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this is the collection of all the playlists that I've typed in.
the first show was on September 2 1996.
It will take a while to get there
So far, there are 1301 playlist up with 54728 songs played going back to 0000-00-00


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1. 2022-11-28AncientHomage To PanThe Cainian Chronicle
2. 2022-10-03Ancient CeremonyForbidden Fruit SapientiaSynagoga Diabolica
3. 2022-08-15Ancient FilthGrowth is CancerYou're Nothing You're Everything 7"
4. 2022-08-08Ancient CavalryImmortal PersianShahnamehDigital Dystopia
5. 2021-06-14AncientThe Emerald TabletMad Grandiose BloodfiendsMetal Blade
6. 2021-05-17AncientWillothewispMad Grandiose Bloodfiends
7. 2020-11-16Ancient GodsUnholy ForcesMystic Lands
8. 2020-10-26AncientPart II - Lilith's EmbraceThe Cainian Chronicle
9. 2020-06-08Ancient NecropsyFucking with an Unholy Witch from HellAncient Necropsy
10. 2020-02-17Ancient CrownOn Primal FireBlood Evolved
11. 2020-01-27Ancient WrathIn the fires of the ancient starsDarkness upon the face of the depthBlack Plague Records - via Metalhit
12. 2019-09-23AncientSleeping Princess of the ArgesMad Grandiose Bloodfiends
13. 2019-07-15AncientSatan's ChildrenProxima Centauri
14. 2019-04-29Ancient CryptsDevoured By SerpentsDevoured by Serpents TAPEIron Bonehead Productions
15. 2018-07-02AncientA Woeful SummoningThe Halls of Eternity
16. 2018-01-01AncientBeyond the Realms of InsanityProxima Centauri
17. 2017-08-21Ancient FilthHard BoiledEverything In The Void Cassette
18. 2017-07-03Ancient WrathThe dead ones dream eternallyDarkness upon the face of the depthBlack Plague Records - via Metalhit
19. 2017-03-20AncientTrumps of an arch-angelEerily Howling Winds - The Antediluvian Tapes
20. 2016-08-29AncientRape The Children Of AbelNight Visit
21. 2016-03-21Ancient CeremonyBabalon AscendsFallen Angel's Symphony
22. 2016-01-18Ancient RitesUnder The Sign Of LaguzLaguzMassacre (Soulfood)
23. 2016-01-11Ancient GodsTyrant of the AbyssAncient Gods & Infinitum Obscure Split
24. 2013-12-23AncientsSleeping Princess Of The ArgesMad Grandoise Bloodfriendsmetalblade
25. 2013-08-26Ancient CryptsBetween The Mortuary RemainsDevoured By Serpentshells_headbangers
26. 2013-02-04Ancient VVisdomFar Beyond Good & EvilDeathlikeprosthetic
27. 2012-10-29Will Of The AncientsLords Of The SeasWill Of The AncientsNorthern Storm Records
28. 2012-09-03Jess And The Ancient Ones13th Breath Of The ZodiacJess And The Ancient Onessvart
29. 2011-12-19Ancientthe Pagan CycleVarious Artist - Blackened IIblackend
30. 2010-07-26Ancient GodsTyrant Of The AbyssAncient Gods/Infinitum Obscure - Split CDutterly_somber
31. 2009-06-15Ancient WrathCold and Lifeless AeonDarkness Upon the Face of the Depthblack_plague
32. 2007-11-19Ancient Master#2Demo 2006self-released
33. 2007-01-15ancientthe battle of the ancient warroris
34. 2006-09-25wind of ancientsbard's tale
35. 2006-06-05ancientsatan's children
36. 2005-03-14Ancient Godsunholy engraved
37. 2005-02-07Ancient Godslegions from the lost empire
38. 2005-01-31Ancient Godsdemon's land
39. 2005-01-24Ancient Godsunholy forces
40. 2004-02-02the ancientcosmic exile
41. 2002-03-05Ancient SlumberShadow Iminity
42. 2002-03-05Ancient SlumberShadow Iminity
43. 2001-10-30The Ancientthe Witch
44. 2001-10-30The Ancientthe Witch
45. 2001-10-16AncientEyes of the Dead
46. 2001-10-09AncientOn Blackest Wings
47. 2001-09-25The AncientIn the Abyss of the Cursed Souls
48. 2001-09-04Ancientthe Draining
49. 2001-09-04Ancientthe Draining
50. 2001-05-22The AncientSleeping Princess of the Arges
51. 2001-01-23AncientSleeping Princess of the Arges
52. 2000-09-04AncientI, Madman
53. 2000-01-17the AncientSleeping Princess of the Arger
54. 2000-01-10the Ancientthe Heritage
55. 2000-01-03the AncientCosmic Exile
56. 1999-12-20the AncientSpiritual Supremacy
57. 1999-12-13the AncientI, Madman
58. 1999-12-13Ancient RebirthArmageddish Executiuon (the Feast of the Ancient Rebirths)
59. 1999-12-06the Ancientfrom Behind Comes the Sword
60. 1999-11-30Ancient RitesFatherland
61. 1999-11-30the AncientArrival
62. 1999-11-22the Ancientthe Heritage
63. 1999-11-15the Ancientthe Halls of Eternaity
64. 1999-11-08the AncientFrom Behind comes the Sword
65. 1999-11-01AncientA woefull Summoning
66. 1999-10-25the Ancientthe Battle of the Ancient Warriors
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