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this is the collection of all the playlists that I've typed in.
the first show was on September 2 1996.
It will take a while to get there
So far, there are 1294 playlist up with 54493 songs played going back to 0000-00-00


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1. 2022-11-07Meliah RageBates MotelKill To SurviveEpic Records
2. 2022-05-02Intense Hammer RageI Drempt I Had A VaginaDevoGrindPornGoreCoreaphile
3. 2022-04-18RageReign Of FearReign Of Fearnoise
4. 2022-02-21Misanthropic RageNothing but RageTowards the Greyscale Aphorysm
5. 2022-02-14Demonic RageSulphuric Congregation Towards the Holocaust of All Sacred and HolyVenomous Wine From Putrid Bodies LPIron Bonehead Productions
6. 2021-12-13MirageHellbound...And The Earth Shall Crumble
7. 2021-10-11Rage In My EyesDARE TO DEFYSpiral (EP) - Out Oct 15Self-Released
8. 2021-07-05Intense Hammer RageThe Promise of Horror and WorsAvagoyamugs
9. 2021-05-17MiragePunisher...And The Earth Shall Crumble
10. 2021-02-22MirageSo Many Years Ago...And The Earth Shall CrumbleMetal Masters
11. 2021-02-08NightrageFrozenDescent into ChaosKing
12. 2021-01-18Meliah RageMeliah RageKill To Survive
13. 2021-01-18MirageHeading For The Sun...And The Earth Shall Crumble
14. 2020-11-23Meliah RageImpaling DoomKill To Survive
15. 2020-11-16Intense Hammer RageWet BonesDevoGrindPornGoreCoreaphile
16. 2020-07-13Intense Hammer RageHuman PieDevoGrindPornGoreCoreaphile
17. 2019-11-25Meliah RageUndefeatedThe Deep and Dreamless SleepTribunal Records
18. 2019-11-11Meliah RageMeliah RageKill To Surviveepic
19. 2019-05-13DestrageAt the Cost of PleasureThe Chosen OneMetal Blade Records
20. 2019-04-22Sudden RagePressure From The InsidesFire Up The Chainsaw
21. 2019-04-01RageTrue Face in EveryoneReflections
22. 2019-04-01Blinded By RageBlack IceBlinded By Rage
23. 2018-11-05Meliah RageThe PackKill To Surviveepic
24. 2018-11-05RageDon't Fear the WinterPerfect Mannoise
25. 2018-10-15Intense Hammer RageLaugh at You You're DyingAvagoyamugs
26. 2018-04-23Silent RageRebel With A CauseDon't Touch Me Therebmg
27. 2018-02-12Nerve Gas TragedyEndless PainDemo
28. 2018-01-01Meliah RageDecade of DreamsUnfinished BusinessLocomotive Records
29. 2017-11-27Nerve Gas TragedyDie AloneDemo
30. 2017-08-14Intense Hammer RageThe Mechanism Of DefecationDevoGrindPornGoreCoreaphile
31. 2017-04-24Meliah RageMeliah RageKill To Surviveepic
32. 2016-11-07RageDeceiverReign Of Fearnoise
33. 2016-10-24DestrageSilent ConsentA Means to No EndMetal Blade Records
34. 2016-06-27TragedyThe Ending FightCan We Call This Life? EP
35. 2016-05-23TragedyProducts of A Cold WarSelf Titledtragedy
36. 2016-04-18Meliah RageThe PackKill To Surviveepic
37. 2016-04-18Silent RageSome Kind Of WomanShattered Heartschameleon
38. 2015-03-16Sacral RageLost Chapter E. SutratmaIllusions In Infinite Voidcruz_del_sur
39. 2014-12-01Demonic RageEvoking The Pestilence + Cadaver Christ's DesecrationVenomus Wine From Putrid Bodiesiron_bonehead
40. 2014-08-18Intense Hammer RageRoly Poly Chunks Of A Pathetic Obese CowAvagoyamugs
