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this is the collection of all the playlists that I've typed in.
the first show was on September 2 1996.
It will take a while to get there
So far, there are 1226 playlist up with 52125 songs played going back to 0000-00-00


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1. 2021-09-06JinjerPausing DeathMacroNapalm Records
2. 2021-08-23Oxygen DestroyerPossessing the Putrified Remnants of the Unholy God IncarnateSinister Monstrosities Spawned By the Unfathomable Ignorance of HumankindRedefining Darkness Records
3. 2021-08-23MOON ORACLE04 Sinister DecresenceMuse of the NightsideSignal Rex
4. 2021-08-02Hellion (ARG)Asesino de MetalHellion
5. 2021-08-02AosothTeaching/ErasingAshes of AngelsAgonia Records
6. 2021-07-19Crisis Of FaithEcological Businesssplit 7'' with Chokehold
7. 2021-07-12AchillesPassing Into ShadowEngineer/Achilles, Disc 1Hex Records
8. 2021-07-05Desaster03. The Swords Will Never SinkBrazilian Blitzkrieg Blasphe..
9. 2021-05-17VultureCount Your BlessingsDealin' DeathMetal Blade Records
10. 2021-05-10Disharmonic OrchestraAddicted Seas With Missing PleasureNot To Be Undimensional Conscious
11. 2021-03-15Kult of Taurus04 The Piercing Conjunctions Of the SinisterAdversarial PathsForever Plagued Records
12. 2021-02-22BansheeMissing YouRace Against Time
13. 2021-02-15BREAKDOWNsoul businesssoul business
14. 2021-02-08CrotchdusterCain Sings the Blues (edit)Big Fat Box of Shit
15. 2020-12-07Mary PoppinsSings Death Metal
16. 2020-11-02Grave SermonEsau, the Sin EaterWhitewashed Tomb (320)
17. 2020-10-26PROMETHEUSGravitons Passing Through Yog-S...Resonant Echoes From Cosmos Of OldI, Voidhanger Records
18. 2020-10-19BLACK MOLD04-Missing LinkThe Inheritance of EvilHelldprod Records
19. 2020-10-05Grave SermonEsau, the Sin EaterWhitewashed Tomb (320)
20. 2020-09-28The Acacia StrainSinIt Comes in Waves
21. 2020-09-14Negura BungetUprising FollowInarborat Kosmos EP
22. 2020-09-07SlaughterDisintegrator / IncineratorStrappado
23. 2020-08-31Maul2. Buried In ResinDeity DemiseRedefining Darkness Records
24. 2020-08-31Lord MatzigkeitusPulsing Absorption of SicknessDrownMoribund Records
25. 2020-08-24Oxalate/Perpetuated/Blood Spore/Vivisect02 God's Assassins4-Way Split CD/TAPE-Oxalate/Perpetuated/Blood Spore/VivisectBlood Harvest Records
26. 2020-08-24GrinderSinners ExileDawn For The Living
27. 2020-08-17Lymphatic PhlegmGrotesque Congenital Deformity In The Terminal Extremity Of The Excretory System Causing Anatomical Irreversibility Of The Macerated TissueMalignant Cancerous Tumour In The Epithelial Tissue Of The Intestine. / From Rotten Process.... ....To Splatter.
28. 2020-08-10Unhuman DiseaseThe Sinister CallingDalla Benedizione Del DiavoloMoribund Records
29. 2020-08-03Spartan WarriorAssassinSpartan Warrior
30. 2020-07-27Job For A CowboyRegurgitated DisinformationRuinationMetal Blade
31. 2020-07-27NasumDistortion And Disinformation
32. 2020-06-291349Chasing DragonsBeyond The Apocalypse
33. 2020-06-22CAEDES CRUENTA (gre)Εκεί Όπου Τραγουδά Η Νεκροκεφαλή (There Where the Brainhead Sings)Ερείπια Ψυχών (Ruins of Souls)Helter Skelter Productions
34. 2020-06-15Protected IllusionSince We Have Died1989 - Opulence and preservati
35. 2020-05-25Wind of the Black MountainsBleed for Thy SinsSummoned By ShadowsMoribund Records
36. 2020-05-18TERRESTRIAL HOSPICE (PL)02. Please Accept My Most Sincere CondolencesIndian Summer Brought Mushroom CloudsShadow Records
37. 2020-04-27AchillesPassing Into ShadowEngineer/Achilles, Disc 1Hex Records
38. 2020-03-09LYCHGATE2. Progeny of the SingularityAlso sprach FuturaDebemur Morti Productions
