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this is the collection of all the playlists that I've typed in.
the first show was on September 2 1996.
It will take a while to get there
So far, there are 1225 playlist up with 52090 songs played going back to 0000-00-00


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1. 2021-10-04HELLVETRONTitahion- Foul Eaters of the Clay of DeathDeath Scroll Of Seven Hells And It's Infernal MajestiesHells Headbangers Records
2. 2021-08-02Hellion (ARG)Asesino de MetalHellion
3. 2021-06-21Hell Strike02 Chains of FrostHellstrikeChaos Records
4. 2021-04-19Full of HellDigital PrisonTrumpeting Ecstasy
5. 2021-03-22HellBlasphemy And The MasterHuman RemainsNuclear Blast GmbH
6. 2021-01-18Hell-Born4 - UroborosNatas LiahSelf-Released
7. 2020-11-09ALCOHELLDRUGS03 - AlcohelldrugsInfernal Metal PunkMurder Records
8. 2020-09-28Hellsodomy08 Mortem in ComfortMorbid CultSaturnal Records
9. 2020-08-03This Is HellLast Days CampaignMisfortunesTrust Kill
10. 2020-04-27HellgardeNLearned to Play DirtyMaking Noise, Living FastBrutal Records
11. 2020-03-02New HellSnake CircleDeath, Rot, and Ruin
12. 2020-01-20Hellgoat04 Within the VoidBlasphemy from Serpent TonguesBoris Records
13. 2020-01-13Fearless Iranians From HellLife Inside IranDie For Allah LP
14. 2019-12-16New HellDeath, Rot, and RuinDeath, Rot, and Ruin
15. 2019-11-25Full of HellAngels Gather HereWeeping ChoirRelapse Records
16. 2019-11-18Hellsodomy05 From the Seed to the GraveMorbid CultSaturnal Records
17. 2019-06-17This Is HellIn ShamblesMisfortunesTrust Kill
18. 2019-06-03ALL HELLBlack BloodThe Witch's GrailProsthetic Records
19. 2019-05-20Full of HellRainbow CoilWeeping ChoirRelapse Records
20. 2019-05-13Hellish Grave03 Revenant AwakeningHell No Longer WaitsHelldprod Records
21. 2019-05-13Full of HellAria of Jeweled TearsWeeping ChoirRelapse Records
22. 2019-03-25New HellSnake CircleDeath, Rot, and RuinSelf-Released
23. 2018-12-03HellhammerReaperDemon Entrailsmetalblade
24. 2018-05-28HellnationHellnation - 15 - OutsiderDynamite Up Your Ass
25. 2018-05-14HellhammerThe Third Of The StormsDemon Entrails
26. 2018-03-26HelloweenJuggernaut (Frank Marino cover)
27. 2018-01-15HellspawnAncient PossessionLords Of Eternity
28. 2017-12-11HellGehennae IncendiisCurse & ChapterNuclear Blast Records
29. 2017-12-04HellwitchNosferatuSyzygial MiscreancyDispleased Records - via Metalhit
30. 2017-10-30HelloweenPhantoms Of DeathWalls Of Jericho
31. 2017-10-23HellhammerSatanic RitesDemon Entrails
32. 2017-09-04HellwitchPorophoric SeizureSyzygial MiscreancyDispleased Records - via Metalhit
33. 2017-08-07HellwitchInfernal Death (Death cover)Omnipotent ConvocationXtreem Music
34. 2017-07-17Hellgoat04 Within the VoidBlasphemy from Serpent TonguesBoris Records
35. 2017-07-10HellBlasphemy And The MasterHuman RemainsNuclear Blast GmbH
36. 2017-03-20Ticket to HellMetallic OverdoseOperation
37. 2017-02-20Full of HellThe Bed Is BurningRoots Of Earth Are Consuming My Home
38. 2017-01-09This Is HellFearless VampiresMisfortunesTrust Kill
39. 2017-01-02All HellGraveyard DustThe Red SectHorror Pain Gore Death Productions
40. 2016-12-12Full Of HellFox WombFull Of Hell//Code Orange Kids
41. 2016-11-21HellionRun For Your LifePostcards From The Asylumnew_renaissance
42. 2016-11-07HelloweenHalloweenKeeper of the Seven Keys (part I)rca
43. 2016-06-20Hellsworn03 LifelessRepulsive ExistenceUnderground Movement
44. 2016-05-09HelleborusEdge Of Black WatersThe Carnal SabbathBlack Plague Records
45. 2016-05-09POWER FROM HELLThe Black FuneralSadismo (LP)Hells Headbangers Records
46. 2016-04-04HelloweenHeavy Metal (Is The Law)Walls Of Jericho
47. 2016-02-29HellSave Us From Those Who Would Save UsHuman RemainsNuclear Blast GmbH
48. 2016-01-18Power From HellREVELATIONS OF FLESHDevil's WhorehouseHells Headbangers Records
49. 2015-11-23HellshockDesensitizedBurn EP
50. 2015-11-09This is HellNobody Leaves Without Singing The BluesSundowningtrustkill
