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New site? Maybe some day.


this is the collection of all the playlists that I've typed in.
the first show was on September 2 1996.
It will take a while to get there
So far, there are 1336 playlist up with 55896 songs played going back to 0000-00-00


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1. 2017-01-02MinistryStigmataLand of Rape and HoneyWarner Bros
2. 2017-01-02
3. 2017-01-02SnowfallMarch of the tyrantsDelerium Tremens [NHR2008]NHR Records - via Metalhit
4. 2017-01-02Gloomy GrimJanuary - Dying BreedUnder the Spell of the Unlightanticulture
5. 2017-01-02Primogenorum06 The Bell Rang in Ruined ChurchDamned Hearts in the Abyss of MadnessForever Plagued Records
6. 2017-01-02Make A Change... Kill YourselfLivets GaveFri
7. 2017-01-02
8. 2017-01-02INTER ARMAPrimordial WoundParadise GallowsRelapse Records
9. 2017-01-02Downfall of GaiaAtrophyAtrophymetalblade
10. 2017-01-02SummoningBeyond Bloodred HorizonsDemo 94 (Promo ) (Demo)
11. 2017-01-02SANGUIS IMPEREMPraeternatural OrderIn Glory We March Towards Our DoomHells Headbangers Records
12. 2017-01-02ResurrectionCannibalizedSoul Descent - March of Death
13. 2017-01-02
14. 2017-01-02HorrendousThe NihilistAnaretaDark Descent Records
15. 2017-01-02AsphyxForerunners Of The ApocalypseIncoming DeathCentury Media Records
16. 2017-01-02VaderTempestThe EmpireNuclear Blast Records
17. 2017-01-02Cannibal CorpseMangledEaten Back To LifeMetal Blade Records
18. 2017-01-02
19. 2017-01-02DeathSpirit CrusherThe Sound of PerseveranceNuclear Blast Records
20. 2017-01-02Hail Of BulletsGeneral Winter...Of Frost And WarMetal Blade
21. 2017-01-02Forest StreamThe Autumn DancersCrown Of Winter
22. 2017-01-02The Ruins Of BeverastMount Sinai MolochFoulest Semen of a Sheltered Elite
23. 2017-01-02
24. 2017-01-02In MourningGrand DenialShrouded Divine
25. 2017-01-02GRUESOMEForces Of DeathDimensions of HorrorRelapse Records
26. 2017-01-02
27. 2017-01-02GuiltHarvest/DecayHarvest/Decay
28. 2017-01-02All HellGraveyard DustThe Red SectHorror Pain Gore Death Productions
29. 2017-01-02BeldamFrom Grave To CradleStill The Wretched LingerHorror Pain Gore Death Productions
30. 2017-01-02DarkherWarsRealmsProphecy Productions
31. 2017-01-02
32. 2017-01-02GlosonAntlersGrimenArt of Propaganda
33. 2017-01-02DÉPARTEAshes in BloomFailure, SubsideSeason of Mist
34. 2017-01-02
35. 2017-01-02CIVIL WARTombstoneThe Last Full MeasureNapalm Records
36. 2017-01-02Totten Korps05 I Dwell in the Mind of the GullibSupreme Commanders of Darkness LPBlood Harvest Records
37. 2017-01-02ExhumedConsumer Of Consumed11 Years Of Obscene ExistenceObscene Productions
38. 2017-01-02HemdaleManipulated SoulsRad Jackson
39. 2017-01-02Brutally Deceased05 Where No Gods DareSatanic Corpse CDDoomentia Records
40. 2017-01-02Bacterial HuskExalted Through A Vanish PrimeAgnosia of Omens
41. 2017-01-02
42. 2017-01-02Internal SufferingVatican BombardmentChaotic Matrix
43. 2017-01-02CarcassMaggot ColonyReek Of Putrefaction
44. 2017-01-02gore beyond necropsyg.b.n. 12 hot rockin' grind madARSEDESTROYER & GORE BEYOND NECROPSY & NIKUDOREI 3 way split
45. 2017-01-02Vömit för BreakfastChintalasplit w/autoritar
46. 2017-01-02SpazzHoarderCrush Kill Destroy
47. 2017-01-02Anaal NathrakhAnd You Will Beg for Our SecretsThe Whole of the LawMetal Blade Records
48. 2017-01-02
49. 2017-01-02TaakeGamle NorigStridens Hus
50. 2017-01-02DegialTemple in Whirling DarknessDeath's Striking Wings
51. 2017-01-02AtrocityAbyss Of AddictionHallucinationsnuclearblast
52. 2017-01-02WinterfyllethCD2 01 Winterfylleth - The Three RavensOne and All, Together, for HomeSeason of Mist
53. 2017-01-02Dragged Into SunlightBuried With LeechesHatred For MankindProsthetic Records
54. 2017-01-02
55. 2017-01-02Ignominious IncarcerationSaviourOf Winter BornEarache
56. 2017-01-02Among the DecayedEvilution Pt. 1Dead RisingWormblud
57. 2017-01-02DEATHTOLLprophecy of deathsplit w/blown to bits
58. 2017-01-02Sore ThroatSacrilege to the sceneDeath to capitalist hardcore 7
59. 2017-01-02Alienation ColdGreen GhostsForest Of The DeadMacabre Productions
60. 2017-01-02
61. 2017-01-02Deny The CrossTo Curse Eternal WinterAlpha Ghoul LP
62. 2017-01-02DestroyVile Horrendous Aerial BombardmentNecropolis
63. 2017-01-02SabbatI For An EyeHistory Of A Time To Come
64. 2017-01-02TrollbandCenturies of SandSamsara
65. 2017-01-02Oceans Of SlumberSunlightWinterCentury Media Records
66. 2017-01-02SlayerJesus SavesReign In Bloodamerican
67. 2017-01-02
68. 2017-01-02KreatorAfter the AttackVarious Artist: Doomsday Newsnoise
69. 2017-01-02NecrosBlizzard Of GlassTangled Uprestless
70. 2017-01-02Blessed DeathDigital WarDestined for Extinctionroadracer
71. 2017-01-02RainbowI SurrenderJealous Loverpolydor
72. 2017-01-02HereticThe SearchThe Breaking Pointmetalblade
73. 2017-01-02
74. 2017-01-02Guy Mann-DudePedal To The MetalSleight Of HandMCA
75. 2017-01-02Hanoi RocksLick Summer LoveBack To The Mystery CityLick Records
76. 2017-01-02Hear'n AidsStarsStars Singlemercury
77. 2017-01-02
78. 2017-01-02Holy TerrorA Fools Gold-Ternimal Humor-Mind WarsMind Warsroadracer
79. 2017-01-02Einsturzende NeubautenEin Stuhl in der HoelleHaus der Luegerough_trade
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