39. 2020-03-09Wagner ÖdegårdOsinnogherOm Undergång och de Tretton Järtekn
40. 2020-02-10The CarrierWash Away My SinsBlind to What is Right
41. 2020-02-03DawnThe Stalker's BlessingSlaughtersun (Crown of the Triarchy)Necropolis Records
42. 2020-01-13Goats of Doom03 Sinne Mihin Valheet Ei YlläTie on Hänen OmilleenPurity Through Fire
43. 2020-01-06SoulburnAbsinthesisThe Suffocating Darkness
44. 2019-11-25Fleshgod ApocalypseAbsintheVelenoNuclear Blast Records
45. 2019-10-14Woods of YpresCrossing the 45th ParallelAgainst the Seasons
46. 2019-09-30Calm HatcheryBlessing of MantraFading Reliefs
47. 2019-09-30Hiss From The MoatSine AnimvsThe HarrierM-Theory Audio
48. 2019-09-16Tales of The Tomb3. The Sinful Messiah_Tales Of The Tomb_Volume ...Volume TwoSelf-Released
49. 2019-07-22DEATHHAMMER05 Sinner's PossessionEvil Power (CD, LP, TAPE)Hells Headbangers Records
50. 2019-07-15Pestilent Angelthe last day of sinner
51. 2019-07-15ExciterEvil SinnerViolence and Force
52. 2019-07-153 Inches of BloodDeadly SinnersAdvance and VanquishRoadrunner Records
53. 2019-06-10BrujeriaVayan Sin MiedoBrujerizmoRoadrunner Records
54. 2019-06-03Christ DeniedBlasphemic BlessingsCancer EradicationXtreem Music
55. 2019-05-13HeXenDefcon RisingBeing And NothingnessPulverised Records
56. 2019-04-08TOTENGOTT02 Ceremony II, The Way of SinThe AbyssXtreem Music
57. 2019-03-18NechochwenTraversing the Shades of DeathHeart of AkamonNordvis Produktion
58. 2019-02-04EngraveFull Moon RisingThe Rebirth RemastersWorld War III
59. 2018-12-31AngelcorpseMachinery of the CleansingOf Lucifer & LightningOsmose Productions
60. 2018-12-24Brutally Deceased06 Ruthless CleansingSatanic Corpse CDDoomentia Records
61. 2018-12-24Outre-TombeDésintégrationNécrovortexTemple of Mystery
62. 2018-12-17OuijaCrossing the Seventh GateRiding in the Funeral Paths, Disc 1Blackend
63. 2018-09-24Hemdale18-Exhumed-Disinterred, DigestExhumed / In The Name Of Gore
64. 2018-09-17EyehategodRobitussin and RejectionEyehategod
65. 2018-09-10ConvergeA Single TearThe Dusk In UsEpitaph Records
66. 2018-08-06OPPROBRIUMSADISTIC SINNERSupernatural DeathBrutal Records
67. 2018-07-16InsomniumCollapsing WordsShadows Of The Dying SunCentury Media Records
68. 2018-07-16Aeon of HorusArrogantly Opposing RealityThe Embodiment of Darkness and Light
69. 2018-07-09Jesus PieceSinkingS/T EP
70. 2018-06-04DesultoryA Closing EyeBitterness
71. 2018-06-04Black BreathBlack Sin (Spit On The Cross)Heavy BreathingSouthern Lord
72. 2018-05-21EvighetTransgressing Complex ParadigmsTransgressing Complex Paradigms of Prolonged Solitary JourneySelf-Released
73. 2018-03-26In Disgust03 Missing Old FriendsWest Coast Grind Violence - EP
74. 2018-03-26Cardiac Arrest (U.S.)04 When the Teeth Sink InA Parallel Dimension of DespairMemento Mori
75. 2018-03-12Adzalaan03 False CleansingInto Vermilion MirrorsInvictus Productions
76. 2018-03-05DawnThe Stalker's BlessingSlaughtersun (Crown of the Triarchy)Necropolis Records
77. 2018-02-26Weekend NachosI Am Not The Wedding Singer (demo)Demo
78. 2018-02-26MagrudergrindSpitting up SinReligious Baffleself-released
79. 2018-01-08Morbid SaintAssassinSpectrum of DeathGrind Core
80. 2018-01-08NevermoreWe DisintegrateDead Heart, In A Dead WorldCentury Media
81. 2018-01-01Moaning, TheA Dark Decade's RisingBlood from StoneNo Fashion Records
82. 2017-11-27SatanicProcessing The UndeadArchitecture of ChaosBrutal Records
83. 2017-11-20NeurolepsyDisintegrated CognizanceDisintegrated CognizanceSevared Records
84. 2017-11-13TraumatomyDisintegration In SufferingTranscendental Evisceration Of Necrogenetic Beasts
85. 2017-11-06Toxik47 Seconds of Sanity/Count Your BlessingsWorld Circusroadracer
