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this is the collection of all the playlists that I've typed in.
the first show was on September 2 1996.
It will take a while to get there
So far, there are 1336 playlist up with 55896 songs played going back to 0000-00-00


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1. 2011-01-03MinistryStigmataLand of Rape and HoneyWarner Bros
2. 2011-01-03
3. 2011-01-03MeshuggahGods of RaptureNonenuclearblast
4. 2011-01-03DiabolicExtinction Level EventSubterraneal Magnitudeconquest_music
5. 2011-01-03ImmolationFailures for GodsFailures For Godsmetalblade
6. 2011-01-03Nuclear AssaultNew SongHandle with Carein_effect
7. 2011-01-03
8. 2011-01-03Fatal EmbraceRapture For DisasterThe Empires Of Inhumanitymetalblade
9. 2011-01-03Death AngelRiver Of RaptureRelentless Retributionnuclearblast
10. 2011-01-03PorphyriaFrailties of Humanitydemo 2003self-released
11. 2011-01-03GraveBloodtrailBurial Groundregain
12. 2011-01-03
13. 2011-01-03The SwordFreyaAge Of Witnesskemado
14. 2011-01-03GhostCon Clavi Con DioOpus Eponymousmetalblade
15. 2011-01-03Devil DriverEnd Of The LineThe Fury Of Our Maker's Handroadrunner
16. 2011-01-03
17. 2011-01-03Lich KingA Storm Of SwordsWorld Gone Deadstormspell
18. 2011-01-03Icy SteelThe Holy SunAs The Gods Commandpure_steel
19. 2011-01-03SteelmaidMetal WarRaptorkarthago
20. 2011-01-03NadiwrathWinter NightsNihilistic Stenchmoribund
21. 2011-01-03
22. 2011-01-03Dawn Of AshesNyarlathotep's Children Of The VoidGenocide Chaptersmetalblade
23. 2011-01-03Distant PastThe InterrogationAlpha Draconisself-released
24. 2011-01-03Drunken BastardsPosercrusherHorns Of The Wastedhells_headbangers
25. 2011-01-03GonerBarbaric Ritualsdemoself-released
26. 2011-01-03I DestroyerSeige Of Deathdemo 2010self-released
27. 2011-01-03
28. 2011-01-03In This MomentBlazinA Star-Crossed Wastelandcenturymedia
29. 2011-01-03Rye CoalitionHigher The Hair, The Closer To GodHee Saw Dhuh Kaetgern_blabdsten
30. 2011-01-03LongshotThe FallRealignment Epself-released
31. 2011-01-03Cruel HandBroken GlassLock & Keybridge9
32. 2011-01-03Bitter EndVictimsGuilty As Chargeddeathwishinc
33. 2011-01-03EntombedWhen in SodomSerpent Saintscandlelight
34. 2011-01-03
35. 2011-01-03GravewurmBrought Before The AltarBlood Of The Pentagramhells_headbangers
36. 2011-01-03MayhemFreezing MoonTribute to the Black EmperorsWarhammer
37. 2011-01-03Fleshgod ApocalypseConspiracy Of Silencemafiawillowtip
38. 2011-01-03DeicideKill the ChristianOnce Upon the Crossroadrunner
39. 2011-01-03
40. 2011-01-03EmethMitigation EnmityInsidiousbrutal_bands
41. 2011-01-03Defeated SanitySalacious AffinityChapters of Repugnancewillowtip
42. 2011-01-03PandemiaPersonal DemonsPersonal Demonslost_disciple
43. 2011-01-03MachetazoSuicide FuckCarne De Cementeriorazorback
44. 2011-01-03Kill the ClientPandemicSet For Extinctionrelapse
45. 2011-01-03
46. 2011-01-03NasumFuryShiftrelapse
47. 2011-01-03Living VoidCinder Hymnalself-titleddilapidated_enterprises
48. 2011-01-03Imperial FoeticideFailureVarious Artists - Czech Assaultrelapse
49. 2011-01-03Circle of Dead ChildrenEarth And LyePsalm Of The Grand Destroyerwillowtip
50. 2011-01-03Thrill HouseWerewolf TownLive At the Stress Factorself-released
51. 2011-01-03
52. 2011-01-03RepulsionAcid BathHorrifiednecrosis
53. 2011-01-03AutopsyBlackness WithinActs of the Unspeakablepeaceville
54. 2011-01-03Stiny Palmenu#5Mrtva Komoranaga
55. 2011-01-03SepulturaInquisition SymphonySchizophreniaracercar
56. 2011-01-03SodomChrist PassionPersecution Maniasteam_hammer
57. 2011-01-03
58. 2011-01-03ProfanaticaCrush All That Is Holy DefileDisgusting Blasphemies Against Godhells_headbangers
59. 2011-01-03Children Of The Dying SunA Death Today/The Inevitable SuicideTo Welcome Deathself-released
60. 2011-01-03CryptopsyPhobophileNone So Vilecenturymedia
61. 2011-01-03
62. 2011-01-03IncantationProfanationOnward to Golgotharelapse
63. 2011-01-03DespairCry For LibertyDecay Of Humanitycenturymedia
64. 2011-01-03At WarCovert SinsRetaliation Strikenew_renaissance
65. 2011-01-03ExciterLong Live the LoudLong Live the Loudcombat
66. 2011-01-03ExecutionerMarked To DieHellboundpatac
67. 2011-01-03
68. 2011-01-03PertnessRemember Their FacesFrom The Beginning To The Endkarthago
69. 2011-01-03Eternal ReignLords Of ChaosThe Dawn Of Reckoningpure_steel
70. 2011-01-03ScatterbrainGoodbye Freedom, Hello MomHere Comes Troublein_effect
71. 2011-01-03RamessesHand Of GloryTake The Curseritual_production
72. 2011-01-03
73. 2011-01-03Dodheimsgard21st Century DevilSupervillain Outcastmoonfog
74. 2011-01-03HeidevolkDondergodUit Oude Grondnapalm
75. 2011-01-03My Dying BrideA Kiss To RememberLike Gods Of The Sunmayhem
76. 2011-01-03Einsturzende NeubautenEin Stuhl in der HoelleHaus der Luegerough_trade
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