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this is the collection of all the playlists that I've typed in.
the first show was on September 2 1996.
It will take a while to get there
So far, there are 1301 playlist up with 54728 songs played going back to 0000-00-00


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1. 2023-01-09Satan DecapitatedApocalyptic ChaosApocalyptic Chaos (2017)
2. 2022-12-19SATANIC WARMASTER02 Duke's Ride (Ride of the Spectral Hooves)Aamongandr (CD, LP, TAPE)Werewolf Records
3. 2022-09-12InsatanityVengeance From Beyond the GraveInsatanity & Immortal Suffering split CD
4. 2022-06-20Satanic Ripper05 Insane Satanic ScreamsSouthern Black SpellsBlood Harvest Records
5. 2022-04-18SatanBlades Of SteelCourt in The ActMetal Blade Records
6. 2022-04-11Satan’s HostMaledictionThis Legacy Will Never DieMoribund Records
7. 2022-03-28SatanTwelve Infernal LordsEarth InfernalMetal Blade Records
8. 2021-09-20Adolf SatanIn The Rain With No CocaineAdolf Satan
9. 2021-03-01Satan JokersDerrière les Portes ClosesLes Fils du Métal
10. 2020-12-28InsatanityDemons Within CreationHymns of the Gods Before
11. 2020-10-05Satan's HostShperic DestinyArchidoxes of Evil + Bonus (Official Release)Moribund Records
12. 2019-07-01Satanic SlaughterServant of SatanLand of the Unholy SoulsNecropolis
13. 2019-06-24Satanic Ripper07 The Call of the MoonSouthern Black SpellsBlood Harvest Records
14. 2019-04-22SatanKiss Of DeathKiss Of Death
15. 2019-04-15SatanKey To OblivionInto The Futuresteam_hammer
16. 2018-12-31Satanic SlaughterForever I BurnLand of the Unholy SoulsNecropolis
17. 2018-12-17SATANIC WARMASTER02 Funeral WolvesFimbulwinter (CD, LP, TAPE)Hells Headbangers Records
18. 2018-11-12Satan DecapitatedThe Return of CHRISTApocalyptic Chaos (2017)
19. 2018-09-24Satanic Goat RitualBlack Beast Of Damnation/SSPSplit - Satanic Goat Ritual/Goat Felchfudgeworthy
20. 2018-07-16Satan's HostMetal from Hell - 2011 version. Original appear...CELEBRATIONMoribund Records
21. 2018-06-25Adolf SatanSnail TrailAdolf Satan
22. 2018-06-11Satan My Master04-Scepter of doomThe King Of Hell ArrivesHelldprod Records
23. 2018-05-07Satan's WrathBetween Belial and SatanGalloping BlasphemyMetal Blade
24. 2018-03-26SATANIC WARMASTER15 Lords and TyrantsWe Are The Worms That Crawl On The Broken Wings Of An Angel (CD, LP)Hells Headbangers Records
25. 2018-03-26Satanic Surfers03 Self-MedicationBack From Hell CD/LPMondo Macabre Records
26. 2018-03-19Satan's HostWitches Return - 2011 version. Original appeare...CELEBRATIONMoribund Records
27. 2017-11-27SatanicProcessing The UndeadArchitecture of ChaosBrutal Records
28. 2017-10-30Satanic WarmasterBlack Metal KommandoBlack Metal Kommando - Gas ChamberWerewolf Records
29. 2017-08-28Satan's HostInfernal VictoryGreat American ScapeGoat 666Moribund Records
30. 2017-06-19Satan's WrathArchfiendAeons Of Satan's Reign
31. 2017-05-29SATANIC WARMASTERWolves Of Blood And IronBlack Metal Kommando / Gas Chamber (CD)Werewolf Records
32. 2017-02-20SATANIC WARMASTERMacht & EhreBlack Metal Kommando / Gas Chamber (CD)Werewolf Records
33. 2017-01-30SATANIC WARMASTER05 Dragon's EggFimbulwinter (CD, LP, TAPE)Hells Headbangers Records
34. 2016-11-21SatanTrial By FireCourt in The Actmetalblade
35. 2016-11-14Vinnum Dei Satanas03 A3. Pandemonium - Sunless DomainThe Wine Of Satan LPForever Plagued Records
36. 2016-08-29SATANIC WARMASTER03 The Burning Eyes Of The WerewolfBlack Metal Kommando / Gas Chamber (CD)Werewolf Records
37. 2016-07-11Satanic WarmasterWhere Eternity AwaitsBehexen / Satanic WarmasterHammer of Hate - via Metalhit
38. 2016-06-06SATANIC BLOODSPRAYINGDraining BloodAt the Mercy of Satan (CD, LP)Hells Headbangers Records
39. 2016-03-28SATANIC WARMASTER02 Funeral WolvesFimbulwinter (CD, LP, TAPE)Hells Headbangers Records
40. 2016-03-14SATANIC WARMASTERWinter's HungerFimbulwinter (CD, LP, TAPE)Hells Headbangers Records
41. 2016-01-18Satanic WarmasterBlack DestinyLux Satane (Thirteen Hymns of Finnish Devil Worship)Hells Headbangers Records
42. 2015-07-20Satanic SlaughterHatred of GodLand Of The Unholy Soulsnecropolis
43. 2015-05-11Satan's WrathDiabolical ShudderDie Evilmetalblade
