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New site? Maybe some day.


this is the collection of all the playlists that I've typed in.
the first show was on September 2 1996.
It will take a while to get there
So far, there are 1311 playlist up with 55059 songs played going back to 0000-00-00


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1. 2017-06-12MinistryStigmataLand of Rape and HoneyWarner Bros
2. 2017-06-12
3. 2017-06-12SammathInterlude TormentTriumph of HatredFolter Records
4. 2017-06-12VektorEcholess ChamberOuter Isolation
5. 2017-06-12CHURCHBURNCome Forth The SwarmThe Awaiting CoffinsArmageddon Label
6. 2017-06-12AutopsyCharred RemainsCritical Madness
7. 2017-06-12
8. 2017-06-12Sam Black ChurchSatisfactionBlack ComedyWonderdrug Records
9. 2017-06-12The Dillinger Escape PlanWhen Good Dogs Do Bad ThingsIrony Is a Dead Sceneipecac
10. 2017-06-12Faith No MoreAs The Worm TurnsAngel Dustsony
11. 2017-06-12SleepDragonautSleep's Holy MountainEarache Records
12. 2017-06-12
13. 2017-06-12Old Man's ChildManet Sorgfull Igjennom SkognSons of Satan Gather for Attackhammerheart
14. 2017-06-12VaderThe Army-GeddonThe EmpireNuclear Blast Records
15. 2017-06-12
16. 2017-06-12Goatblood (Germany)05 Excretion in a Red BurstVeneration of ArmageddonDunkelheit Produktionen
17. 2017-06-12AvulsedDaddy Stew [Svencho - Aborted]Deathgeneration [CD 1]Xtreem Music
18. 2017-06-12LO-RUHAMAHCharismaAnointingI, Voidhanger Records
19. 2017-06-12She Must BurnHallowed GroundsGrimoireArtery Recordings
20. 2017-06-12
21. 2017-06-12OniThe Only CureIronshoreMetal Blade Records
22. 2017-06-12Perikato09 Geneettinen käskyKuka hyötyySvart Records
23. 2017-06-12SPEEDCLAW03 Power from HellIron Speed (TAPE)Shadow Kingdom Records
24. 2017-06-12BAD KARMA (U.S.)05 IntroDeath Has No Calling Card (CD)Shadow Kingdom Records
25. 2017-06-12Rapheumets WellEnders DoorEnders DoorTest Your Metal Records
26. 2017-06-12
27. 2017-06-12DIVINE ELEMENTBeyond This SeaThaurachs Of BorsuI, Voidhanger Records
28. 2017-06-12Dead Earth Politics03 Balancing Broken ScalesThe Mobius HammersmithPavement Music
29. 2017-06-12Aggression (ca)Insanity Without IndulgenceFragmented Spirit DevilsXtreem Music
30. 2017-06-12
31. 2017-06-12DefleshedWalking the Moons of MarsDeath the High Cost of LivingPavement Music
32. 2017-06-12Cannibal CorpseShe Was Asking for ItThe BleedingMetal Blade Records
33. 2017-06-12OphiolatryBreaking the Bones of JesusAnti-Evangelistic Process
34. 2017-06-12ImmolationKingdom Of ConspiracyKingdom Of ConspiracyNuclear Blast GmbH
35. 2017-06-12
36. 2017-06-12TesseracTDeception - Concealing Fate PartOneCentury Media Records
37. 2017-06-12DrudkhSummoning the RainAutumn Aurora
38. 2017-06-12PESTIGORE2. Sea of SoulsTwisted Perversions... Unbearable Delight. DEMO 1992
39. 2017-06-12NecrophagistFermented Offal DischargeDemo Tapes (1995)
40. 2017-06-12
41. 2017-06-12Dead Eyes UnderDisavowCursed Be The Deceiver
42. 2017-06-12Mind EraserWrote OffGlacial Reign
43. 2017-06-12Number Twelve Looks Like You, TheAlright, I Admit It...It Was a Whore HouseMongrelEyeball Records
44. 2017-06-12Terminally Your Aborted GhostHung Through a Coat HangerPrescribing the Fractured Forms
45. 2017-06-12Coathanger Abortion06 - The PossessionObservations of HumanityComatose Music
46. 2017-06-12
47. 2017-06-12Goratory8 Seconds of FuryRice on SuedeAmputated Vein Records
48. 2017-06-12PerimeterTanatogluttonyOdium Humani Generismazzar_mystic_empire
49. 2017-06-12ScorchedVile Lingering StenchEchoes Of DismembermentUnspeakable Axe Records
50. 2017-06-12NecropsyPsychopath Next DoorPsychopath Next Door
51. 2017-06-12Einsturzende NeubautenEin Stuhl in der HoelleHaus der Luegerough_trade
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