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this is the collection of all the playlists that I've typed in.
the first show was on September 2 1996.
It will take a while to get there
So far, there are 1349 playlist up with 56325 songs played going back to 0000-00-00


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1. 2004-07-05ministrystigmataLand of Rape and HoneyWarner Bros
2. 2004-07-05extolinferno
3. 2004-07-05into eternityimagination overdose
4. 2004-07-05In Flamesmy seet shadow
5. 2004-07-05Raising Kubrickthe Polka Dots on Your Dress Look Like Bullet Holes
6. 2004-07-05zaothe rasing end (the first prophecy)
7. 2004-07-05Destinypassing moments
8. 2004-07-05blood has been shedthe house of fists
9. 2004-07-05between the buried and menaked by the computer
10. 2004-07-05The Dillinger Escape Planpanasonic youth
11. 2004-07-05The Acacia Strainsmoke ya later
12. 2004-07-05Hypocrisyunleash the beast
13. 2004-07-05suffocationdemise of the close
14. 2004-07-05wasteformbictims bleeding
15. 2004-07-05wargasmSudden Death
16. 2004-07-05deicidewhen heavens burn
17. 2004-07-05deprecatedRealization Of Betrayel
18. 2004-07-05goratory#3
19. 2004-07-05the Black Dahlia Murderfuneral thirst
20. 2004-07-05scourgeawakened through death
21. 2004-07-05gorgorothunchain my heart
22. 2004-07-05Unholy Ghosttorn apart
23. 2004-07-05heaven shall burnto hearvest the storm
24. 2004-07-05misery indexpulling out the nails
25. 2004-07-05unearthblack hearts now reign
26. 2004-07-05Bodies in the Gears of the Apparatus#12" epself-released
27. 2004-07-055 minutes hate#2
28. 2004-07-05ascendancymy blood upon you
29. 2004-07-05Phantom Limbmurder 6
30. 2004-07-05at the gates
31. 2004-07-05the crown1999 - Revolution 666Hell is Heremetalblade
32. 2004-07-05As I Lay Dyingforever
33. 2004-07-05the Hostage Heart#1
34. 2004-07-05pray for a plaguethis basement is full of trendy cunts
35. 2004-07-05Beyond The Embracefleshengine breakdown
36. 2004-07-05anodyneportable crematorium
37. 2004-07-05Today is the Daydon't tread on hope
38. 2004-07-05misery signalsstinging rain
39. 2004-07-05the power and the glory#7
40. 2004-07-05Backstabbers Incyou brough this on yourself
41. 2004-07-05All Else Failedto whom is may concern
42. 2004-07-05nasumshadows
43. 2004-07-05dismemberenslaved by bitterness
44. 2004-07-056l6special k
45. 2004-07-05Skycladsins of emission
46. 2004-07-05Sadusvalley of dry bonesa Vision of Miseryracecar
47. 2004-07-05ripping corpseanti-god
48. 2004-07-05disincarnatesoul erosion
49. 2004-07-05cradle of filththe Forest Whispers My Name
50. 2004-07-05enthronedby dark glorious thoughts
51. 2004-07-05Dark Funeralan apprentice of satan
52. 2004-07-05entombedWolverine Blues
53. 2004-07-05the heuristicmax planck vs the army of darkness
54. 2004-07-05botchmondrian was a liar
55. 2004-07-05Cave IncrossbearerBeyond Hypothermiahydrahead
56. 2004-07-05einsturzende neubautenein stuhl in der hoelleHaus der Luegerough_trade
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