44. 2015-02-09Satanic WarmasterWhen Thunders HailFimbulwinterhells_headbangers
45. 2014-04-21Satanwho dies winsSuspended Sentencesteam_hammer
46. 2014-04-07SatanCalculated ExecutionSuspended Sentencesteam_hammer
47. 2014-02-03SatanSuicidal JusticeSuspended Sentencesteam_hammer
48. 2014-01-13Satan's WrathDeath PossessedGalloping Blasphemymetalblade
49. 2013-12-16Satan's WrathEcstasies Of SorceryAeons Of Satan's Reignmetalblade
50. 2013-11-25Satan's WrathAll Of Us WitchesAeons Of Satan's Reignmetalblade
51. 2013-11-04Satan's WrathArchfiendAeons Of Satan's Reignmetalblade
52. 2013-07-15Satanic ThreatSatanic ThreatIn To Hellhells_headbangers
53. 2013-06-03Satanic Goat RitualBorn Of Goat's BloodSplit - Satanic Goat Ritual/Warlock 666old_cemetery
54. 2013-05-27Satanic Goat RitualDarkness Of DeathSplit - Satanic Goat Ritual/Warlock 666old_cemetery
55. 2013-02-25SatanAvalanche Of A Million HeartsSuspended Sentencesteam_hammer
56. 2013-01-28Satanic ThreatSmall God, Big CrossIn To Hellhells_headbangers
57. 2013-01-21Satanic BloodsprayingMarch The DeadAt The Mercy Of Satanhells_headbangers
58. 2013-01-21Satanic SlaughterDemons FeastLand Of The Unholy Soulsnecropolis
59. 2012-12-24Satanic BloodsprayingAt The Mercy Of SatanAt The Mercy Of Satanhells_headbangers
60. 2012-12-24Satanic SlaughterImmortal DeathLand Of The Unholy Soulsnecropolis
61. 2012-11-26Satanic BloodsprayingThe Day The Earth Stood StillAt The Mercy Of Satanhells_headbangers
62. 2012-11-19Satan's WrathOne Thousand Goats In SodomGalloping Blasphemymetalblade
63. 2012-10-29Satan's WrathGalloping BlasphemyGalloping Blasphemymetalblade
64. 2012-10-08Satan's WrathDeath To LifeGalloping Blasphemymetalblade
65. 2012-09-17Satan's WrathOne Thousand Goats In SodomGalloping Blasphemymetalblade
66. 2012-08-27Satanic BloodsprayingTetragrammatonAt The Mercy Of Satanhells_headbangers
67. 2012-08-20SatanWho Dies WinsSuspended Sentencesteam_hammer
68. 2011-11-21Satan's HostFor The Love Of SatanCELEDRATION - For The Love Of Satan - 25th Anniversary Albummoribund
69. 2011-07-04Satan's HostBlack Hilted KnifeBy The Hands Of The Devilmoribund
70. 2011-06-13Satan's HostBlack Hilted KnifeBy The Hands Of The Devilmoribund
71. 2011-05-02Satan's HostDemontiaBy The Hands Of The Devilmoribund
72. 2010-12-06SatanS.C.U.M.Suspended Sentencesteam_hammer
73. 2010-08-30Satanic SlaughterServant of SatanLand Of The Unholy Soulsnecropolis
74. 2010-06-21Satan11th CommandmentSuspended Sentencesteam_hammer
75. 2009-11-23Adolf SatanSnail TrailAdolf Satanonslaught
76. 2008-03-03Satan's HostPyromancy the Art of FireGreat American ScapeGoatmoribund
77. 2008-02-25Satan's HostHail SatanGreat American ScapeGoatmoribund
78. 2008-02-04Satan's HostBurning the Born AgainBurning the Born Again... (a new Philosophy)moribund
79. 2007-10-08Satan's HostA New PhilosophyBurning the Born Again... (a new Philosophy)moribund
80. 2007-10-01Satan's HostA Darkmoon GatheringBurning the Born Again... (a new Philosophy)moribund
81. 2007-09-24Satan's HostBurning the Born AgainBurning the Born Again... (a new Philosophy)moribund
82. 2006-11-13satanhear evil see evil speak evil
83. 2005-05-23Adolf Satansnail trail
84. 2005-05-09Adolf Satanjessica
85. 2005-01-24Adolf Satansnail trail
86. 2004-12-06satanic slaughtersatanic queen
87. 2004-11-15satanhear evil, see evil , speak evil
88. 2004-04-26satanhear evil, see evil, speak evil
89. 2003-05-13SatanHear evil, see evil, speak evil
90. 2001-11-13Satanic Slaughterservent of satan
91. 2001-10-23Satanwho dies wins
92. 2001-01-16Satanic SlaughterLegions of Hades
93. 2001-01-09Satanic SlaughterHatred of God
94. 2000-05-15Satanic SlaughterForever I Burn
95. 2000-04-24Satanic rites#1
96. 1999-12-27Satanic SlaughterBreath of the Serpent that Rules the Cold World
97. 1999-08-16Satanic SlaughterForever I burn
98. 1999-06-07Satanic SlaughterDemons Feast
99. 1999-05-24Satanic SlaughterForever I burn
100. 1997-10-27Satanic SlaughterHeaven Torn Assunder
101. 1997-09-01Satanic SlaughterForever I Burn
102. 1997-08-25Satanic SlaughterServant of Satan
103. 1997-08-18Satanic Slaughtersatanic queen
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