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this is the collection of all the playlists that I've typed in.
the first show was on September 2 1996.
It will take a while to get there
So far, there are 1227 playlist up with 52145 songs played going back to 0000-00-00


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1. 2021-10-11Pestilential ShadowsTwilight CongregationRevenantSeance Records
2. 2021-08-16Pestilential ShadowsTwilight CongregationRevenantSeance Records
3. 2021-02-08PESTIS CULTUS03 Black MassPestis CultusSignal Rex
4. 2020-12-21Reign Of PestilenceWhite ChristmasIt's a Reign Of Pestilence Christmas!Roptopus Records
5. 2020-12-14Reign Of PestilenceWrath Of JesusIt's a Reign Of Pestilence Christmas!Roptopus Records
6. 2020-12-14PestilenceTwisted TruthTestimony of the AncientsRoadrunner Records
7. 2020-08-31Pestilent Death06 AnthropophagyChapters of Depravity CD/LP/TAPEBlood Harvest Records
8. 2020-06-08PestilenceOut of the BodyConsuming ImpulseRoadrunner
9. 2020-04-20Black Pestilence3. BlackPestilence_HellfireHail The Flesh - Out May 1stSelf-Released
10. 2020-01-20PestilenceHate SuicideResurrection MacabreMascot/Mega Force
11. 2019-07-15Pestilent Angelthe last day of sinner
12. 2019-06-10MalepesteII - ClothoCe Qui Fut, Ce Qui Est, Ce Qui Sera (Split)
13. 2019-06-03Pestifer08 - Riding the Storms of Hate MMXVIExecration DiatribesLavadome Productions
14. 2019-06-03PestRest in morbid darknessRest In Morbid DarknessAgonia Records
15. 2019-04-29Pestilent Death02 Torturous IncantationsChapters of Depravity CD/LP/TAPEBlood Harvest Records
16. 2019-01-28PEST09 The crowning horrorThe Crowning HorrorAgonia Records
17. 2018-11-05Pestilencechronic infectionConsuming Impulseroadracer
18. 2018-09-24Malepeste/DysylumnLachésisCe qui fut, ce qui est, ce qui seraGoathorned Productions
19. 2017-12-18Reign Of PestilenceWrath Of JesusIt's a Reign Of Pestilence Christmas!Roptopus Records
20. 2017-08-21PEST04 Devil's markThe Crowning HorrorAgonia Records
21. 2017-07-17PestRest in morbid darknessRest In Morbid Darkness
22. 2017-06-19Pestilent Angelsoldiers of lawPromo tape '92zips
23. 2017-06-19PestilenceThrone Of DeathDysentery
24. 2017-06-12PESTIGORE2. Sea of SoulsTwisted Perversions... Unbearable Delight. DEMO 1992
25. 2017-02-20PestilenceDeify thy MasterConsuming ImpulseRoadrunner
26. 2017-01-09Pestifer03 - Brutal Eruption of ChaosExecration DiatribesLavadome Productions
27. 2016-12-26PestilenceSuspended AnimationConsuming Impulseroadracer
28. 2016-10-24PestilenceDeify thy MasterConsuming ImpulseRoadrunner
29. 2016-10-17PestilenceThe Process of SuffocationConsuming ImpulseRoadrunner
30. 2016-08-08PestilenceDeify thy MasterConsuming ImpulseRoadrunner
31. 2016-04-18PestilenceChronic InfectionConsuming Impulseroadracer
32. 2016-03-28PestiferousShit Worship/OutroYou Will Die of the Plague
33. 2015-11-02PestilenceEchoes of DeathConsuming Impulseroadracer
34. 2014-12-29Pestilencethe Process of SuffocationConsuming Impulseroadrunner
35. 2014-09-15Pestilential ShadowsMill Of DiscordEphemeralSeance
36. 2014-05-12PestilenceLand of TearsTestimony of the Ancientsroadrunner
37. 2013-12-09Pestilencechronic infectionConsuming Impulseroadrunner
38. 2013-09-09Pestilencechronic infectionConsuming Impulseroadracer
39. 2013-04-29PestA Face Obscured By DeathThe Crowning Horroragonia
40. 2013-01-14Putrefaction PestilenceManagement of recto-vaginal fistulas after prosthetic reinforcement treatment for pelvic organ prolapsePutrefactive Decomposition Of Craneoencephalic And Facial Traumatic Destruction
41. 2012-09-24PestilenceBacterial SurgeryMalleus Maleficarumroadblock
42. 2012-03-19PestilenceLand of TearsTestimony of the Ancientsroadracer
43. 2011-10-10PestilenceTwisted TruthTestimony of the Ancientsroadrunner