86. 2017-10-30Witchfinder GeneralBurning SinnerDeath Penalty
87. 2017-10-16Control DeniedWhen the Link Becomes MissingThe Fragile Art Of Existence Remaster CD 1
88. 2017-10-09RIVER BLACK11 SinkRiver Black
89. 2017-10-02My Dying BrideThe Stance of Evander Sinoue34.788%...CompletePeaceville Records
90. 2017-09-25Temnozor05 - As the autumn razors sing above my veinsFolkstorm of the Azure NightsMorbid Winter Records
91. 2017-09-25Iron LungBody EnclosingDemonstrations In Pressure And Volume EP
92. 2017-08-28RIVER BLACK11 SinkRiver BlackSeason of Mist
93. 2017-06-26EVIL INVADERSRaising HellIn For The KillNapalm Records
94. 2017-05-29NoctemThe Rising HornsExiliumprosthetic
95. 2017-03-20NaglfarTwelfth RisingA Tribute to Hell -Satanic Rites- - Disc 1
96. 2017-01-30AngelcorpseMachinery of the CleansingOf Lucifer & LightningOsmose Productions
97. 2017-01-16DIGIR GIDIMDigir Gidim - 2. Conversing with The EtherealI Thought There Was the Sun Awaiting My AwakeningATMF
98. 2017-01-09Big BlackPassing ComplexionThe Rich Man's Eight Track TapeTouch & Go
99. 2017-01-09IncestuousEthnic CleansingBrass Knuckle
100. 2017-01-02The Ruins Of BeverastMount Sinai MolochFoulest Semen of a Sheltered Elite
101. 2016-10-24EVIL INVADERSRaising HellIn For The KillDigital Servicing
102. 2016-06-20NaglfarTwelfth RisingSatanic Ritescenturymedia
103. 2016-06-06CancerSuffer for Our SinsThe Sins of MankindRestless Records
104. 2016-06-06At The GatesCaptor Of Sin* (Slayer cover)Slaughter of the Soul
105. 2016-04-25AgathodaimonFavourite SinIn Darknessnuclearblast
106. 2016-04-04Iron AngelSinner 666Hellish Crossfire
107. 2016-03-21NaglfarTwelfth RisingSatanic Rites
108. 2016-02-22Blind GuardianSadly Sings DestinyA Night at the OperaCentury Media Records
109. 2016-02-22Entombed A.D.Silent AssasinDead DawnCentury Media Records
110. 2016-02-15Anger as ArtPISSING ON YOUR GRAVEAd Mortem FestinamusOld School Metal Records
111. 2016-01-25GrievedLosing TouchGrievedProsthetic Records
112. 2016-01-04HawkwindThe Psychedelic Warlords (single version)Hall of the Mountain GrillEMI Premier
113. 2015-12-21Twisted SisterI Saw Mommy Kissing Santa ClausA Twisted ChristmasDemolition
114. 2015-11-09The Great TyrantClosing InThe Trouble with Being Bornrelapse
115. 2015-11-09This is HellNobody Leaves Without Singing The BluesSundowningtrustkill
116. 2015-10-19At The GatesCaptor Of Sin (Slayer Cover)Slaughter of the Soulearache
117. 2015-09-28ExciterRising Of The DeadThe New Testament
118. 2015-08-31Visceral ThroneThe True SinThose Who Have Fallen From The Grace Of Godcomatose
119. 2015-08-24AosothTeaching/ErasingAshes Of Angelsagonia
120. 2015-07-27Unholy trinityChasing the DragonThe Grundar Sessions
121. 2015-07-13DawnStalker's BlessingSlaughtersun (Crown of Triarachy)necropolis
122. 2015-07-06AmputoryCleansing By The BladeOde To Gorextreem
123. 2015-06-29HivesmasherVulture AssasinGutter Choirblackmarket_activities
124. 2015-06-01Modern Life is WarHair Raising Accounts OF Restless Ghosts (AKA Hell Is For Heros)Witnessdeathwishinc
125. 2015-05-25Agoraphobic NosebleedHung from the Rising SunAgorapocalypserelapse
126. 2015-04-06Destroyer 666Phoenix RisingPhoenix Risingseason_of_mist
127. 2015-04-06SeanceSinFornever Laid To Rest
128. 2015-03-30VomepotroAssassin PsychopathLiturgy of Dissectionsevared
129. 2015-03-23CrotchdusterCain Sings the BluesBig Fat Bag of Shit
130. 2015-03-16CrotchdusterCain Sings the BluesBig Fat Bag of Shit
131. 2015-01-26EyeHateGodRobotussin And RejectionEyeHateGodcenturymedia
132. 2015-01-05Black BreathBlack Sin (Spit On The Cross)Heavy Breathingsouthernlord
133. 2014-12-29SacrocurseSulphur BlessingSulphur Blessinghells_headbangers
