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this is the collection of all the playlists that I've typed in.
the first show was on September 2 1996.
It will take a while to get there
So far, there are 1349 playlist up with 56325 songs played going back to 0000-00-00


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1. 2010-09-20MinistryStigmataLand of Rape and HoneyWarner Bros
2. 2010-09-20
3. 2010-09-20Clinging To The Trees Of A Forest FireI Walked Away From The Human RaceSongs Of Ill Hope And Desperationprosthetic
4. 2010-09-20GorezoneConsuming The WeakBrutalities Of Modern Dominationxtreem
5. 2010-09-20BloodthirstSanctity DeniedSanctity Deniedpagan
6. 2010-09-20Cannibal CorpseDead Human CollectionBloodthirstmetalblade
7. 2010-09-20
8. 2010-09-20SlayerHell AwaitsHell Awaitsmetalblade
9. 2010-09-20Ares KingdomAshen GloryIncendiarynuclear_war_now
10. 2010-09-20The AbsenceDeepest WoundEnemy Unboundmetalblade
11. 2010-09-20Ablaze My SorrowThe Truth Is SoldThe Plagueno_fashion
12. 2010-09-20
13. 2010-09-20InfernaeonLegacy Of KaneGenesis To Nemesisprosthetic
14. 2010-09-20Keep Of KalessinThe Dragon TowerReptiliannuclearblast
15. 2010-09-20SabatonScreaming EaglesCoat Of Armsnuclearblast
16. 2010-09-20
17. 2010-09-20EnablerUnconditional SurrenderEden Sank To Grieffuck_city_666
18. 2010-09-20The SwordTres BrujasTres Brujas (single)kemado
19. 2010-09-20
20. 2010-09-20Blasphemy RritesAcoholic SabbathHideous Lordpagan
21. 2010-09-20CsejtheDerelictionTrancendancemorbid_winter
22. 2010-09-20HellvetoKraina MgielKrypagan
23. 2010-09-20Led To The GraveMetalwhoreSent To Burnself-released
24. 2010-09-20
25. 2010-09-20Brain DrillObliteration UntoldQuantum Catastrophemetalblade
26. 2010-09-20Pathology (US)Code InjectionLegacy Of The Ancientsvictory
27. 2010-09-20Beneath the MassacreDesigned To StrangleMaree Noireprosthetic
28. 2010-09-20ScaphismPathogenic BacteriaRib Tickling Brutality and Hilarious Atrocitiesself-released
29. 2010-09-20
30. 2010-09-20Misery IndexThe Great DepressionRetaliatenuclearblast
31. 2010-09-20MorticianMauled Beyond RecognitionChainsaw Dismembermentrelapse
32. 2010-09-20KatalepsyCarpet WoundingTriumph Of Evilutionsoulflesh_collector
33. 2010-09-20SanctorumEvil Has no BoundariesVarious Artists - Gateway to Hell 2: A Tribute To Slayerdwell
34. 2010-09-20
35. 2010-09-20Sam Black ChurchLocked Unit '98Various Artists - Wonderdrug: UpThe Dosagewonderdrug
36. 2010-09-20AllegaeonFrom Seed To ThroneFragments of Form and Functionmetalblade
37. 2010-09-20Through the Eyes of the DeadAs Good As DeadMaliceprosthetic
38. 2010-09-20Tears of AvarelFarmer's MarketDeath Of A Hemophiliac
39. 2010-09-20HerdsFull Wolf MoonHerds 7"deer_healer
40. 2010-09-20Napalm DeathUnchallenged HateDeath By Manipulationearache
41. 2010-09-20
42. 2010-09-20Stiny PalmenuPod Tihou TmyMrtva Komoranaga
43. 2010-09-20NunslaughterBuried AliveHells Unholy Firerevenge_productions
44. 2010-09-20Hour Of 13Naked StarThe Ritualisteyes_like_snow
45. 2010-09-20Heaven and HellDie Youngradio city music hall live 2007rhino
46. 2010-09-20
47. 2010-09-20Demons And WizardsFiddler On The Greenself-titledspv
48. 2010-09-20King Of AsgardHeroes BrigadeFi'mbulvintrmetalblade
49. 2010-09-20SkogenElders GateVittrafrostscald
50. 2010-09-20Shape of DispairAngels Of DistressAngels Of Distressrelapse
51. 2010-09-20MindrotForlornForlornrelapse
52. 2010-09-20
53. 2010-09-20FuneraliumLight CrisisFuneralium
54. 2010-09-20Einsturzende NeubautenEin Stuhl in der HoelleHaus der Luegerough_trade
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