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this is the collection of all the playlists that I've typed in.
the first show was on September 2 1996.
It will take a while to get there
So far, there are 1293 playlist up with 54457 songs played going back to 0000-00-00


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1. 2022-08-01MalevolenceSentimental OblivionPleasure of Molestation (Demo)
2. 2022-02-07SkelethalMacabre OblivionDeathmanicvs Revelation MLP
3. 2021-04-26The SorrowMy OblivionMisery EscapeNapalm Records
4. 2020-04-20OBLIVION GATEOblivion Gate - 3 - Give Me the GunWisdom Of the GraveATMF
5. 2019-04-15SatanKey To OblivionInto The Futuresteam_hammer
6. 2019-03-18Black BreathRazor To OblivionRazor To Oblivion EP
7. 2018-12-03Knocked LooseOblivions PeakLaugh TracksPure Noise Records
8. 2018-07-23Knocked LooseOblivions PeakLaugh TracksPure Noise Records
9. 2017-12-11PathogenTowards the Infernal OblivionBlasphemous Communionold_cemetery
10. 2016-08-08ShockwaveIntroduction To OblivionThe Ultimate DoomTriple Crown
11. 2016-02-15ExcommunionUntil OblivionSuperionWorld War III
12. 2015-07-27DysenteryOblivionFragmentscomatose
13. 2015-06-01DrudkhFallen Into OblivionEastern Frontier In Flamesseason_of_mist
14. 2015-03-16VomitoryMarch into OblivionTerrorize Brutalize Sodomizemetalblade
15. 2014-12-29ArchspireSeven Crowns And The Oblivion ChainThe Lucid Collectiveseason_of_mist
16. 2014-10-06GormathonInto OblivionFollowing The Beastnapalm
17. 2014-09-22Aeons Of AshesInto OblivionShutdownNoiseheadrecords
18. 2014-01-27Limbonic ArtTowards The Oblivion Of DreamsThe Ultimate Deathworshipcandlelight
19. 2013-06-17Infera BruoOblivionDesolate Unknownself-released
20. 2013-02-18The Black Dahlia Murderto a Breathless OblivionNocturnalmetalblade
21. 2012-05-21Into EternityBuried In OblivionBuried in Oblivioncenturymedia
22. 2012-03-05Iron FireEnter Oblivion OJ-666Voyage Of The Damnednapalm
23. 2011-11-21BahimironThrones Of OblivionRebel Hymns Of Left Handed Terrormoribund
24. 2011-03-14VektorOblivionBlack Futureheavy_artillery
25. 2011-02-14AbnormalityThe Collective Calm In Mortal OblivionThe Collective Calm In Mortal Oblivionself-released
26. 2010-04-26Dark TranquillityDream OblivionWe Are The Voidcenturymedia
27. 2010-01-25PathogenTowards the Infernal OblivionBlasphemous Communionold_cemetery
28. 2010-01-18Mutiny WithinOblivionself-titledroadrunner
29. 2009-12-14ExcommunionUntil OblivionSuperionworld_war_iii
30. 2009-04-06MastodonOblivionObliviounrelapse
31. 2008-11-24High on Firethe Face of OblivionBlessed Black Wingsrelapse
32. 2008-02-04DemiricousLanguage of OblivionTwo (poverty)metalblade
33. 2008-01-28ByzantineOblivion BeckonsOblivion Beckonsprosthetic
34. 2008-01-21the Neon HookersOblivionOn Night in Destinydouble_or_nothing
35. 2008-01-07DemiricousLanguage of OblivionTwo (poverty)metalblade
36. 2008-01-07Gang GreenLivin' in OblivionBacked and Gackedtaang
37. 2007-12-10the Neon HookersOblivionOn Night in Destinydouble_or_nothing
38. 2007-10-22Anaal Nathrakhthe Oblivion GeneDomine Non Es Dignusseason_of_mist
39. 2007-10-15ExcommunionUntil OblivionSuperionworld_war_iii
40. 2007-10-15the Black Dahlia Murderto a Breathless OblivionNocturnalmetalblade
41. 2007-07-09Lord BelialGateway to OblivionRevolation: the 7th Sealregain
42. 2007-05-14VomitoryMarch into Oblivion
43. 2006-10-09Goatwhoreforever consumed oblivion
44. 2005-11-21Becoming the Archetypeinto oblivion
45. 2005-11-21into eternityburied in oblivion
46. 2005-09-19Becoming the Archetypeinto oblivion
47. 2005-07-11high on firethe face of oblivion
48. 2005-02-21high on firethe face of oblivion
49. 2005-02-14high on firethe face of oblivion
50. 2004-04-12incisionex oblivione
51. 2002-11-26ExcommunicationUntil Oblivion
52. 1999-11-01SepsismBorn into Oblivion
53. 1997-02-17el dopaBrain Oblivion
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