134. 2014-12-22Solitude AeturnusThe Final SinBeyond The Crimson Horizonroadrunner
135. 2014-11-17Q5Missing In ActionSteel the Lightalbatross
136. 2014-11-10Toxik47 Seconds of Sanity/Count Your BlessingsWorld Circusroadracer
137. 2014-09-29GhoulgothaDisintegration ParadoxProphetic Oration Of Self 7-inchBlood Harvest
138. 2014-09-29Iron AngelSinner 666Hellish Crossfire
139. 2014-09-22FornicatusWe Are SinStoming Heavenself-released
140. 2014-09-08Pretty Little FlowerInstant DisintegrationPulverizing Letal Force
141. 2014-09-01MagrudergrindSpitting Up SinReligious Baffleself-released
142. 2014-09-01GodfleshChristbait RisingStreetcleanerearache
143. 2014-07-28King Of AsgardRisingKargmetalblade
144. 2014-07-07Darkest HourThe Misinformation AgeHidden Hands of a Sadist Nationvictory
145. 2014-06-09Thy Art Is MurderShadow Of Eternal SinHatenuclearblast
146. 2014-06-02Dying FetusPissing In The MainstreamDestroy the Oppositionrelapse
147. 2014-05-12MagrudergrindSpitting Up SinReligious Baffleself-released
148. 2014-05-12Iron LungCleansing BreathLife. Iron Lung. Death.
149. 2014-04-28MortualiaThe Sinister ShineBlood Of The Hermitmoribund
150. 2014-04-28Martyr DefiledSineaterNo Hope No Moralitysiege_of_amida
151. 2014-02-24Clinging To The Trees Of A Forest FireCrossing The Gasoline Sea3-way split [Kill And Burns]
152. 2014-02-03Carpathian ForestBloodclensingStrange Old Brewavantgarde
153. 2014-02-03Nihil DominationThe Rising Of SatanasSudamerican Worshop To Sathanas Cult to Bestial Desecration Of Jehovahold_cemetery
154. 2013-10-21A Different Breed of KillerThe Cleansing ApparatusI, Colossusrise
155. 2013-10-07NecrowretchUnholy Stench Of SinBestial Rites 2009-2012centurymedia
156. 2013-09-23GraveVenial SinMorbid Ascentcenturymedia
157. 2013-09-23Infected FleshAnd The Flesh Will Sink In The Sea Of PusThe Ascension Of The Abysmal Aberrationhecatombe
158. 2013-09-16RazormazeSink BelowAnnihilatiaSlaney Records
159. 2013-08-12the AutomataInsincereThrough the Bandage Seeps a Whisperlifeforce
160. 2013-08-12Sacrilegious ImpalementFor Sins Of The PigsIII - Lux Inferawoodcut
161. 2013-06-24CianideRising Of The BeastGods Of Deathhells_headbangers
162. 2013-06-10GorgutsDisincarnatedConsidered Dead
163. 2013-06-03Dew-ScentedSadistic SinnerInsurgentprosthetic
164. 2013-05-20IntegrityDiseased Prey With CasingSeasons in the Size of Daysvictory
165. 2013-04-08Dying FetusPissing In The MainstreamDestroy the Oppositionrelapse
166. 2013-03-25CrotchdusterCain Sings the BluesBig Fat Bag of Shit
167. 2013-03-11Rings Of SaturnGalactic CleansingDingirunique_leader
168. 2013-02-04Born Of OsirisSingularityThe Discoverysumerian
169. 2012-12-24Nihil DominationThe Rising Of SatanasSudamerican Worshop To Sathanas Cult to Bestial Desecration Of Jehovahold_cemetery
170. 2012-12-10AntropofagiaI'm SingleExcrements Of Torture
171. 2012-12-03Black SheepSinking ShipsSinking Shipsself-released
172. 2012-11-19PessimistKilling is My BusinessEvolution Unto Evilpathos
173. 2012-11-19AbioticThe SingeSymbiosismetalblade
174. 2012-10-29AbioticThe SingeSymbiosismetalblade
175. 2012-10-08DeathhammerEmporer Of SinOnward To The Pitshells_headbangers
176. 2012-10-01Behold... The ArctopusDisintegoreHorrorscensionblackmarket_activities
177. 2012-09-10EerieSink HoleVolumetric Addictionvolume_worship
178. 2012-08-27ExciterRising The DeadHeavy Metal Maniacmegaforce
179. 2012-08-20Death AngelShores of SinFrolic Through the Parkenigma
180. 2012-07-16Grand MagusValhalla RisingThe Huntnuclearblast
181. 2012-06-04NachtmystiumAssassinsAssassins: Black Metal Part Icenturymedia
