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New site? Maybe some day.


this is the collection of all the playlists that I've typed in.
the first show was on September 2 1996.
It will take a while to get there
So far, there are 1238 playlist up with 52574 songs played going back to 0000-00-00


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1. 2021-12-13Sewercide03 Snares Of CarnalityImmortalized in SufferingUnspeakable Axe Records
2. 2021-11-29HAALBUAERBliss in TormentMortal Ones Scream in HorrorCaligari Records
3. 2021-09-20SummoningThe Mountain Rings ReturnLet mortal heroes sing Your Fa
4. 2021-07-19CRUCIFIED MORTALSDesecrating The DeadCrucified Mortals
5. 2021-07-12NecrotStench of DecayMortalTankcrimes
6. 2021-03-22NecrotDying LifeMortalTankcrimes
7. 2020-12-28NecrotYour HellMortalTankcrimes
8. 2020-09-14Messiah DeathGore Of The CrucifixImmortal Kingdom
9. 2020-08-10XYTHLIAAblation of SubconsciousImmortality Through Quantum SuicideI, Voidhanger Records
10. 2020-08-10Pulling TeethStonethrowersMartyr ImmortalDeathwish
11. 2020-07-06Pulling TeethClipped WingsMartyr ImmortalDeathwish
12. 2020-06-01Only Living WitnessTwtiching Tongues (From 1992 Demo)Prone Mortal Form
13. 2020-01-27AztlanSon de MuerteMexico Inmortal
14. 2019-12-16Pulling TeethStonethrowersMartyr ImmortalDeathwish
15. 2019-07-29MorticianIntro/Mortal MassacreMortal MassacreRelapse Records
16. 2019-05-13Pulling TeethSick and TiredMartyr ImmortalDeathwish
17. 2019-03-04NephasthFlames TriumphImmortal Unholy TriumphWorld War III (American Music Corp)
18. 2019-02-18Immortal SufferingDawn of the DeadInsatanity & Immortal Suffering split CD
19. 2018-09-24Forest StreamLegendTears of Mortal Solitude, Disc 1Earache Records
20. 2018-07-16MythicThe OracleThe Immortal Realm (demo)
21. 2018-07-02HiraxVictims of the DeadImmortal Legacy
22. 2018-01-15MythicTaste of the GraveThe Immortal Realm
23. 2017-12-04MorticianBloodcravingMortal MassacreRelapse Records
24. 2017-10-30Forest StreamSnowfallTears of Mortal Solitude, Disc 1Earache Records
25. 2017-10-02Pulling TeethDead is DeadMartyr ImmortalDeathwish
26. 2017-08-28CRUCIFIED MORTALSMasked MurderCrucified Mortals
27. 2017-08-21Only Living WitnessVoice Of DisrepairProne Mortal Formcenturymedia
28. 2017-08-21Immortal SufferingEntangled Upon LiesInsatanity & Immortal Suffering split CD
29. 2017-07-24DESESCRESY05 Concealed DepthsThe Mortal HorizonXtreem Music
30. 2017-07-17MorticianIntro/Mortal MassacreMortal MassacreRelapse Records
31. 2017-03-06MutilatorWar DogsImmortal ForceGreyhaze Records
32. 2017-02-27NephasthMerciless ControllerImmortal Unholy TriumphWorld War III (American Music Corp)
33. 2017-02-13EX DEOHispania (Siege of Saguntum)The Immortal WarsNapalm Records
34. 2016-06-13Corpse05 GonorrheaMortal Terror
35. 2016-06-13Sewercide03 Snares Of CarnalityImmortalized in SufferingUnspeakable Axe Records
36. 2016-03-28Pulling TeethBasically DeadMartyr ImmortalDeathwish
37. 2016-02-01FilsufatiaShadowsImmortalis
38. 2015-09-28Only Living WitnessNinevehProne Mortal Formcenturymedia
39. 2015-06-08MefiticNoxious EpiclesisWoes Of Mortal Devotionnuclear_war_now
40. 2015-05-11Hirax7Immortal Legacy
41. 2015-05-04NephasthUseless CrossImmortal Unholy Triumphworld_war_iii
42. 2015-04-20Forest StreamWinter SolsticeTears Of Mortal Solitudeearache