51. 2015-10-19HelloweenMetal InvadersWalls Of Jericho
52. 2015-10-12HellishSilent NightTheurgist's SpellBlood Harvest
53. 2015-09-28HellhammerPower Of SatanDemon Entrailsmetalblade
54. 2015-06-22HelloweenLost In AmericaMy God-Given Rightnuclearblast
55. 2015-06-01Trench HellSouthern Cross RipperSouthern Cross Ripper
56. 2015-04-13Hellish OutcastI Can No Longer See The SunStay Of Executionlistenable
57. 2015-03-02Trench HellSouthern Cross RipperSouthern Cross Ripper
58. 2014-12-08Full Of HellEndless DroneRoots Of Earth Are Consuming My Home
59. 2014-11-03HelloweenMurdererWalls Of Jericho
60. 2014-10-27HelloweenLight The Universe (Feat. Candice Night)Keeper of the Seven Keys (part II)
61. 2014-10-27All HellFrom Far BeyondThe Devil's Workhorror_pain_gore_death
62. 2014-10-06This Is HellPermanenceSundowningtrustkill
63. 2014-06-09HelloweenVictim Of FateWalls Of Jericho
64. 2014-06-09HellhammerTrumph of Death!Demon Entrails
65. 2014-03-03HellhammerEvoked Damnation12"
66. 2014-01-13HellDarkangelCurse & Chapternuclearblast
67. 2013-09-09HellhammerBlood InsanityDemon Entrailsmetalblade
68. 2013-08-26HellThe QuestHuman Remainsnuclearblast
69. 2013-08-12Hell ShockAs I DieSymbols Of Aggressionzodiac
70. 2013-07-29HellhammerMassacra12"
71. 2013-06-17HellhammerBlood InsanityDemon Entrails
72. 2013-03-25HellsawA Winter ColdTristnapalm
73. 2012-12-31HellsawDeah BellsTristnapalm
74. 2012-12-24HellbringerNecromancer's ReturnDominion Of Darkness
75. 2012-10-29HellvetronGehinnom- Hellwomb of the Impure Hag QueensDeath Scroll Of Seven Hells And It's Infernal Majestieshells_headbangers
76. 2012-10-01HelloweenRest In PeaceVisions of the Night
77. 2012-08-20HellvetronTzalemoth - Shadow Of DeathDeath Scroll Of Seven Hells And It's Infernal Majestieshells_headbangers
78. 2012-08-13HellhammerReady For A SlaughterDemon Entrails
79. 2012-08-06HellsawBeldam 1450Tristnapalm
80. 2012-06-04HellsawA Winter ColdTristnapalm
81. 2012-05-14HellsawSorrow Is HorrorTristnapalm
82. 2012-03-26HellchildInsurrection of the Living DeadDeeper the Wound
83. 2012-01-23HellhammerTrumph of Death!Apocalyptic Raids
84. 2012-01-09Heaven and HellDie Youngradio city music hall live 2007rhino
85. 2011-11-14HelloweenI Want OutKeeper of the Seven Keys (part II)rca
86. 2011-11-07Raise HellLegions Of CreepsHoly Targetnuclearblast
87. 2011-11-07HellspawnAncient PossessionLords Of Eternityrotten
88. 2011-10-31HelloweenIntro: Happy Helloween/A Little TimeI Want Out - Livenoise
89. 2011-09-05HellOn Earth As It Is In HellPlague And Fyrenuclearblast
90. 2011-08-15HellHuman RemainsPlague And Fyrenuclearblast
91. 2011-03-21HellhammerTrumph of Death!Demon Entrails
92. 2011-02-21HelloweenPhantoms of DeathWalls Of Jerichonoise
93. 2011-02-07Ticket To HellMetallic OverdoseOperation:Crash Coursemy_kingdom
94. 2011-01-24Heaven and HellChildren Of The Searadio city music hall live 2007rhino
95. 2011-01-17HelloweenAre You Metal?7 Sinnersspv
96. 2011-01-17Ticket To HellIsolation RowOperation:Crash Coursemy_kingdom
97. 2010-12-27HelloweenWorld Of Fantasy7 Sinnersspv
98. 2010-10-25HelloweenHelloweenKeeper of the Seven Keys (part I)rca
99. 2010-10-04Heaven and HellLady Evilradio city music hall live 2007rhino
100. 2010-09-20HellvetoKraina MgielKrypagan
101. 2010-09-20Heaven and HellDie Youngradio city music hall live 2007rhino
102. 2010-09-13HellhammerHorus & Aggressor
103. 2010-08-30HellvetoPowiedz Mi...Krypagan
104. 2010-07-19Ov HellDevil's HarlotThe Underworld Regineprosthetic
105. 2010-05-24Ov HellPerpetual NightThe Underworld Regineprosthetic
106. 2010-05-10Ov HellPost Modern SaddistThe Underworld Regineprosthetic
107. 2010-05-03Ov HellPerpetual NightThe Underworld Regineprosthetic
108. 2010-04-26HelloweenForever And OnUnarmedend
109. 2010-04-19HellhammerHorus & Aggressor
110. 2010-04-05Rot In HellIron HaloVarious Artist: Chainsaw Safetychainsaw_safety
111. 2010-01-11Hellsawthe Black DeathColdnapalm