182. 2012-05-14Fear My ThoughtsSirens SingingThe Great Collapselifeforce
183. 2012-05-14Jack Burton Vs David Lo PanHow To Be Cleansed Of Sin (A Fable)This Is The End Of The Hit Paradeself-released
184. 2012-04-16The CarrierWas Away My SinsBlind To What Is Rightdeathwishinc
185. 2012-04-02MeshuggahBreak Those Bones Whose Sinews Gave It MotionKolossnuclearblast
186. 2012-04-02DeathamphetamineLosing It AllThe Lost Albumobscenity_cult
187. 2012-04-02Vio-lenceOppressing the MassesOppressing the Massesmegaforce
188. 2012-03-05DismemberChasing The SerpentWhere Ironcrosses Growregain
189. 2012-02-13Lecherous nocturneWhen Single Shines The TripThe Age Of Miracles Has Passed
190. 2012-02-13I AdaptSinking ShipChainlike Burdenself-released
191. 2011-12-26Wolves in the Throne RoomCleansingTwo Hunters
192. 2011-12-05Bal-SagothCallisto RisingThe Power Cosmicnuclearblast
193. 2011-11-07Wolves Like UsSin After SinLate Loveprosthetic
194. 2011-10-03DysenteryPernicious PassingInternal Devistationcomatose
195. 2011-08-08CianideRising Of The BeastGods Of Deathhells_headbangers
196. 2011-06-27CalciferumThe Sins Of FleshThe Beast Insideancestral_productions
197. 2011-05-30Inevitable EndWhile Surpassing EtherThe Oculusrelapse
198. 2011-05-23NeuraxisSinisterAsylonprosthetic
199. 2011-05-16In SolitudeSerpents Are RisingThe World The Flesh The Devilmetalblade
200. 2011-04-11Amon AmarthSulfer RisingSurtur Risingmetalblade
201. 2011-03-28PessimistKilling is My BusinessEvolution Unto Evilpathos
202. 2011-03-14Tokyo BladeWarrior Of The Rising SunNight Of The Bladecombat
203. 2011-02-14DawnStalker's BlessingSlaughtersun (Crown of Triarachy)necropolis
204. 2011-02-14Creative WasteOpposing RealityCreulty Beyond Conceptionold_cemetery
205. 2011-02-07Nihil DominationThe Rising Of SatanasSudamerican Worshop To Sathanas Cult to Bestial Desecration Of Jehovahold_cemetery
206. 2011-01-10Creative WasteOpposing RealityCreulty Beyond Conceptionold_cemetery
207. 2011-01-03At WarCovert SinsRetaliation Strikenew_renaissance
208. 2010-11-15NecronomitronInvading Assassin Is DeadNecronomitronload
209. 2010-11-01MelecheshGrand Gathas Of Baal SinThe Epigenesisnuclearblast
210. 2010-10-25MelecheshGrand Gathas Of Baal SinThe Epigenesisnuclearblast
211. 2010-10-25Vio-lenceOppressing the MassesOppressing the Massesmegaforce
212. 2010-10-11Iron CrossCrucified For Our SinsCrucified For Our Sins
213. 2010-10-04DodheimsgardVendetta AssassinSupervillain Outcastmoonfog
214. 2010-09-27SabatonUprisingCoat Of Armsnuclearblast
215. 2010-09-13BloodthirstCongregation Of SinSanctity Deniedpagan
216. 2010-09-06GodhateIn Praise Of SinEqual In he Eyes Of Deathmetal_age
217. 2010-08-23Pathology (US)Collapsing In ViolenceLegacy Of The Ancientsvictory
218. 2010-08-02Pathology (US)Blessing Through SufferingIncisions Of Perverse Debaucherycomatose
219. 2010-06-21SkycladLand Of The Rising SlumPrince Of The Poverty Linenoise
220. 2010-05-31Rotten SoundMissing LinkNapalmrelapse
221. 2010-03-15Onward To OlympasSink Or SwimThis World Is Not My homefacedown
222. 2010-03-08Dimensional PsychosisSingularityArchitecture of Realitiesdaemon_worship
223. 2010-03-01Stuck MojoRising (live)Reborn singlecenturymedia
224. 2010-01-25CrucifixionMoon RisingCrucifixion Singles
225. 2010-01-04Scale The SummitCrossing The OceanMonumentself-released
226. 2009-12-28Killed By The BullEver Since I Prayed To Satan...The Princess Rides The Bull Into Holy Hellkoi
227. 2009-11-16Killed By The BullEver Since I Prayed To Satan...The Princess Rides The Bull Into Holy Hellkoi
228. 2009-09-21Abstract RapturePrimal Sin CrisisDemocadenciamaddening_media
229. 2009-08-31Wolves in the Throne RoomCleansingTwo Hunters
