex Pre...The Eyes of The SoullessSelf-Released
35. 2016-10-10Iron Maiden02 Speed Of LightThe Book of SoulsBMG
36. 2016-09-26Cardinal WyrmGrave PassageCast Away SoulsSvart Records
37. 2016-08-29The Last Ten Seconds of Life04. Meant To Be FreeSoulless HymnDensity Records
38. 2016-06-27DarkthroneNeptune TowersSoulside Journey
39. 2016-06-13WayfarerDeathless TundraOld SoulsProsthetic Records
40. 2016-06-06At The GatesCaptor Of Sin* (Slayer cover)Slaughter of the Soul
41. 2016-05-09At The GatesUnder A Serpent SunSlaughter of the Soul
42. 2015-10-26Iron MaidenWhen Rivers Run DeepThe Book Of Soulsbmg
43. 2015-10-26KriegCoronationVarious Artists - Teach Your Soul With Fire - Vol IVsignal rex
44. 2015-10-19At The GatesCaptor Of Sin (Slayer Cover)Slaughter of the Soulearache
45. 2015-08-10At The GatesUnder a Serpent SunSlaughter of the Soulearache
46. 2015-07-27DarkthroneIconoclasm Sweeps CappadociaSoulside Journey
47. 2015-07-20Satanic SlaughterHatred of GodLand Of The Unholy Soulsnecropolis
48. 2015-04-13At The GatesSuicide NationSlaughter of the Soulearache
49. 2015-04-06Fear FactoryCrisisSoul Of A New Machineroadrunner
50. 2015-04-06Creation of DeathPslam 69Purify Your Soul
51. 2015-03-09Judas PriestRedeemer Of SoulsRedeemer Of Souls
52. 2015-02-16Creation of DeathNameless ForeverPurify Your Soul
53. 2015-02-09BenumbNo RegretSoul Of The Martyrrelapse
54. 2015-01-26NepenteShow Me That You Are SufferingI Wil lGet Your SoulCimmerian Shade
55. 2015-01-19The Last Ten Seconds Of LifeGuillotine QueenSoulless Hymndensity
56. 2015-01-19Judas PriestHell & BackRedeemer Of Souls
57. 2014-10-06NeurosisSterile VisionSouls At Zerotribes
58. 2014-06-30DirgeScrewed To DeathSoulstormanthrax
59. 2014-06-16RudeLast Of UsSoul RecallFDA Rekotz
60. 2014-06-09RudeConjuring Of FatesSoul RecallFDA Rekotz
61. 2014-05-19RudeForsakerSoul RecallFDA Rekotz
62. 2014-03-31FleshcrawlMetal GodsSoulskinnermetalblade
63. 2014-03-03Sacrificial BloodSoul$ For SaleSoul$ For Salehorror_pain_gore_death
64. 2014-03-03CraftTotal Soul RapeTotal Soul Rape
65. 2014-01-27At The GatesNeedSlaughter of the Soulearache
66. 2014-01-27Scarificial BloodHellfireSoulS For Salehorror_pain_gore_death
67. 2013-06-10Age Of TaurusAlways In The EyeDesperate Souls Of Tortured Timesmetalblade
68. 2013-05-27At The GatesSuicide NationSlaughter of the Soulearache
69. 2013-01-28KreatorPeople Of The LieComa of Soulsnoise
70. 2013-01-21Satanic SlaughterDemons FeastLand Of The Unholy Soulsnecropolis
71. 2012-12-24Satanic SlaughterImmortal DeathLand Of The Unholy Soulsnecropolis
72. 2012-12-17GravePassion Of The WeakEndless Procession Of Soulscenturymedia
73. 2012-12-03At The GatesNauseaSlaughter of the Soulearache
74. 2012-10-01GraveDisembodied StepsEndless Procession Of Soulscenturymedia
75. 2012-09-24GraveFlesh EpistleEndless Procession Of Soulscenturymedia
76. 2012-09-03GravePassion Of The WeakEndless Procession Of Soulscenturymedia
77. 2012-08-27GraveAmongst Marble And The DeadEndless Procession Of Soulscenturymedia
