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New site? Maybe some day.


this is the collection of all the playlists that I've typed in.
the first show was on September 2 1996.
It will take a while to get there
So far, there are 1326 playlist up with 55570 songs played going back to 0000-00-00


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1. 2008-09-01MinistryStigmataLand of Rape and HoneyWarner Bros
2. 2008-09-01ObituaryTil DeathSlowly We Rotroadrunner
3. 2008-09-01ForbiddenTossed AwayTwisted into Formcombat
4. 2008-09-01Bonded By BloodMind PollutionFeed the Beastearache
5. 2008-09-01ExmortusWar GodsIn Hatreds Flameheavy_artillery
6. 2008-09-01CompostedPhallus Palacesingleself-released
7. 2008-09-01Parasitic ExtirpationEchoes of BrutalityKnee Deep in Diseaseself-released
8. 2008-09-01Toxic HolocaustIn the Name of ScienceAn Overdose of Death...relapse
9. 2008-09-01CrossexaminationMaximum OverchillMenace II Sobrietyorganized_crime
10. 2008-09-01Merciless DeathRealm of TerrorRealms of Terrorheavy_artillery
11. 2008-09-01BelphegorBloodbath in Paradisethe Last Supperworld_war_iii
12. 2008-09-01HexenBedlam WallsState of Insurgencyosm
13. 2008-09-01Job for a CowboyEmbeddedGenesismetalblade
14. 2008-09-01Whitechapelto All That are DeadThis is Exilemetalblade
15. 2008-09-01Despised IconFurtive MonologueIlls of Modern Mancenturymedia
16. 2008-09-01Ramming SpeedSound the AlarmBrainwrecktdb
17. 2008-09-01CeremonyDead Moon California (Midnight in Solitude)Still Nothing Moves Youbridge9
18. 2008-09-01All Shall PerishMemories of a Glass SanctuaryAwaken the Dreamersnuclearblast
19. 2008-09-01Into EternityDiagnosis Terminalthe Incurable Tragedycenturymedia
20. 2008-09-01DerangedStriped Nude for Your Killerthe Red Light Murder Caseregain
21. 2008-09-01HackneyedNeon SunDeath Prevailsnuclearblast
22. 2008-09-01Ferus OxideRites of the Forgethe Gallows Hill epfinal_descent_prod
23. 2008-09-01EndstilleEndstilles ReichEndstilles Reichregain
24. 2008-09-01NifelheimEvocation of the EndEnvoy of Luciferregain
25. 2008-09-01VaderDark AgeXXVregain
26. 2008-09-01StormlordScronMare Nostrumlocomotive
27. 2008-09-01Have HeartBostonsSongs to Scream at the Sunbridge9
28. 2008-09-01Borknagarthe Ruins of FutureQuintessencecenturymedia
29. 2008-09-01DevastatorVengeance of DeathConjuring Evilold_cemetery
30. 2008-09-01ExcrationImplements of InsanityA Feast for the Wretchedcomatose
31. 2008-09-01the Summonedthe Beauty within a MassacreHarvestrespawn
32. 2008-09-01Agenda of SwineGethsemaneWaves of Human Sufferingrelapse
33. 2008-09-01Eternal LordI, the DeceiverBlessed be this Nightmareferret
34. 2008-09-01Black My HeartThick as Bloodthe Fuck Hearts epgoodbye_blue_skies
35. 2008-09-01Prey for Sleepa Bitter Beginning... a Bitter Beginningself-released
36. 2008-09-01Hero DestroyedCode of Armsself-titledrelapse
37. 2008-09-01With Faith or FlamesPower of the Morning Stara Conquest Triumphantstand_and_deliver
38. 2008-09-01
39. 2008-09-01This is HellIn ShamblesMisfortunestrustkill
40. 2008-09-01OmenBattle CryBattle Crymetalblade
41. 2008-09-01Plan for SorrowLeft BehindI am the Devilspare_change
42. 2008-09-01WargasmHumanoidWhy Play Around?profile
43. 2008-09-01Negative ReactionWildchilds DillusionTales from the Insomniacspare_change
44. 2008-09-01
45. 2008-09-01ElysiaPlague of InsectsLion of Judasferret
46. 2008-09-01BlasfemiaSagefemme (La Llave de la Insperada Sabiduria)El Indice De los Libros Prohibidosold_cemetery
47. 2008-09-01Fuck the FactsApathy is a Karma KillerDisgorge Mexicorelapse
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