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New site? Maybe some day.


this is the collection of all the playlists that I've typed in.
the first show was on September 2 1996.
It will take a while to get there
So far, there are 1348 playlist up with 56301 songs played going back to 0000-00-00


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1. 2007-07-02MinistryStigmataLand of Rape and HoneyWarner Bros
2. 2007-07-02AngelcorpseAntichrist VanguardOf Lucifer and Lighteningosmose
3. 2007-07-02Ion DissonanceYou shouldn't be AliveMinus the Herdabacus
4. 2007-07-02Fuck the Factsla tete hors de l eauCollection of Splits 2002-2004galy
5. 2007-07-02the DestroBeast BurdenAs the Foil Unwindsmetalblade
6. 2007-07-02SighDeath with DishonorHangman's Hymnend
7. 2007-07-02Fairylandthe Fall of an Empirethe Fall of an Empirenapalm
8. 2007-07-02FrozenScornedForever Seems like a Waste of Timeself-released
9. 2007-07-02Darkest Hourthe Light at the Edge of the WorldDeliver Usvictory
10. 2007-07-02Frostmoon EclipseI am my Worst EnemyGathering the DarknessISO666 releases
11. 2007-07-02The Handshake MurdersApostateUsurpergoodfellow
12. 2007-07-02Pig DestroyerLoathsomePhantom Limbrelapse
13. 2007-07-02Napalm DeathVerminPunishment in Capitalsarmoury
14. 2007-07-02Despised IconOval Shaped IncisionsIlls of Modern Mancenturymedia
15. 2007-07-02Lord GoreInvolunary Vaginal Vermin Slutthe Autophagous Orgyrazorback
16. 2007-07-02Gut BucketDrowning in VomitReign in Mudself-released
17. 2007-07-02Dekapitatorthe Call the CombatBefore the Calmrelapse
18. 2007-07-02SamaelSlavocracySolar Soulnuclearblast
19. 2007-07-02Nuclear Blast AllstarsTerrifiedInto the Lightnuclearblast
20. 2007-07-02KorpiklaaniVeriset AparatTervaskantonapalm
21. 2007-07-02ImpetigoBloody Pit of HorrorUltimo Mondo Cannibalerazorback
22. 2007-07-02Dead InfectionHer Heart in Your Handsa Chapter of Accidentsmad_lion
23. 2007-07-02CliteaterBend over BitchCliteater/Suppository splitno_escape
24. 2007-07-02Disgorge (mex)Rancid Bowel SarcomaChronic Corpora Infestamerican_line
25. 2007-07-02Dawn of AzazelSeditionSeditionibexmoon
26. 2007-07-02MasacreDeath Metal ForeverTotal Deathxtreem
27. 2007-07-02Bodies in the Gears of the ApparatusWhite Trash WhoreSimian Hybrid Prototypethespew
28. 2007-07-02VomitoryFlesh PassionTerrorize Brutalize Sodomizemetalblade
29. 2007-07-02PristinaDay of DaysBoner Jams 07spare_change
30. 2007-07-02Mince Meat#32007 promoself-released
31. 2007-07-02VintersorgSpirar Och GrorSolens Rotternapalm
32. 2007-07-02Blinded by FaithWeapons of Mass DistractionWeapons of Mass Distractiongaly
33. 2007-07-02Cephalic CarnageHeptarchyXenosapienrelapse
34. 2007-07-02Job for a CowboyAltered from CatechizationGenesismetalblade
35. 2007-07-02AvskyKnowledge And HateMass Destructionhumanitys_plague
36. 2007-07-02One Man ArmyNightmare in Ashes and BloodError in Evolutionnuclearblast
37. 2007-07-02GravewormbloodworkCollateral Defectnuclearblast
38. 2007-07-02Impiety#12Fudge Worthy Compfudgeworthy
39. 2007-07-02DodheimsgardUnaltered BeastSupervillain Outcastmoonfog
40. 2007-07-02WormedTunnel of IonsPlanisphaeriummacabre_mentos
41. 2007-07-02SadusThrowing Away the Daya Vision of Miseryracecar
42. 2007-07-02ExhorderI am the Crossthe Lawracecar
43. 2007-07-02Dark AngelTime Does not HealTime Does not Healcombat
44. 2007-07-02Becoming the ArchetypeFire made Fleshthe Physics of Firesolid_state
45. 2007-07-02Carpathian ForestMask of the SlaveStrange Old Brewavantgarde
46. 2007-07-02Einsturzende NeubautenEin Stuhl in der HoelleHaus der Luegerough_trade
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