44. 2011-07-11PestilencePresence of the DeadTestimony of the Ancientsroadrunner
45. 2011-06-27PestilenceSpheresSpheresroadrunner
46. 2011-05-09PestilenceDefy Thy MasterConsuming Impulseroadracer
47. 2010-06-14PestilenceChanging PerspectivesSpheresroadrunner
48. 2010-05-31PestilenceSubordinate to the DominationMalleus Maleficarumroadracer
49. 2010-03-08PestilenceDefy Thy MasterConsuming Impulseroadracer
50. 2010-02-08PestilenceDefy Thy MasterConsuming Impulseroadrunner
51. 2009-12-14PestilenceSoul SearchSpheresroadrunner
52. 2009-11-02PestilenceOut Of BodyVarious Artists - At Death's Door IIroadrunner
53. 2009-10-19PestilenceChronic InfectionConsuming Impulseroadracer
54. 2009-06-08PestilenceNeuro DissonanceResurrection Macabremascot
55. 2009-05-25PestilenceMultiple BeingsSpheresroadrunner
56. 2009-05-18PestilenceHangmanResurrection Macabremascot
57. 2009-05-11PestilenceDehydrated IIResurrection Macabremascot
58. 2009-04-27Pestilencethe Process of SuffocationConsuming Impulseroadracer
59. 2009-04-20PestilenceDevouring FrenzyResurrection Macabremascot
60. 2009-04-13PestilenceResurrection MacabreResurrection Macabremascot
61. 2009-04-06PestilenceHorror DetoxResurrection Macabremascot
62. 2009-03-30PestilenceHate SuicideResurrection Macabremascot
63. 2009-02-02PestilenceMultiple BeingsSpheresroadracer
64. 2008-12-22Reign of PestilenceWrath of JesusIt's a Reign of Pestilence Christmasroptopus
65. 2008-12-15PestilenceChemo TheapyMalleus Maleficarumroadrunner
66. 2008-12-08PestilenceEchoes of DeathConsuming Impulseroadracer
67. 2008-10-27PestilenceTestimonyTestimony of the Ancientsroadrunner
68. 2008-10-06PestilenceChanging PerspectivesSpheresroadrunner
69. 2008-06-09PestilenceLand of TearsTestimony of the Ancientsroadrunner
70. 2008-03-31Pestilenceout of bodyAt Death's Door IIroadrunner
71. 2007-12-31PestilenceLost SoulsTestimony of the Ancientsroadracer
72. 2007-11-19PestilenceLand of TearsTestimony of the Ancientsroadracer
73. 2007-11-12PestilenceMalleus Maleficarum/AntropomorphiaMalleus Maleficarumroadblock
74. 2007-10-29Reign of PestilenceDied already Michael Jacksonthe Birth of Failureroptopus
75. 2007-10-22Reign of PestilenceOne Eyed Willy's Treasurethe Birth of Failureroptopus
76. 2007-09-24PestilenceParricideMalleus Maleficarumroadracer
77. 2007-08-27PestilenceSoul SearchSpheresroadrunner
78. 2007-07-23PestilencePresence of the DeadTestimony of the Ancientsroadracer
79. 2007-06-25pestilencethe level of perceptionSpheresroadrunner
80. 2007-06-18pestilencelost soulsTestimony of the Ancientsroadrunner
81. 2007-03-26PestilenceSuspended AnimationConsuming Impulseroadracer
82. 2007-02-05pestilenceechos of deathConsuming Impulseroadracer
83. 2007-01-22pestilencethe secrecies of horrorTestimony of the Ancientsroadracer
84. 2006-11-13pestilenceparricideMalleus Maleficarumroadracer
85. 2006-10-23pestilencePresence of the DeadTestimony of the Ancientsroadracer
86. 2006-09-25Reign of Pestilencenordic lawthe Birth of Failureroptopus
87. 2006-09-18pestilenceprophetic revelationsTestimony of the Ancientsroadracer
88. 2006-08-14pestilencePresence of the DeadTestimony of the Ancientsroadracer
89. 2006-01-09pestilencetwisted truthMalleus Maleficarumroadracer
90. 2005-12-12pestilencePresence of the DeadTestimony of the Ancientsroadracer
91. 2005-10-31pestilencePresence of the DeadTestimony of the Ancientsroadracer
92. 2005-09-26pestilencespheresSpheresroadrunner
93. 2004-11-15pestilencechronic infectionConsuming Impulseroadracer
94. 2003-12-08Pestilenceout of bodyConsuming Impulseroadracer
95. 2002-11-19PestilenceSubordinate to DominationMalleus Maleficarumroadracer
96. 1999-07-26PestilenceThorn of DeathMalleus Maleficarumroadracer
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