230. 2009-08-31Fear My ThoughtsSirens SingingThe Great Collapselifeforce
231. 2009-08-31Cliteaterthe Sin CollectorCliteater/Suppository splitno_escape
232. 2009-08-17Hail of BulletsWarsaw RisingWarsaw Risingmetalblade
233. 2009-08-17The Mighty NimbusRaising the Mammothself-titledcandlelight
234. 2009-07-13AbdicateCleansing the SoulRelinquish the Thronesevared
235. 2009-06-15Agoraphobic NosebleedHung from the Rising SunAgorapocalypserelapse
236. 2009-06-01SideblastSince the First DayFlight of a Mothcyclone_empire
237. 2009-05-11SideblastClosing the CircleFlight of a Mothcyclone_empire
238. 2009-04-27NevermoreIn Bondage To Sinself-titledcaroline
239. 2009-04-27Toxik47 Seconds of Sanity/Count Your BlessingsWorld Circusroadracer
240. 2009-04-27Napalm DeathThe Missing LinkVarious Artist - Grindcrusherearache
241. 2009-04-13Agoraphobic NosebleedHung from the Rising SunAgorapocalypserelapse
242. 2009-03-30Wolves in the Throne RoomCleansingTwo Hunters
243. 2009-02-16UnitedKill Yourself for BusinessNOIQmetalblade
244. 2009-02-16MegadethKilling is My Business and Business is GoodKilling is my Businesscombat
245. 2009-02-09Destroyer 666Phoenix RisingPhoenix Risingseason_of_mist
246. 2009-01-26CrotchdusterCain Sings the BluesBig Fat Bag of Shit
247. 2008-12-01BloodbathHades Risingthe Fathomless Masterypeaceville
248. 2008-10-20PessimistKilling is My BusinessEvolution Unto Evilpathos
249. 2008-09-29PessimistKilling is My BusinessEvolution Unto Evilpathos
250. 2008-09-22BanishmentCleansing the InfirmCleansing the InfirmMetalhit
251. 2008-08-11Dying FetusPissing of the MainstreamDestroy the Oppositionrelapse
252. 2008-07-28SuppositoryCaged in Bloodred sinCliteater-Suppository splitno_escape
253. 2008-07-07Rotting ChristArt of SinKhronoscenturymedia
254. 2008-07-07GraveSinners LustDominion VIIIregain
255. 2008-06-09A Timely DemiseYou Have No Business in ShortsThe Best of Times...self-released
256. 2008-06-09GraveSinners LustDominion VIIIregain
257. 2008-05-05Salt the WoundI Swear this Visine is for My AllergiesCarnal Repercussionsrotten
258. 2008-04-28TroubleAssassinPSALM 9escapi
259. 2008-03-24Wolves in the Throne RoomCleansingTwo Hunters
260. 2008-03-10Cannibal CorpseHammer Smash Face (single)Hammer Smash Face (single)metalblade
261. 2008-01-21Destroyer 666Phoenix RisingPhoenix Risingseason_of_mist
262. 2008-01-21Exhausted Prayerthe Unwaving Bludgeoning of a Mind by the Angst Arising from an Encounter with the VoidLooks Down in the Gathering Shadowsdwell
263. 2007-12-17the DeadDrown in Sinself-titledobsidian
264. 2007-12-10Architecthell of the upsidedown sinnersAll is Not Lostblackmarket_activities
265. 2007-11-05AeonLiving sinRise to Dominatemetalblade
266. 2007-10-29the AutomatainsincereThrough the Bandage Seeps a Whisperlifeforce
267. 2007-10-15Cliteaterthe Sin CollectorCliteater/Suppository splitno_escape
268. 2007-09-24Visions of AtlantisPassing Dead EndTrinitynapalm
269. 2007-09-17Sighthe Memories as a SinnerHangman's Hymnend
270. 2007-09-17the human abstractCrossing the EmotionNocturnehopeless
271. 2007-09-17BrujeriaVayan Sin MiedoBrujerizmoroadrunner
272. 2007-09-03EpicaChasing the Dragonthe Devine Conspiracynuclearblast
273. 2007-09-03Visions of AtlantisPassing Dead EndTrinitynapalm
274. 2007-08-27SuppositoryCaged in Bloodred sinCliteater-Suppository splitno_escape
275. 2007-08-27AeonLiving sinRise to Dominatemetalblade
276. 2007-08-20Dimmu Borgirthe Sinister AwakeningIn Sorte Diabolinuclearblast
277. 2007-08-06DodheimsgardVendetta AssassinSupervillain Outcastmoonfog
278. 2007-07-16Dawn of AzazelSin (Amongst the Kings)Seditionibexmoon
279. 2007-06-25DodheimsgardVendetta AssassinSupervillain Outcastmoonfog
