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this is the collection of all the playlists that I've typed in.
the first show was on September 2 1996.
It will take a while to get there
So far, there are 1310 playlist up with 55024 songs played going back to 0000-00-00


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1. 2010-03-15MinistryStigmataLand of Rape and HoneyWarner Bros
2. 2010-03-15
3. 2010-03-15Six Feet UnderSnap Your Fingers, Snap Your NeckGraveyard Classics 3metalblade
4. 2010-03-15Annihilation TimesBald Headed WomanVarious Artist - Spring Samplertee_pee
5. 2010-03-15Destruct-a-thonAloha JihadAloha Jihadthis_is_thrashachusetts
6. 2010-03-15PristinaBecause I Can Kill YouKhe Sanhbombfarm
7. 2010-03-15AftershockInpenetribilityThrough the Looking Glassgood_life
8. 2010-03-15
9. 2010-03-15Death AngelThrashersthe Ultra-Violenceenigma
10. 2010-03-15Municipal WasteHazardous MutationHazardous Mutationearache
11. 2010-03-15Rumpelstiltskin GrinderBeware the Thrash BrigadeLiving For Death, Destroying The Restrelapse
12. 2010-03-15Cryptic WarningThrashterpiece TheatreSanity's Aberationself-released
13. 2010-03-15
14. 2010-03-15Annotations of an AutopsyEmptinessthe Reign Of Darknessnuclearblast
15. 2010-03-15Dying FetusBathe in EntrailsInfatuation with Malevolencecenturymedia
16. 2010-03-15Rotting ChristIf It Ends TomorrowKhronoscenturymedia
17. 2010-03-15ScissorfightHuman HeadBalls Deepwonderdrug
18. 2010-03-15CannaeHuman HeadHorrorprosthetic
19. 2010-03-15
20. 2010-03-15ImmolationMajesty and DecayMajesty and Decaynuclearblast
21. 2010-03-15Sovereign StrengthThe SufferingReflectionsmediaskare
22. 2010-03-15AnimaWelcomes To Our KillzoneEnter The Killzonemetalblade
23. 2010-03-15DestruktorViolence UnseenNailedhells_headbangers
24. 2010-03-15
25. 2010-03-15DarkworDesecrating The RemainsFoederatiself-released
26. 2010-03-15Bestial MockeryBestial WarfareChristcrushing Hammerchainsawhells_headbangers
27. 2010-03-15DeiphagoChrist EasterFilipino Antichristhells_headbangers
28. 2010-03-15Armored SaintGet Off The FenceLa Razametalblade
29. 2010-03-15
30. 2010-03-15CereklothLunatic Of Gods CreationPandamonium Prayershells_headbangers
31. 2010-03-15VolumesThrough The TreesThe Consept Of Dreamingprosthetic
32. 2010-03-15RainbowPowerStraight Between The Eyespolygram
33. 2010-03-15DoomridersBlack ThunderBlack Thunderdeathwishinc
34. 2010-03-15Onward To OlympasSink Or SwimThis World Is Not My homefacedown
35. 2010-03-15Drive-by BukakkeCasket StenchLive On The Stress Factorself-released
36. 2010-03-15
37. 2010-03-15TrollAt The Gates Of HellNeo-Satanic Supremacynapalm
38. 2010-03-15AosothCommunion Through PainAshes Of Angelsagonia
39. 2010-03-15DevourmentBabykiller138unmatched_brutality
40. 2010-03-15Animals Killing PeopleKentucky Friend KillingKentucky Fried Killingsevared
41. 2010-03-15the_NetworkFollowing And FailingBishop Kent Manningblackmarket_activities
42. 2010-03-15Pretty Little FlowerAs the Grass GrowsComplete Grindcore Annihilationrescued_from_life
43. 2010-03-15In The ShitDie Alone Or You're A PussyBostonself-released
44. 2010-03-15IntegrityVvalpurgisnachtVarious Artist: Chainsaw Safetychainsaw_safety
45. 2010-03-15
46. 2010-03-15NecropticThe Abuse of Emetic To DisgorgMeticulous Pathologysevared
47. 2010-03-15Cannibal CorpseCovered with SoresButchered At Birthmetalblade
48. 2010-03-15EntombedCarnal LeftoversLeft Hand Pathearache
49. 2010-03-15WhiplashNailed to the CrossVarious Artist: Smells Like Team Spirit IIdispleased
50. 2010-03-15AutopsyFrozen With FearActs of the Unspeakablepeaceville
51. 2010-03-15
52. 2010-03-15Rise and FallHarm's WayOur Cirlce Is Viciousdeathwishinc
53. 2010-03-15SacrificeTurn in Your GraveTorment in Firecombat
54. 2010-03-15Negura BungetA-Vint In AbisMaiestritprophecy
55. 2010-03-15
56. 2010-03-15AvskyAs The Mountains CollapseScornmoribund
57. 2010-03-15AlcestEcailles De Lune pt IIEcailles de Luneprophecy
58. 2010-03-15SwansKilling For Companythe Great Annihilatorinvisible
59. 2010-03-15East of The WallWinter BreathFarmer's Almanacforgotten_empire
60. 2010-03-15Einsturzende NeubautenEin Stuhl in der HoelleHaus der Luegerough_trade
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