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this is the collection of all the playlists that I've typed in.
the first show was on September 2 1996.
It will take a while to get there
So far, there are 1348 playlist up with 56301 songs played going back to 0000-00-00


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1. 2008-04-14MinistryStigmataLand of Rape and HoneyWarner Bros
2. 2008-04-14OriginAlgorithmAntithesisrelapse
3. 2008-04-14MucopusPus Must FlowUndimentionalsevared
4. 2008-04-14AnmodBeholdMonstrosity Per Defectumdeity_down
5. 2008-04-14Headhunter Death CultEternal Hatred...And The Sky Turns To Black... (the dark age has come)world_war_iii
6. 2008-04-14Despised IconWarm Bloodedthe Healing Processcenturymedia
7. 2008-04-14KhannBlack Water PermeatesTofutopiablackmarket_activities
8. 2008-04-14Saint JudeSomething to Look Forward toAlways Hard - First Recordingstor_johnson
9. 2008-04-14DisfearIn ExodusLive the Stormrelapse
10. 2008-04-14OverkillRotten to the CoreFeel the Firemegaforce
11. 2008-04-14HelloweenKill ItGambling with the Devilspv
12. 2008-04-14Death AngelThe NooseKilling Seasonnuclearblast
13. 2008-04-14MeshuggahLetharciaObzennuclearblast
14. 2008-04-14Benea ReachLegacyAlleviattabu
15. 2008-04-14SlayerGhosts of warSouth of Heavendef_jam
16. 2008-04-14The End of Six Thousand Yearsthe Sun AbyssIsolationstill_life
17. 2008-04-14Abel is DyingGrave PoemGazing from the Abyssstill_life
18. 2008-04-14CenturyErasureBlack Oceanprosthetic
19. 2008-04-14A Different Breed of Killerthe AccidentistI, Colossusrise
20. 2008-04-14Population ReductionHash Smoking Grind FreaksEach Birth a New Disastertankcrimes
21. 2008-04-14KrotalusForest of the ImpaledBlood Offeringsself-released
22. 2008-04-14IsisNot in Rivers, But in DropsHoly Tearsipecac
23. 2008-04-14ArsisFailing Winds of Hopeless GreedWe are the Nightmarenuclearblast
24. 2008-04-14BelphegorSexdictator LuciferBondage Goat Zombienuclearblast
25. 2008-04-14Northern TerrorLands of Freezing DeathBlacker Than Blackself-released
26. 2008-04-14HateSectarian MurderCain's Wayworld_war_iii
27. 2008-04-14Her Whisperthe Great Unifierthe Great Unifierstf
28. 2008-04-14MidnattsolOpen Your EyesNordlysnapalm
29. 2008-04-14EluveitieTarvosSlanianuclearblast
30. 2008-04-14DismemberTide of Bloodself-titledregain
31. 2008-04-14Blessed DeathDigital WarDestined for Extinctionroadracer
32. 2008-04-14WhiplashPower Thrashing MetalPower and Painroadrunner
33. 2008-04-14WarbringerShoot to KillWar Without Endcenturymedia
34. 2008-04-14Embrace the EndTrainwreck on the John Galt LineLey Linescenturymedia
35. 2008-04-14HatredTransitionBlasphemous Deliverancedeity_down
36. 2008-04-14Zimmers HoleFista CorpsWhen You Were Shouting at the Devil... We Were in League With Satancenturymedia
37. 2008-04-14The World Series Protruding the Gatesself-titledself-released
38. 2008-04-14DerangedGently Before She DiesRegain Records Sampler 2008 - Various Artistsregain
39. 2008-04-14Man is the BastardSnake ApartmentCrossed out/Man is the Bastard Splitslap-a-ham
40. 2008-04-14Iron LungContestedSexless//No Sexprank
41. 2008-04-14DischargeTrust emself-titledsanctuary
42. 2008-04-14Betrayed by AllBetrayed by AllDisrespectself-released
43. 2008-04-14WreckoningPower Corruptedself-titledself-released
44. 2008-04-14Black Like Vengeanceto Sundered Spirits
45. 2008-04-14Children of BodomBlooddrunkBlooddrunkspinefarm
46. 2008-04-14Proteus4th demensional Turbulence IPersonal Narrative of Cognative Dreamscapesmacabre_mentos
47. 2008-04-14Salt the Wounda Slight Burning SensationCarnal Repercussionsrotten
48. 2008-04-14For the Fallen DreamsHopeless
49. 2008-04-14HiraxThe GauntletRaging Violencemetalblade
50. 2008-04-14PossessedPentagramSeven Churchescombat
51. 2008-04-14DeathLeprosyLeprosycombat
52. 2008-04-14ArtefactStellarwinds
53. 2008-04-14Sin of AngelsWe Speak in Toungesin the Grip of Despairobscenity_cult
54. 2008-04-14Celtic FrostVisions of MortalityMorbid Talesmetalblade
55. 2008-04-14Einsturzende NeubautenEin Stuhl in der HoelleHaus der Luegerough_trade
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