41. 2014-04-28Meliah RageImpaling DoomKill To Surviveepic
42. 2014-04-21Silent RageDon't Touch Me ThereDon't Touch Me Thererca
43. 2014-03-17LoudrageAs Long As I LiveUglier Than Thouself-released
44. 2014-02-24DestrageG.O.D.Are You Kidding Me? No.metalblade
45. 2013-12-16RageOpen My GraveCarved In Stonelocomotive
46. 2013-10-07Intense Hammer RageMy Fist, Her Face, Same Time, Same PlaceAvagoyamugs
47. 2013-08-19TragedyCall To ArmsVengeancetragedy
48. 2013-07-29TragedyThe HungerNerve Damagetragedy
49. 2013-05-20Silent RageRebel With A CauseShattered Heartschameleon
50. 2013-05-20TragedyRabid PanicNerve Damagetragedy
51. 2012-09-17RageDon't Fear the WinterPerfect Mannoise
52. 2012-06-04LeverageMister UniverseBlind Fireblistering
53. 2012-03-26TragedyEyes Of MadnessNerve Damagetragedy
54. 2012-03-05Meliah RageLast Of The WantedThe Deep and Dreamless Sleepwarcon
55. 2012-02-13TragedyThe HungerNerve Damagetragedy
56. 2011-09-12RageThat's Human BondageReflections Of A Shadownoise
57. 2011-07-18Haunted GarageWelcome To HellPossession Parkmetalblade
58. 2011-07-04RageOpen My GraveCarved In Stonelocomotive
59. 2011-05-30RageReflections Of A ShadowReflections Of A Shadownoise
60. 2011-05-02RageMirrorVarious Artist - Doomsday News 2noise
61. 2010-07-19RageDon't Fear the WinterPerfect Mannoise
62. 2010-07-05Meliah RageSolitary SolitudeSolitary Solitudecombat
63. 2009-09-14TragedyCall To ArmsVengeancetragedy
64. 2009-07-06RageIn the Darkest HourPerfect Mannoise
65. 2009-05-18TragedyNo End in Sight
66. 2009-04-13Meliah RageDenial of RuleSolitary Solitudecombat
67. 2008-06-09RageCarved in StoneCarved in Stonelocomotive
68. 2008-03-31RageIn the Darkest HourPerfect Mannoise
69. 2008-03-03TragedyNight FallsVengeancetragedy
70. 2007-12-24Tragedythe End FightCan We Call This Life 7"tragedy
71. 2007-01-22meliah ragethe deep and dreamless sleept
72. 2007-01-15meliah rageundefeated
73. 2005-10-24nightragephatasma
74. 2005-04-11nightragerelease
75. 2005-03-28nightrageomen
76. 2005-03-21nightragerelease
77. 2005-03-14nightragefrozen
78. 2005-03-07nightragedescent into cahaos
79. 2005-02-21silence after tragedywith broken men come broken dreams
80. 2005-02-14the silence after tragedychanging the tide
81. 2005-01-31nerve gas tragedydie alone
82. 2005-01-24silence after tragedyfifteen love
83. 2005-01-17silence after tragedywith broken memory, comes broken dreams
84. 2004-12-27nerve gas tragedyendless pain
85. 2004-12-13nerve gas tragedyendless pain
86. 2004-12-06nerve gas tragedydie alone
87. 2004-11-29nerve gas tragedynever cease
88. 2004-04-26Tragedyno end in sight
89. 2004-04-12Tragedyno end in sight
90. 2003-12-08Tragedyno end in sight
91. 2003-09-29Tragedyno end in sight
92. 2003-09-15Tragedyi abstain
93. 2003-06-03Maliah Ragethe witching
94. 2000-04-10Meliah RageImpaling Doom
95. 1999-10-25Meliah RageMind Stalk
96. 1997-10-20RageBullet
97. 1997-05-19Meliah RageWear+tear
98. 1997-05-12Meliah Ragethe Wiching
99. 1997-05-05Meliah RageSoldier of Solitude
100. 1997-03-03Meliah RageWear + tear
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