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this is the collection of all the playlists that I've typed in.
the first show was on September 2 1996.
It will take a while to get there
So far, there are 1274 playlist up with 53828 songs played going back to 0000-00-00


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1. 2022-06-13MelecheshDesert Pentagrama Tribute to Hell "satanic Rites [Disc 2]
2. 2021-03-01MelecheshEnki Divine Nature AwokenEnkiNuclear Blast Records
3. 2021-02-01MelecheshBaphomet's LustAs Jerusalem Burns... Al'Intisar
4. 2019-12-09MelecheshSand Grain UniverseEmissariesOsmose Productions
5. 2019-10-07MelecheshSecrets of Sumerian SphynxologySphynxThe End
6. 2018-12-17MelecheshDeluge of Delusional Dreams; Act I - Cast Tempest from the East-Act IIEmissariesOsmose Productions
7. 2018-05-14MelecheshAssyrian SpiritAs Jerusalem Burns... Al'Intisarwar_is_imminent
8. 2018-02-19MelecheshTablets of FateSphynxThe End
9. 2017-01-30MelecheshBabylon FellOrder of the Tyrants: A tribute to Celtic Frostdwell
10. 2017-01-16MelecheshThe Sorcerers of MelecheshAs Jerusalem Burns... Al'Intisar
11. 2016-11-28MelecheshPlanetary RitesAs Jerusalem Burns... Al'Intisarwar_is_imminent
12. 2016-05-23MelecheshLadders to SumeriaEmissariesOsmose Productions
13. 2016-02-08MelecheshThe Magickan And The DronesThe EpigenesisNuclear Blast GmbH
14. 2015-12-07MelecheshAs Jerusalem Burns... Al'IntisarAs Jerusalem Burns... Al'Intisarwar_is_imminent
15. 2015-06-22MelecheshMetatron And ManEnkinuclearblast
16. 2015-06-08MelecheshBabylon FellVarious Artists - Order Of The Tyrantsdwell
17. 2015-03-09MelecheshMultiple TruthsEnkinuclearblast
18. 2015-03-02MelecheshLost TribesEnkinuclearblast
19. 2014-05-12MelecheshDesert PentagramVarious Artists - A Tribute to Hell - Satanic Rites
20. 2013-09-09MelecheshBaphomet's LustAs Jerusalem Burns... Al'Intisarwar_is_imminent
21. 2013-05-13MelecheshAnnunaki's Gloden ThronesSphynxend
22. 2012-10-15MelecheshGyroscopeEmissariesend
23. 2012-06-11MelecheshBabylon FellVarious Artists - Order Of The Tyrants
24. 2012-03-05MelecheshSecrets Of Sumarian SphynxologySphynxend
25. 2011-02-14MelecheshGhouls Of NinevehThe Epigenesisnuclearblast
26. 2011-01-31MelecheshMystics Of The PillarThe Epigenesisnuclearblast
27. 2010-12-13MelecheshIllumination - the Face Of ShamashThe Epigenesisnuclearblast
28. 2010-11-29MelecheshSacred GeometryThe Epigenesisnuclearblast
29. 2010-11-22MelecheshGhouls Of NinevehThe Epigenesisnuclearblast
30. 2010-11-15MelecheshSacred GeometryThe Epigenesisnuclearblast
31. 2010-11-08MelecheshMystics Of The PillarThe Epigenesisnuclearblast
32. 2010-11-01MelecheshGrand Gathas Of Baal SinThe Epigenesisnuclearblast
33. 2010-10-25MelecheshGrand Gathas Of Baal SinThe Epigenesisnuclearblast
34. 2010-06-28MelecheshPlanetary RitesAs Jerusalem Burns... Al'Intisarwar_is_imminent
35. 2010-05-31MelecheshAs Jerusalem Burns Al'IntisarAs Jerusalem Burns... Al'Intisarwar_is_imminent
36. 2010-03-29MelecheshBaphomet's LustAs Jerusalem Burns... Al'Intisarwar_is_imminent
37. 2009-07-13MelecheshBaphomet's LustAs Jerusalem Burns... Al'Intisarwar_is_imminent
38. 2009-03-30Melecheshbaphomet's lustAs Jerusalem Burns... Al'Intisarwar_is_imminent
39. 2007-12-31MelecheshLadders of SumeriaEmissariesend
40. 2007-06-04MelecheshDeluge of Delusional DreamsEmissariesend
41. 2007-04-23melecheshrebirth of the nemesis
42. 2007-04-02melecheshleper jerusalem
43. 2007-03-19melecheshgyroscope
44. 2007-02-26melecheshrebirth of the nemesis
45. 2007-02-19melecheshsand grain universe
46. 2007-02-12Melecheshladders of sumeriaEmissariesend
47. 2007-02-05melecheshthe scribes of kur
48. 2007-01-29melecheshleper jerusalem
49. 2007-01-22melecheshtouchinf the spheres of sephiroth
50. 2007-01-15melecheshrebirth of the nemesis
51. 2006-12-18melecheshhymn of gibil
52. 2005-12-19melecheshas jerusalem burns
53. 2005-05-23melecheshbaphomet's lust
54. 2004-10-25melecheshsymbiotic in theory
55. 2004-08-23melecheshbaphomet's lust
56. 2004-08-09melecheshsultan of mischief
57. 2004-03-01melecheshincendium between mirage and time
58. 2004-02-23melecheshpurifiers of the stars
59. 2004-02-16Melecheshtriangualr tattvic fire
60. 2004-02-09melecheshtablets of fire
61. 2003-06-03MelecheshAs Jerusalem Burns Al'Intisar
62. 2002-09-24Melecheshdevil's night
63. 2002-07-17MelecheshSultan of Mischief
64. 2002-04-30MelecheshDance of the Black Genii
65. 2002-03-19Melecheshhymn to gibil
66. 2002-03-05MelecheshSultan of Mischief
67. 2002-03-05MelecheshSultan of Mischief
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