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this is the collection of all the playlists that I've typed in.
the first show was on September 2 1996.
It will take a while to get there
So far, there are 1301 playlist up with 54728 songs played going back to 0000-00-00


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1. 2023-03-20BaneSunflowers and SunsetsGive BloodEqual Vision Records
2. 2022-07-04BaneWasted on the YoungThe NoteEqual Vision
3. 2022-06-20BaneBoth Guns BlazingHolding This Moment
4. 2022-06-13BaneCount Me OutHolding This MomentEqual Vision
5. 2021-12-06Sunlights BaneFrom Heaven WeptThe Blackest Volume
6. 2021-10-04Sunlights BaneDance of ThornsThe Blackest Volume
7. 2021-09-13Sunlights BaneI'm the Cold Harsh Wispers in HellThe Blackest Volume
8. 2020-12-14Bane of ExistenceDenouncedHumanity's. Splintered. Salvation
9. 2020-06-08Sunlights BaneThe Blessed Ivory TongueThe Blackest Volume
10. 2019-10-14Sunlights BaneCursed Diminished YearsThe Blackest Volume
11. 2019-05-06BanePot CommittedSpring Sampler 2005
12. 2018-11-19Baneful StormDamned to FireInvocationsInvictus Productions
13. 2018-07-16Bane of ExistenceCankerousHumanity's. Splintered. Salvation
14. 2018-03-12BaneBoth Guns BlazingHolding This Moment
15. 2018-01-29BaneFinal Backward GlanceDon't Wait Up
16. 2017-08-28Bane of ExistenceSolace in the Arms of the DeadHumanity's. Splintered. Salvation
17. 2017-01-30BaneSuperheroHolding This Moment
18. 2017-01-23Sunlight's Bane04 - CURSED DIMINISHED YEARSThe Blackest VolumeWolf Force Corporation
19. 2016-02-15Bane Of ExistenceArt Of FistingHumanity's Splintered Salvation
20. 2015-09-07DogbaneKarmaWhen Karma Comes CallingHeaven And Hell
21. 2015-09-07Bane of ExistenceSanguinary Annihilation2005 mixesself-released
22. 2015-02-09Bane of ExistenceIconoclastHumanity's Splintered Salvationself-released
23. 2013-11-04Bane of ExistenceCancerousLive In Lowell
24. 2012-12-24Bane (RS)The End Of HumanityThe Acausal Fire
25. 2012-11-19BaneWoulda Shoulda CouldaThe Noteevr
26. 2012-07-16Bane of ExistenceEvicerationHumanity's Splintered Salvationself-released
27. 2012-02-13Bane of ExistenceSubjugateHumanity's Splintered Salvationself-released
28. 2008-02-25GrimbaneTyrannize ChristiansLet The Empires Fallmoribund
29. 2006-11-20bane of existenceart of fisting
30. 2005-08-15bane of existenceart of fisting
31. 2005-06-13bane of existencesubjugate
32. 2005-01-31bane of existenceart of fisting
33. 2004-11-29bane of existenceart of fist
34. 2004-08-02bane of existencesubjugate
35. 2004-06-07bane of existence
36. 2004-02-02bane of existencecankerous
37. 2004-01-26bane of existencesolace in the arms of the dead
38. 2003-11-03bane of existencesolance in the arms of the dead
39. 2003-08-19Bane of ExistenceSolace in the ams of the dead
40. 2003-03-18Bane of ExistenceDenounced
41. 2003-03-11Bane of ExistenceDenounced
42. 2003-03-04Bane of ExistenceSolace in the arms of the dead
43. 2003-02-25Bane of ExistenceApocalyptic Disenchantment
44. 2003-02-18Bane of Existencetje approaching
45. 2003-02-11Bane of ExistenceSolace in the Arms of the Dead
46. 2003-02-04Bane of ExistenceSubjugate
47. 2003-01-28Bane of ExistenceArt of Fisting
48. 2001-05-29Bane of Existence#2
49. 2001-04-17Bane of Existence#3
50. 2001-04-10Bane of Existence#1
51. 2001-04-03Bane of Existence#2
52. 2001-03-27Bane of Existence#4
53. 2001-03-20Bane of Existence#1
54. 2000-12-31Bane of ExistenceEviceration
55. 2000-12-12Bane of ExistenceArt of Fisting
56. 2000-12-12Bane of ExistenceArt of Fisting
57. 2000-08-07BaneCount me out
58. 1999-11-08BaneMy Cross to Bare
59. 1997-05-19Baneforked Tongue
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