43. 2015-02-16AbnormalityHatred RelentlessThe Collective Calm In Mortal Oblivionsevared
44. 2015-01-26MorticianDrilling for BrainsMortal Massacre (reissue)hells_headbangers
45. 2015-01-19AstrofaesSoul Of The Black ForestThose Whose Past Is Immortal
46. 2015-01-05Only Living WitnessTwitching TonguesProne Mortal Formcenturymedia
47. 2014-12-29Forest StreamWinter SolsticeTears Of Mortal Solitudeearache
48. 2014-06-02NephasthFalse PrideImmortal Unholy Triumphworld_war_iii
49. 2014-06-02Twitch Of The Death NerveThe Repercussions Of Fetus ConsumptionA New Code Of Mortalitycomatose
50. 2014-05-19SodomChrist PassionMortal Way Of Life
51. 2014-04-07Eternity BurningCrestfallen ShadowImmortal EpitaphEternity Burning
52. 2014-03-24Twitch Of The Death NerveThe Locard PrincipleA New Code Of Mortalitycomatose
53. 2014-03-17NephasthGloomy WordsImmortal Unholy Triumphworld_war_iii
54. 2014-03-10Twitch Of The Death NerveA Hundred And Twenty Days In SodomA New Code Of Mortalitycomatose
55. 2014-03-03The UnguidedDefector DCXVIFragile Immortalitynapalm
56. 2014-03-03EntartungFaith On The ScaffoldPeccata MortaliaW.T.C Productions
57. 2013-12-23Only Living WitnessDecemberProne Mortal Formcenturymedia
58. 2013-10-14IncantationIconoclasm Of CatholicismMortal Throne Of Nazarenehells_headbangers
59. 2013-09-23IncantationThe Ibex MoonMortal Throne Of Nazarenehells_headbangers
60. 2013-09-02Only Living WitnessProne Mortal FormProne Mortal Formcenturymedia
61. 2013-07-08NephasthScreams for the Supreme ForceImmortal Unholy Triumphworld_war_iii
62. 2013-02-04Only Living WitnessRootProne Mortal Formcenturymedia
63. 2012-07-16NephasthUseless CrossImmortal Unholy Triumphworld_war_iii
64. 2012-04-02Only Living WitnessDecemberProne Mortal Formcenturymedia
65. 2012-03-26Pulling TeethBlack SkiesMartyr Immortal
66. 2012-01-09MorticianHacked up for BarbequeMortal Massacrerelapse
67. 2011-04-11AbnormalityZealotryThe Collective Calm In Mortal Oblivionself-released
68. 2011-03-07AbnormalityHatred RelentlessThe Collective Calm In Mortal Oblivionself-released
69. 2011-02-21AbnormalityZealotryThe Collective Calm In Mortal Oblivionself-released
70. 2011-02-14AbnormalityThe Collective Calm In Mortal OblivionThe Collective Calm In Mortal Oblivionself-released
71. 2011-02-07AbnormalityHatred RelentlessThe Collective Calm In Mortal Oblivionself-released
72. 2010-07-05PyramazeA Beautiful DeathImmortallocomotive
73. 2009-08-31Valient ThorrI Hope that the Ghosts of the Dead Haunt Yr Soul ForeverImmortalizervolcano
74. 2009-08-24Valient ThorrInfinite LivesImmortalizervolcano
75. 2009-07-13WartornAge of TreasonThe Sanctuary of Mortalturpitudeself-released
76. 2009-06-15WartornManifest AngerThe Sanctuary of Mortalturpitudeself-released
77. 2009-06-01WartornCondemed to LifeThe Sanctuary of Mortalturpitudeself-released
78. 2009-05-25WartornManifest AngerThe Sanctuary of Mortalturpitudeself-released
79. 2008-12-01PyramazeYear of the PhoenixImmortallocomotive
80. 2008-09-22PyramazeTouched by the MaraImmortallocomotive
81. 2008-09-08PyramazeTouched by the MaraImmortallocomotive
82. 2008-02-11MorticianBrutally MutilatedMortal Massacrerelapse
83. 2007-09-24OverkillShadow of a DoubtImmortalisbodog_music
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