78. 2012-08-06BenumbMonetary GainSoul Of The Martyrrelapse
79. 2012-05-21SamaelPromised LandSolar Soulnuclearblast
80. 2012-01-16SuffocationDemise Of The CloneSouls to Denyrelapse
81. 2011-08-08At The GatesBlinded By FearSlaughter of the Soulearache
82. 2011-04-18KreatorPeople Of The LieComa of Soulsnoise
83. 2011-02-14At The GatesSlaughter of the SoulSlaughter of the Soulearache
84. 2010-09-27FleshcrawlBreeding the DeadSoulskinnermetalblade
85. 2010-08-30Satanic SlaughterServant of SatanLand Of The Unholy Soulsnecropolis
86. 2010-08-02NeurosisA Chronology For SurvivalSouls At Zerorelapse
87. 2010-06-21At The GatesUnder A Serpent SunSlaughter of the Soulearache
88. 2010-06-14NeurosisTo Crawl Under One's SkinSouls At Zero
89. 2010-03-29At The GatesNauseaSlaughter of the Soulearache
90. 2010-01-25At The GatesBlinded By FearSlaughter of the Soulearache
91. 2009-10-12At The GatesSlaughter of the SoulSlaughter of the Soulearache
92. 2009-08-24Blood Red ThroneYour Cold FleshSouls Of Damnationearache
93. 2009-08-17Blood Red ThroneHuman FraudSouls Of Damnationearache
94. 2009-08-10Blood Red ThroneThrone Of DamnationSouls Of Damnationearache
95. 2009-06-15Severe TortureLambs of a GodButchery of the Soulhammerheart
96. 2009-06-01Decadence WithinInvestment SexSoulwoundpeaceville
97. 2009-05-18At The GatesSuicide NationSlaughter of the Soulearache
98. 2009-05-04At The GatesUnder a Serpent SunSlaughter of the Soulearache
99. 2008-12-15At The GatesSlaughter of the SoulSlaughter of the Soulearache
100. 2008-07-07At The GatesBlinded By FearSlaughter of the Soulearache
101. 2008-04-28DisfearLeft to DieSoul Scarsdistortion
102. 2008-03-17At The GatesBlinded By FearSlaughter of the Soulearache
103. 2008-01-21SuffocationSubconsciously EnslavedSouls to Denyrelapse
104. 2008-01-07Rise to AddictionThis RideA new Shade of Black for the Soulmausoleum
105. 2007-11-05KreatorAgents of BrutalityComa of Soulsnoise
106. 2007-10-15SamaelSlavocracySolar Soulnuclearblast
107. 2007-09-10At The GatesUnder a serpent SunSlaughter of the Soulearache
108. 2007-09-03King DiamondNever Ending HillGive me your Soul... Pleasemetalblade
109. 2007-08-27King Diamondthe cellarGive me your Soul... Pleasemetalblade
110. 2007-07-30SamaelValkeries' New RideSolar Soulnuclearblast
111. 2007-07-23King DiamondBlack of NightGive me your Soul... Pleasemetalblade
112. 2007-07-09King Diamondthe Floating HeadGive me your Soul... Pleasemetalblade
113. 2007-07-02SamaelSlavocracySolar Soulnuclearblast
114. 2007-06-25King DiamondMirror, MirrorGive me your Soul... Pleasemetalblade
115. 2007-06-18king diamondthe cellarGive me your Soul... Pleasemetalblade
116. 2004-07-12suffocationsubconsciously enslavedSouls to Denyrelapse
117. 2004-05-24suffocationsould to denySouls to Denyrelapse
118. 2004-04-05suffocationSubconsciously EnslavedSouls to Denyrelapse
119. 2004-03-15suffocationSubconsciously EnslavedSouls to Denyrelapse
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