280. 2007-06-253 Inches of Bloodassassins of the lightFire up the Bladesroadrunner
281. 2007-06-11reanimatorraising the dead
282. 2007-04-23Skycladsins of emission
283. 2007-04-16all out warassassins in the house of godAssassins In The House of Godvictory
284. 2007-04-09Architecthell of the upsidedown sinners
285. 2007-04-09DodheimsgardVendetta AssassinSupervillain Outcastmoonfog
286. 2007-03-26Exciterevil sinner
287. 2007-03-19all out warassassins in the house of godAssassins In The House of Godvictory
288. 2007-02-19Architecthell of the upsidedown sinners
289. 2007-01-15destroyer 666Phoenix Rising
290. 2006-12-18naglfartwelfth rising
291. 2006-10-09chthonicprogreny of rndex tasin
292. 2006-10-02napalm deathfreedom is the wage of sin
293. 2006-09-11napalm deathsink fast, let go
294. 2006-08-21ophthalamiaafter a releasing death/castle of no repair (part II)
295. 2006-08-14in dire needblessing the gulls-lost at seaLost at Seaself-released
296. 2006-05-29mierda para todosun sueno sin final
297. 2006-05-083 Inches of Blooddeadly sinner
298. 2006-04-24anhedoniacleansing tides
299. 2006-03-20integritydiseased prey with casing
300. 2006-01-09the dying lightthis world is sinking
301. 2005-12-26benumboppressing binds of silence
302. 2005-11-28the dying lightthis world is sinking
303. 2005-11-213 Inches of Blooddeadly sinners
304. 2005-09-05leng tcheanother hit single
305. 2005-08-29integritytaste my sin
306. 2005-08-08Dew Scentedprocessing life
307. 2005-08-08gorerotteda very grave business
308. 2005-08-01As I Lay Dyinglosing sight
309. 2005-07-18Dew Scentedprecessing life
310. 2005-06-06norma jeanpretendeavor: In reference to a sinking ship
311. 2005-05-30carcassever increasing circles
312. 2005-05-16immolationharnessing ruin
313. 2005-05-02norma jeanpretendeavor: In reference to a sinking ship
314. 2005-03-07immolationharnessing ruin
315. 2005-01-31behemoththe nephilim rising
316. 2004-12-20underoathtir's dangerous business walking out your front door
317. 2004-11-293 Inches of Blooddeadly sinners
318. 2004-11-22claymordsincerity
319. 2004-11-08the Hostage Heartpressing my lips to the cup of wrath and death
320. 2004-10-25Breather Resista passing glance
321. 2004-10-11refluxsingle file to bass
322. 2004-09-063 Inches of Blooddeadly sinners
323. 2004-08-163 Inches of Blooddeadly sinners
324. 2004-08-09Goatwhoreall the sins
325. 2004-07-26commit suicideearthly cleansing
326. 2004-07-19Fear My Thoughtssirens singing
327. 2004-07-19The Acacia Strainpassing the pencil test
328. 2004-07-05zaothe rasing end (the first prophecy)
329. 2004-07-05Destinypassing moments
330. 2004-07-05Skycladsins of emission
331. 2004-06-283 Inches of Blooddeadly sinners
332. 2004-06-213 Inches of Blooddeadly sinners
333. 2004-05-17Unholy Ghostthe calling of sin
334. 2004-05-03Unholy Ghostthe calling of sin
335. 2004-04-19Phantom Limbblack iris rising
336. 2004-03-22kataklysmfor all our sins
337. 2004-03-15Cannibal Corpsecyanide assassin
338. 2004-03-08kalopsiafor all out sins
339. 2004-02-23kataklysmfor all my sins
340. 2004-02-16Cannibal Corpsecyanniade assasins
341. 2004-02-16arch enemylosing faith
342. 2004-02-02dying fetuspissing in the mainstream
343. 2004-01-26Cannibal Corpsecyanide assassin
344. 2003-12-15the crownmorningstar Rising
345. 2003-12-15heidnikchasing the dragon
346. 2003-10-13Give Up the Ghostsince always
347. 2003-09-29arch enemysaints and sinners
348. 2003-09-15convergenone of your business
349. 2003-09-09magrudergrindspitting up sin
350. 2003-05-27FreyaGlassingeating Smile
351. 2003-05-06cataractsinner from birth
352. 2003-04-29CataractSinner from Earth