112. 2009-11-02HelloweenStarlightDoomsday Newsnoise
113. 2009-07-06HellwitchViral ExogenceSyzygial Miscreancydispleased
114. 2009-06-15Heaven and HellFearThe Devil You Knowrhino
115. 2009-05-18HellnationPolice PoliceA Sound Like Shit
116. 2009-05-18HellchildInsurrection of the Living DeadDeeper the Wound
117. 2009-04-13HellsawDer HarzwaldColdnapalm
118. 2009-04-06Hellsawthe Black DeathColdnapalm
119. 2009-03-30Hellsawa Suicide JourneyColdnapalm
120. 2009-03-23HellsawDer HarzwaldColdnapalm
121. 2009-03-16Hellsawthe Black DeathColdnapalm
122. 2009-03-16HellhammerCrucifixionVarious Artist - Metal Massacre Vmetalblade
123. 2009-01-26This is HellFearless VampiresMisfortunestrustkill
124. 2008-12-08HelloweenI'm AliveKeeper of the Seven Keys (part I)noise
125. 2008-11-10This is HellIn ShamblesMisfortunestrustkill
126. 2008-09-01This is HellIn ShamblesMisfortunestrustkill
127. 2008-08-11This is HellRecklessMisfortunestrustkill
128. 2008-07-28This is HellDisciplesMisfortunestrustkill
129. 2008-04-21HellhammerCrucifixionVarious Artist - Metal Massacre Vmetalblade
130. 2008-04-14HelloweenKill ItGambling with the Devilspv
131. 2008-03-31HellwitchTorture ChamberThrash Metal Attack - various artistnew_renaissance
132. 2007-11-19Heaven and Hellthe Mob Rulesradio city music hall live 2007rhino
133. 2007-11-12HellhammerCrucifixionVarious Artist - Metal Massacre Vmetalblade
134. 2007-10-22HelloweenKill ItGambling with the Devilspv
135. 2007-10-08HelloweenAs Long As I FallGambling with the Devilspv
136. 2007-09-03HelloweenTwilight of the GodsKeeper of the Seven Keys (part I)noise
137. 2007-07-30Hell WithinBetween the Dead and the DeceivedShadows of Vanitylifeforce
138. 2007-07-16Hell WithinSelf-Inflicted SilenceAsylum of the Human Predatorlifeforce
139. 2007-05-28Hell Withinlay down your armsShadows Of Vanitylifeforce
140. 2006-10-30helloweenphantoms of death
141. 2006-06-19helloweendon't spit on my mind
142. 2006-05-01helloweencry for freedom
143. 2005-12-26helloweensilent rain
144. 2005-10-31helloweeninvisible man
145. 2005-10-24helloweenborn on judgement day
146. 2005-09-19helloweenheavy metal (is the law)
147. 2005-08-08Hell Withinsoul revulsion
148. 2005-06-06Hell Withina world to murder
149. 2005-05-30Hell Withinbleeding me black
150. 2005-05-16Hell Withinswallow the stitches
151. 2005-05-09Hell Withina world to murder
152. 2005-05-02Hell Withinredepntion... is a cold body
153. 2005-04-25Hell Withinsoul revulsion
154. 2005-04-18helloweenphantoms of death
155. 2004-04-12hellspawncarnal desires
156. 2004-01-19all hell breaks looseout aniversary, your funeral
157. 2004-01-05all hell breaks loose43 and counting
158. 2003-12-29all hell breaks looselooking out for #1
159. 2003-12-22all hell breaks looserelease the demons
160. 2003-05-13HellhammerCrucifixion
161. 2002-02-19HellspawnLords of Eternity
162. 2001-11-13Hellspawnthe Whores of Adremelech
163. 2001-10-16HellspawnCarnal Desires
164. 2001-10-02HellspawnHeirs to the Throne
165. 2001-09-18HellspawnBaphemet's Disciples
166. 2001-09-11HellspawnThe Whores of Adremelech
167. 2001-09-11HellspawnThe Whores of Adremelech
168. 2001-08-28HellspawnCarnal Desires
169. 2001-08-28HellspawnCarnal Desires
170. 2001-08-21HellspawnLords of Eternity
171. 2001-08-21HellspawnLords of Eternity
172. 2001-01-16Raise HellBeautiful as Fire
173. 1999-08-21HellshockBurn
174. 1999-08-21HellshockBurn
175. 1999-06-07Hell shockLesser form of Man
176. 1999-05-31HellshockFallen from Grace (live)
177. 1999-05-04HellhammerTrumph of Death!
178. 1999-04-27HellshockBurn
179. 1999-03-15Electric Hellfire ClubSouth of Heaven
180. 1997-06-16Electric Hellfire ClubBook of Lies
181. 1997-02-03Shellac#15 off the Ground Rule Double
182. 1997-01-20the Electric Hellfire ClubIncubus (leatherstrip remix)
183. 1996-12-30Electric Hellfire ClubDr. Lov
184. 1996-10-28HelloweenIn the Middle of a Heartbeat
185. 1996-10-07HelloweenWe Burn
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