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this is the collection of all the playlists that I've typed in.
the first show was on September 2 1996.
It will take a while to get there
So far, there are 1368 playlist up with 56946 songs played going back to 0000-00-00


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1. 2014-12-08MinistryStigmataLand of Rape and HoneyWarner Bros
2. 2014-12-08
3. 2014-12-08DeathAltering the FutureFate
4. 2014-12-08Morbus ChronDead Body Pile NecrophileSleepers In The Riftpulverised
5. 2014-12-08NocturnusVisions From Beyond The GraveThe Keycombat
6. 2014-12-08Job for a CowboySon Of NihilitySun Eatermetalblade
7. 2014-12-08
8. 2014-12-08Cannibal CorpseFuneral CremationA Skeletal Domainmetalblade
9. 2014-12-08KonkhraThe Lions Are HungryReality Checkdiehard
10. 2014-12-08Cavalera ConspiracyBonzai KamikazeePandemoniumnapalm
11. 2014-12-08AtheistOn They SlayPiece of Timeracercar
12. 2014-12-08
13. 2014-12-08Malevolent CreationViolent OffspringDemo I
14. 2014-12-08LeewayRise And FallBorn To Expireprofile
15. 2014-12-08Bitches SinIce AngelsInvaders
16. 2014-12-08Blood Has Been ShedBenedictionNovella Of Uriel
17. 2014-12-08At The GatesUpon Pillars Of DustAt War Wtih Realitycenturymedia
18. 2014-12-08
19. 2014-12-08SexcrementSalt PeterXXX Bargin Bin Vol. 2self-released
20. 2014-12-08Winds of GenocideVenomous WarfareUsurping The Throne Of Diseasepulverised
21. 2014-12-081349PostmortemMassive Cauldron Of Chaosseason_of_mist
22. 2014-12-08DinRain Follows The PlowRain Follows The Plow EPself-released
23. 2014-12-08
24. 2014-12-08Manilla RoadRites Of BloodOut Of The AbyssShadow Kingdom
25. 2014-12-08Beyond CreationEarthborn EvolutionEarthborn Evolutionseason_of_mist
26. 2014-12-08Violent HammerArmy Of The DamnedMore Victims: Demo 2014Shadow Kingdom
27. 2014-12-08NervochaosThe Devil's WorkThe Art Of Vengeancegreyhaze
28. 2014-12-08
29. 2014-12-08GhoulgothaGazin Into Melted NightThe Deathmass Cloakdark_descent
30. 2014-12-08Bastard FeastNoose Of SmokeOsculum Infameseason_of_mist
31. 2014-12-08Cannibal CorpseIndividual Pot PatternsFrom Wisdom To Bakedseason_of_mist
32. 2014-12-08Harvest GulgalthaManifestion Of Nightmares1 MLPnuclear_war_now
33. 2014-12-08
34. 2014-12-08RevengeAnnihilate OF ServeAttack.Blood.Revengenuclear_war_now
35. 2014-12-08EntrailsEaten By The DeadThe Tomb Awaitsmetalblade
36. 2014-12-08
37. 2014-12-08TexturesStream Of ConsciousnessDrawing Circleslistenable
38. 2014-12-08CynicCelestial VoyageFocusroadrunner
39. 2014-12-08Rings Of SaturnFinal Abhorrent DreamEmbryonic Anomaly
40. 2014-12-08FallujahThe Night RevealsThe Flesh Prevailsunique_leader
41. 2014-12-08Abysmal DawnHuman ObsolecenceObsolescncerelapse
42. 2014-12-08
43. 2014-12-08Meshuggahthe Exquisite Machinery of TortureChaospherenuclearblast
44. 2014-12-08CandiriaPrimary ObstaclesThe C.O.M.A. Imprintlakeshore
45. 2014-12-08AminalsPopulation ControlsDEAD Airself-released
46. 2014-12-08Everytime I DieNothing Dreadful Ever HappensLast Night in Townferret
47. 2014-12-08
48. 2014-12-08VaderRaining BloodLead Us!!
49. 2014-12-08Nilethe Howling of the JinnAmongst the Catacombs of Nephren-Karelapse
50. 2014-12-08Violent HeadacheTontoskinsReality Shows vol 2
51. 2014-12-08GridlinkRetract PerditionLonghenahandshake_inc
52. 2014-12-08Unchallenged HateMass MurdererReality Shows vol 2
53. 2014-12-08InfestExcess PigMankind
54. 2014-12-08TumorContaminated CorpseReality Shows vol 2
55. 2014-12-08Full Of HellEndless DroneRoots Of Earth Are Consuming My Home
56. 2014-12-08the Endless BlockadePathPrimitiveBuck Spin
57. 2014-12-08Einsturzende NeubautenEin Stuhl in der HoelleHaus der Luegerough_trade
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