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this is the collection of all the playlists that I've typed in.
the first show was on September 2 1996.
It will take a while to get there
So far, there are 1348 playlist up with 56301 songs played going back to 0000-00-00


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1. 2007-06-18MinistryStigmataLand of Rape and HoneyWarner Bros
2. 2007-06-18Pig Destroyer4th degree burnsPhantom Limbrelapse
3. 2007-06-18magrudergrindorganized cell death
4. 2007-06-18napalm deathsuffer the children (live)Punishment in Capitals:armoury
5. 2007-06-18Assucksuffering quota
6. 2007-06-18Saint Jude#6
7. 2007-06-18Fuck the Factsthis means nothingCollection of Splits 2002-2004galy
8. 2007-06-18Machetazopudrete como un cerdoCarne De Cementeriorazorback
9. 2007-06-18vomitorywhispers from the deadTerrorize Brutalize Sodomizemetalblade
10. 2007-06-18PsytoxiaPrickerbush Pricked my PeckerGore on the Floorself-released
11. 2007-06-18Tears of Avarel#3 (live)
12. 2007-06-18Ion Dissonancescorn havenMinus the Herdabacus
13. 2007-06-18Pristinathe rat, the pig, the spiderBoner Jams 07spare_change
14. 2007-06-18Job for a Cowboymartyrdom unsealedGenesismetalblade
15. 2007-06-18pestilencelost soulsTestimony of the Ancientsroadrunner
16. 2007-06-18cattle decapitationBukkake Tsunami
17. 2007-06-18As Blood Runs Blackmy fears become phobias
18. 2007-06-18Backstabbers Incproblem solving techniques of an asshole
19. 2007-06-18most precious bloodthe great red shift
20. 2007-06-18putrescinethe benediction
21. 2007-06-18AngelcorpsehexensabbatOf Lucifer and Lighteningosmose
22. 2007-06-18bound in entrailsmyspace track
23. 2007-06-18SighInked in BloodHangman's Hymnend
24. 2007-06-18king diamondthe cellarGive me your Soul... Pleasemetalblade
25. 2007-06-18Chris Cafferyit's s.a.d.Pins and Needleslocomotive
26. 2007-06-18108angel strike man
27. 2007-06-18the number twelve looks like youalright, i admit it... it was a whore house
28. 2007-06-18decapitatedperfect dehumanization (the answer)
29. 2007-06-18The Acacia Strain4x4The Dead Walkprosthetic
30. 2007-06-18Cephalic CarnageEndless cycle of violenceXenosapienrelapse
31. 2007-06-18Forever in Terrorto Burn Alone, to Burn AliveRestless in the Tidesmetalblade
32. 2007-06-18AvskyKnowledge And HateMass Destructionhumanitys_plague
33. 2007-06-18vital remainsdisciples of hellIcons of Evilcenturymedia
34. 2007-06-18DisfearRat RaceMisanthropic Generationrelapse
35. 2007-06-18Despised Icona Fractured HandIlls of Modern Mancenturymedia
36. 2007-06-18malamordrowned only to be eaten
37. 2007-06-18Marduk1651Rom 5:12regain
38. 2007-06-18FinntrollMakteus SpiraUr Jordens Djupcenturymedia
39. 2007-06-18One Man Armyheaven knows no painError in Evolutionnuclearblast
40. 2007-06-18GravewormSuicide CodeCollateral Defectnuclearblast
41. 2007-06-18Lord BelialDeath Cult EraRevolation: the 7th Sealregain
42. 2007-06-18a terrible night for a curse#1
43. 2007-06-18Abnormality#32007 Demoself-released
44. 2007-06-1826 beersslapself-titledrodent_popsicle
45. 2007-06-18bitchslicerlychanthropic felatio
46. 2007-06-18motherboardead by dawn
47. 2007-06-18shiningbesvikesens dystra monotoni
48. 2007-06-183 Inches of Bloodthe great hall of feastingFire up the Bladesroadrunner
49. 2007-06-18Sonata ArcticacalebUnianuclearblast
50. 2007-06-18Dark TranquillityMiserys crownFictioncenturymedia
51. 2007-06-18darkest hourfull imperial collapseDeliver Usvictory
52. 2007-06-18Becoming the Archetypethe monoliththe Physics of Firesolid_state
53. 2007-06-18The Handshake Murdershow to kill
54. 2007-06-18the_Networkdead like youThis is your pigs portraitblackmarket_activities
55. 2007-06-18the Chariotthey drew their swords
56. 2007-06-18Einsturzende NeubautenEin Stuhl in der HoelleHaus der Luegerough_trade
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