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New site? Maybe some day.


this is the collection of all the playlists that I've typed in.
the first show was on September 2 1996.
It will take a while to get there
So far, there are 1337 playlist up with 55932 songs played going back to 0000-00-00


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1. 2013-03-11MinistryStigmataLand of Rape and HoneyWarner Bros
2. 2013-03-11
3. 2013-03-11Judas PriestBeyond The Realms Of DeathStained Glasscolumbia
4. 2013-03-11Rings Of SaturnGalactic CleansingDingirunique_leader
5. 2013-03-11HivesmasherDamaged (P)Inc.Gutter Choirblackmarket_activities
6. 2013-03-11DamagedEternal Dismemberment ComplexToken Remedy Researchrotten
7. 2013-03-11PowerwolvesSilent Domination2012 Summer Samplerself-released
8. 2013-03-11
9. 2013-03-11CrowbarThe Cemetary AngelsSever The Wicked Handcandlelight
10. 2013-03-11Machine HeadSlanderousThe Blackeningroadrunner
11. 2013-03-11BlacktripWings Of SteelHeart Of The Dreamself-released
12. 2013-03-11Beast Of Damnation30 Days Of NightGrizzly Tales Of Terror
13. 2013-03-11
14. 2013-03-11SexcrementTrucker BombedSloppy Secondscomatose
15. 2013-03-11Cannibal CorpseSentenced To BurnGallery Of Suicidemetalblade
16. 2013-03-11BlockheadsCrisis Is Killing The WeakThis World Is Deadrelapse
17. 2013-03-11Acid DeathTowards HateEidolonNoiseheadrecords
18. 2013-03-11
19. 2013-03-11ZombificationSoul CollectorAt The Cavves OF Eternalpulverised
20. 2013-03-11Beyond The ShoreHalf LivedGhostwatchermetalblade
21. 2013-03-11Six Feet UnderZombie Blood CurseUnbornmetalblade
22. 2013-03-11
23. 2013-03-11KatalepsyThe Pulse Of SomnambulistAutopsy Chosisunique_leader
24. 2013-03-11HaraKiriYou Too Can Have Your Own CranklabTwilight Of The Idolswillowtip
25. 2013-03-11SoilworkFollow the HollowNatural Born Chaosnuclearblast
26. 2013-03-11Jeff LoomisContinuun DriftPlanets Of Oblivioncenturymedia
27. 2013-03-11
28. 2013-03-11Warrel DaneLucretia My ReflectionPraises to the War Machinecenturymedia
29. 2013-03-11ArkonaSlovoDecade Of Glory - livenapalm
30. 2013-03-11TYRFields Of The FallenThe Lay Of Thryumnapalm
31. 2013-03-11Into EternityUnholy (fields of the dead)Dead or Dreamingcenturymedia
32. 2013-03-11
33. 2013-03-11RevocationFields of PredationEmpire of the Obscenerelapse
34. 2013-03-11SlayerRichard Hung HimselfUndisputed Attitudeamerican
35. 2013-03-11DeathOpen CasketVarious Artists: At Death's Doorroadrunner
36. 2013-03-11AosothUnder Nails & FingertipsArrow In Heartagonia
37. 2013-03-11
38. 2013-03-11Raw Radar WarVampire Commandself-titledtraktor7
39. 2013-03-11DevourmentToday We Die, Tomorrow We KillConceived In Sewagerelapse
40. 2013-03-11EruptionSelfcagedTenses Collidextreem
41. 2013-03-11DarkthroneThe Ones You Left BehindThe Underground Resistancepeaceville
42. 2013-03-11
43. 2013-03-11ImmolationFor Those Left BehindDawn of Possessionracecar
44. 2013-03-11EnslavedRoots Of The MountainRIITIIRnuclearblast
45. 2013-03-11EliteVikingfjordBifrostno_colours
46. 2013-03-11CandlemassA Tale Of CreationTales of Creationmetalblade
47. 2013-03-11
48. 2013-03-11HatchetDawn Of The EndDawn Of The Endend
49. 2013-03-11Adam BombI Want My Heavy MetalFatal Attractiongeffen
50. 2013-03-11OverloadedHeavy Metal HighwayHail The Kingdom
51. 2013-03-11Sammy HagarHeavy MetalHeavy Metal - The Movie
52. 2013-03-11ArmourHeavy Metal DrinkersArmourhells_headbangers
53. 2013-03-11
54. 2013-03-11KyotyTaking Red Blood For Granted7" splitHydrogen Man
55. 2013-03-11Iron Maiden2 Minutes To Midnightthe Escential Iron Maideniron_Maiden_holdings
56. 2013-03-11MidnightStrike Of MidnightComplete And Total Hellhells_headbangers
57. 2013-03-11Einsturzende NeubautenEin Stuhl in der HoelleHaus der Luegerough_trade
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