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this is the collection of all the playlists that I've typed in.
the first show was on September 2 1996.
It will take a while to get there
So far, there are 1159 playlist up with 49457 songs played going back to 0000-00-00


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1. 2020-06-29One Last WishFriendship Is Far1986Dischord Records
2. 2020-06-15Fragments of UnbecomingLive for This Moment, Stay 'Til the EndSterling Black IconMetal Blade Records
3. 2020-06-08MardukThe Funeral Seemed to Be EndlessDark EndlessRegain Records
4. 2020-05-18ASTRALBORNE2. Attending the FuneralEternity's EndProsthetic Records
5. 2020-05-04Ectovoid08 Spawned from Unending MysteryDark Abstraction LPBlood Harvest Records
6. 2020-04-20The Third Eye Rapists02 Deathtrip TranscendenceDeathtrip Transcendence / Magicians of the HolocaustAmor Fati Productions
7. 2020-03-16AnodyneFrom the End of the WorldLifetime of Gray SkiesLevel Plane
8. 2020-03-16ALESTORMTo the End of the WorldNo Grave But The SeaNapalm Records
9. 2020-03-16Beast In BlackEnd Of The WorldBerserkerNuclear Blast Records
10. 2020-03-16AbscessMadhouse at the End of the WorldTormentedListenable Records
11. 2020-02-17HypocrisyLegions DescendInto the AbyssNuclear Blast Records
12. 2020-02-03MUSCIPULADescending Into Chasm Dionanea MuscipulaLittle Chasm of HorrorsCaligari Records
13. 2020-01-27Happy DaysLidendeA World of Pain
14. 2020-01-13Coffin Curse04 Descend into AbhorrenceCeased to BeMemento Mori
15. 2020-01-06VaticanCognition Rendered DeadSole Impulse
16. 2019-12-30INFERA BRUOEndnotesCerementProsthetic Records
17. 2019-12-16AngelBlast02 Descending of the ImmortalsRotting ParadiseEdged Circle Productions
18. 2019-12-09CREST OF DARKNESSEndless NightThe God Of FleshMy Kingdom Music
19. 2019-12-02Rapheumets WellSecrets of The Demigods - Rapheumets Well - End...Enders DoorTest Your Metal Records
20. 2019-11-18Ignivomous03 Cloaked in Resplendent PerditionHieroglossia LP/CD/TAPENuclear War Now! Productions
21. 2019-11-11SacrificeLight Of The EndForward to Terminationmetalblade
22. 2019-10-28UNDEATH05 - Archfiend Coercion MethodsDemo '19Caligari Records
23. 2019-10-21HeresiarchB1 EndethraestWŠlwulf 7" EPIron Bonehead Productions
24. 2019-09-16CALL OF THE VOIDEndless Ritual AbuseDragged Down A Dead End PathRelapse Records
25. 2019-09-16Squash BowelsBreaking Those Who Suspend To Talk...11 Years Of Obscene ExistenceObscene Productions
26. 2019-09-09EhlderEhlder - 03 - D÷den I En D÷ende KroppNordabetraktelseNordvis Produktion
27. 2019-09-02Brutal TruthKill Trend SuicideGoodbye Cruel World, Disc 2Relapse Records
28. 2019-07-29Bastard SaplingLantern At The End Of TimeInstinct Is ForeverGilead Media
29. 2019-07-01SvartsotTvende RavneRavnenes SagaNapalm Records
30. 2019-07-01SvartsotTvende RavneRavnenes SagaNapalm Records
31. 2019-07-01Ablaze my SorrowSend The Ninth PlagueBlack
32. 2019-06-17FALAISEFalaise - My Endless Immensity - 03 You Towards MeMy Endless ImmensityA Sad Sadness Song
33. 2019-06-10Bal-SagothTo dethrone the Witch-Queen of Mytos K'unn (The legend of the battle of Blackhelm Vale)Starfire Burning Upon the Ice-Veiled Throne of Ultima ThuleCacophonous
34. 2019-06-03Bestial Raids03 Descending the ThantifaxathMaster Satan's Witchery LP/CDNuclear War Now! Productions
35. 2019-05-27ObliterateImpending DeathImpending Death
36. 2019-04-29Through the Eyes of the DeadForever Ends TodayThe Scars of Ages EPLovelost
37. 2019-04-29OCTOBER TIDEOctober Tide - In Splendor Below - 03 - O╠łgonbl...In Splendor BelowAgonia Records
38. 2019-04-22Before He Shot HerA Legendary CowardThe Ascent
39. 2019-04-15AtrophyPuppies and FriendsPuppies and Friends 12"roadracer
40. 2019-03-18CandlemassAt The Gallows EndNightfall
41. 2019-03-18Decaying ContinuumExpending Humanity WithinThe Burden of Entropy [Demo]
42. 2019-03-04DECEASEDEndless WellGhostly White (CD, LP, TAPE)Hells Headbangers Records
43. 2019-02-18ZaoThe End of His WorldSelf-TitledTooth & Nail
44. 2019-01-21FjordAscending White MountainsLives LivesEulogy Recordings
45. 2019-01-07INDIANThe End Of TruthGuiltless (Radio Promo)Relapse Records
46. 2018-12-24HorrendousHorrendous - 03 - Heaven's DeceitEcdysisDark Descent Records
47. 2018-12-10AnkhelgloknarIn the EndMortuus DeusOrgan Grinder Records
48. 2018-11-19EllendePfad der EndlichkeitRŘckzug in die InnerlichkeitAOP Records
49. 2018-11-19GOATHAMMERInto The Endless NightCeremony of Morbid Destruction (CD, LP, TAPE)Hells Headbangers Records