353. 2003-04-29the auburn systemyou as in singular
354. 2003-04-22the Auburn SystemYou, as in Singular
355. 2003-04-08the Auburn SystemYou, As in Singular
356. 2003-02-25PandemiaSins of my Blood
357. 2003-02-04PandemiaSins of my Blood
358. 2003-01-14ImmolationSinful Nature
359. 2002-12-17ImmolationSinful Nature
360. 2002-12-10Hate...and the Sin Becomes
361. 2002-12-10ImmolationSinful Nature
362. 2002-12-01Malevolent CreationAssasin Squad
363. 2002-09-03Dark TranquillitySingle part of Two
364. 2002-08-20BrujeriaAsasino
365. 2002-07-17Mental HorrorRising from Chaos
366. 2002-06-18Dimmu BorgirBlessing upon the Throne of Tyranny
367. 2002-05-28Bal-SagothCalisto Rising
368. 2002-05-14ImpalerAssassin
369. 2002-05-07Arch Enemythe First Deadly Sin
370. 2002-03-19World of HateRising
371. 2002-03-05Mental HorrorRising from Chaos
372. 2002-03-05Carpathian ForestBloodclensinc
373. 2002-03-05Mental HorrorRising from Chaos
374. 2002-03-05Carpathian ForestBloodclensinc
375. 2002-02-11BrujeriaVayan Sin Miedo
376. 2002-01-29Rotting ChristArt of Sin
377. 2002-01-08Blood DusterPissing Contest
378. 2001-11-27DiabolicalGuidence of Sin
379. 2001-07-31Dying FetusPraise the Lord (Oppressing the Masses)
380. 2001-07-31Dying FetusPraise the Lord (Oppressing the Masses)
381. 2001-07-24Destroyer 666Phoenix Rising
382. 2001-07-24Destroyer 666Phoenix Rising
383. 2001-07-03Dimmu BorgirBlessing upon the Throne of Tyranny
384. 2001-06-19Dimmu BorgirBlessings Upon the Throne of Tyranny
385. 2001-06-05Amon AmarthReleasing Surtor's Fire
386. 2001-05-22Dimmu BorgirBlessings Upon the Throne of Tyranny
387. 2001-04-03Ding FetusPissing in the Mainstream
388. 2001-03-20Dimmu BorgirBlessing Upon the Throne of Tyranny
389. 2001-02-13Dying FetusPissing of the Mainstream
390. 2001-01-23AbscessAll the Sins
391. 2000-12-31DiecastSingled Out
392. 2000-12-25CandiriaClensing
393. 2000-12-05UncestuousEthnic Cleansing
394. 2000-10-24BrujeriaVayan Sin Miedo
395. 2000-10-24BrujeriaVayan Sin Miedo
396. 2000-10-03InfectationEthnic Cleansing/Brass knukle abortion
397. 2000-09-25Rotting ChristArt of Sin
398. 2000-09-18SoilworkPossessing the Angels
399. 2000-08-21Nothing faceEverlasing Godstopper
400. 2000-08-14Cannibal CorpseHammer Smash Face (single)
401. 2000-06-12SoilworkPossessing the Angels
402. 2000-04-10Nuclear AssaultSin
403. 2000-03-27SoilworkPossessing the Angel
404. 2000-03-27GoatwhoreAll the Sins
405. 2000-02-14Anal CuntI'm not allowed to like AC anymore since they signed to Earache
406. 2000-02-14Humans BeingSinners in the Hands of an Angry God
407. 2000-02-14SoilworkPossessing the Angels
408. 2000-02-07Corporation 187With your sins
409. 2000-01-10Bal-SagothCallisto Rising
410. 2000-01-03OpthalamiaA Black Rainbow Rising (Castle of no repair III)
411. 1999-12-06Control DeniedWhen the Link becomes missing
412. 1999-11-01KovenantSindom
413. 1999-09-20Napalm DeathThe Missing Link
414. 1999-09-06Lorde of All Desiresthe Ceasing of Winds Aflame
415. 1999-08-16HimsaSink in
416. 1999-07-26Septic DeathDisinfect
417. 1999-03-29Sister Machine GunSins of the Flesh
418. 1999-03-22Suicide CommandoDesine
419. 1997-10-27The Moaninga Dark Decade's Rising
420. 1997-10-13God's GirlfriendOctavia Sings
421. 1997-07-14IntegrityDisead Prey within Casing
422. 1997-05-19ZiaArgibusiness
423. 1997-05-19Vio-lenceOppressing the Masses
424. 1997-02-03ZiaAgribusiness
425. 1997-01-06Atari Teenage RiotNot Your Business
426. 1996-12-30ZiaAgribusiness
427. 1996-12-1613mgSinister
428. 1996-11-18SodomSinned Alive
429. 1996-11-11Napalm Deaththe Missing Link
430. 1996-11-04Napalm DeathPride Assassin
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