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New site? Maybe some day.


this is the collection of all the playlists that I've typed in.
the first show was on September 2 1996.
It will take a while to get there
So far, there are 1348 playlist up with 56301 songs played going back to 0000-00-00


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1. 2008-03-17MinistryStigmataLand of Rape and HoneyWarner Bros
2. 2008-03-17ExhorderSlaughter in the VaticanSlaughter in the Vaticanroadrunner
3. 2008-03-17EvileKiller from the DeepEnter the Graveearache
4. 2008-03-17WarbringerInstruments of TortureWar Without Endcenturymedia
5. 2008-03-17MeshuggahPineal Gland OpicsObzennuclearblast
6. 2008-03-17Eluveitiethe Somber LaySlanianuclearblast
7. 2008-03-17Grief of WarEternal CurseA Mounting Crisis... as their Fury Got Releasedprosthetic
8. 2008-03-17Negligent Collateral CollapseA Generalized Lie Derivative and Homothetic or Killing Vectors in the Geroch-Held-Penrose FormalismReprocess Segment Database Extenderobscene
9. 2008-03-17Deadguythe ExtrimistFixation on a Co-Workervictory
10. 2008-03-17All Else FailedRoute 1Archetypenow_or_never
11. 2008-03-17CoalesceHeartbreakerThe is Nothing new Under the Sunhydrahead
12. 2008-03-17Bonded By BloodImmortal LifeThrashing Like a Maniac - Various Artistearache
13. 2008-03-17At The GatesBlinded By FearSlaughter of the Soulearache
14. 2008-03-17Betrayed by AllJudgement DayDisrespectself-released
15. 2008-03-17Agnostic FrontExistence of HateCause For Alarmcombat
16. 2008-03-17DisfearMaps of WarLive the Stormrelapse
17. 2008-03-17Saint JudeVoices CarryAlways Hard - First Recordingstor_johnson
18. 2008-03-17Amon AmarthVictorious MarchOnce Sent from the Golden Hallmetalblade
19. 2008-03-17ImpaledFlesh & Bloodthe Dead Shall Dead Remaincenturymedia
20. 2008-03-17DissectorIt Came from the NutsackZombie Panicobscenity_cult
21. 2008-03-17EngorgedSurgery Drugs and Rock n' RollFuck... I'm Dead vs Engorged - split CDno_escape
22. 2008-03-17DeathBaptized in BloodFaterelativity
23. 2008-03-17AcmeOrdinary...To Reduce The Choir To One Soloistedison
24. 2008-03-17Dying FetusStreaks of Blood (baphomet)Grotesque Impalementblunt_force
25. 2008-03-17ProteusReptilian MatrixPersonal Narrative of Cognative Dreamscapesmacabre_mentos
26. 2008-03-17AutopsyTorn from the Womb (live)Dead As Fucknecroharmonic
27. 2008-03-17FalconerPurgatory TimeGrime vs. Grandeurmetalblade
28. 2008-03-17Blind GuardianLord of the Rings
29. 2008-03-17Death AngelGod vs GodKilling Seasonnuclearblast
30. 2008-03-17LardThe Power of Lardthe Power of Lardalternative_tentacle
31. 2008-03-17DisruptReality DistortionUnrestrelapse
32. 2008-03-17Kingdom of SorrowFree the FallenLead into Demiserelapse
33. 2008-03-17CrowbarMoonLifesblood for the Downtroddencandlelight
34. 2008-03-17Sin of AngelsDissolvein the Grip of Despairobscenity_cult
35. 2008-03-17Nocturnal MortumThe Night Before the FightHexpucmb
36. 2008-03-17Darkest HourHow the Beautiful Decaythe Mark of Judasmia
37. 2008-03-17Destruct-a-thonSlayden (Redemption)Es Muerto (2001-2004)this_is_thrashachusetts
38. 2008-03-17AzaghalPirun VertaOmegamoribund
39. 2008-03-17In FlamesBehind spaceLunar Strainwrong_again
40. 2008-03-17MidnattsolDesolutionWhere Twilight Dwellsnapalm
41. 2008-03-17Amplification of Self GratificationLow End InsightWin Us Overvolcom
42. 2008-03-17the Swordthe Frost-Giant's DaughterGods of the Earthkemado
43. 2008-03-17SavioursRaging EmbersInto Abaddonkemado
44. 2008-03-17ConiferTurning Sand into Glassself-titlednotcommon
45. 2008-03-17MastodonBlood and ThunderLeviathanrelapse
46. 2008-03-17Einsturzende NeubautenEin Stuhl in der HoelleHaus der Luegerough_trade
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