50. 2018-11-19Great Deceiver, TheThe Living EndA Venom Well DesignedPeaceville Records
51. 2018-11-12Infected EarthThe End of HistoryInfected Earth
52. 2018-10-15Acid DeathWhile The End Is ComingPieces Of Mankind
53. 2018-10-08MOSS UPON THE SKULL3. Impending EvilIn Vengeful ReverenceI, Voidhanger Records
54. 2018-10-01CsejtheTranscendanceTranscendanceMorbid Winter Records
55. 2018-10-01EntrailsEnd of all ExistenceThe Tomb Awaitsmetalblade
56. 2018-09-24Forest StreamLegendTears of Mortal Solitude, Disc 1Earache Records
57. 2018-09-24Rained InLoose EndsDemo 2018
58. 2018-09-10DealbreakerDead EndReflectionsSelf-Released
59. 2018-09-10Cerebral BoreHorrendous Acts of IniquityI Told You So (Corporate Rock Really Does Suck)/Horrendous Acts of IniquityEarache Records
60. 2018-08-27INFERA BRUOEndnotesCerementProsthetic Records
61. 2018-08-06Discordance AxisThe End of RebirthThe Inalienable DreamlessHydra Head Records
62. 2018-07-23Daylight DiesUnending WavesNo ReplyRelapse Records
63. 2018-07-02ConvulseInfernal EndWorld Without God
64. 2018-06-25PortalThe EndmillsSeepia
65. 2018-06-25ExcruciateEndless SuffocationPassage Of Life
66. 2018-06-18Infernal CurseThe End Upon UsThe End Upon Us MLPIron Bonehead Productions
67. 2018-05-28Hecate EnthronedThe Pagan Swords of LegendDark Requiems
68. 2018-04-09Insanity reigns supremeSorrowful endOur path is dark and lonely
69. 2018-04-09B'zrkerIt Never BendsSelf Titled 7"
70. 2018-04-02HorrendousHorrendous - 02 - Weeping RelicEcdysisDark Descent Records
71. 2018-03-26In Disgust03 Missing Old FriendsWest Coast Grind Violence - EP
73. 2018-02-12Nerve Gas TragedyEndless PainDemo
74. 2018-01-29Dead Dark SlideSummer Never EndsI am DeadDead Games Records
75. 2018-01-22Genocide PactAscendancy AbsolvedOrder of TormentRelapse Records
76. 2018-01-01Bury The LivingBefriend to BeheadAll the News That's Fit to ScreamPrank Records
77. 2017-12-18UlcerrhoeaDeclaration of DependanceLine and Row
78. 2017-12-11HellGehennae IncendiisCurse & ChapterNuclear Blast Records
79. 2017-11-27ENDSTILLEReich an JugendKapitulation 2013Season of Mist
80. 2017-11-27Think AgainThe End Is NighThe End Is NighArrest Records
81. 2017-11-27Inanimate ExistenceTranscendent AbsorptionLiberation Through Hearing
82. 2017-11-20MithrasOdyssey's EndOn Strange LoopsMithras
83. 2017-11-13THE NEGATIVE BIAS03 - Tormented By Endless DelusionsLamentation of the Chaos OmegaATMF
84. 2017-10-16Year Of No LightPar ╔conomie Pendant La Crise On ╔teint La LumiŔre Au Bout Du TunnelNord [2CD Deluxe Edition - Nord I]
85. 2017-10-16ExciterDungeon DescendentsDeath Machine
86. 2017-09-18Sevenday CurseEndless Pit Of NeedVery Distribution Summer/fall 99 free sampler
87. 2017-09-18ExcidiumCriminal Tendences
88. 2017-09-04Bastard PriestGhouls Of The Endless NightGhouls Of The Endless NightBlood Harvest
89. 2017-09-04Altar of BetelgeuzeA World Without EndDarkness Sustains the Silence
90. 2017-08-28MardukSummer EndLa Grande Danse MacabreRegain Records
91. 2017-08-28Evergreen TerraceNew Friend RequestSincerity Is an Easy Disguise in This BusinessEulogy Recordings
92. 2017-08-21Dark FuneralAs I AscendWhere Shadows Forever ReignCentury Media Records
93. 2017-07-17Bal-SagothTo dethrone the Witch-Queen of Mytos K'unn (The legend of the battle of Blackhelm Vale)Starfire Burning Upon the Ice-Veiled Throne of Ultima ThuleCacophonous
94. 2017-06-19Satan's WrathArchfiendAeons Of Satan's Reign
95. 2017-06-19AdversarialSpiraling Towards the Ultimate EndInitiated in Impiety as Mysteries
96. 2017-06-12Rapheumets WellEnders DoorEnders DoorTest Your Metal Records
97. 2017-05-29Amon AmarthFriends of the SuncrossOnce Sent From the Golden HallMetal Blade
98. 2017-05-15Poison the WellArtist's Rendering of MeThe Opposite of DecemberRoadrunner Records
99. 2017-05-15Into EternityBeginning of the EndBuried in OblivionCentury Media
100. 2017-05-01PrionEnd is NearUncertain ProcessComatose Music
101. 2017-04-24AnvilI Dreamed It Was The End Of The WorldStrength of Steelmetalblade
102. 2017-04-17Ur DraugrAugur Incarnate (Distended Crown)With Hunger Undyingatmf
103. 2017-04-10Infernal CurseThe End Upon UsThe End Upon Us MLP
104. 2017-04-10Backstabbers IncIf You Can See the End, It's Already OverKamikaze MissionsTrash Art!
105. 2017-04-03PombagiraEndlessFlesh Throne PressSvart Records
106. 2017-03-20Quo VadisTo The Bitter EndDefiant Imagination
107. 2017-03-20REPLACIRE03 Built Upon the Grave of He Who BendsDo Not DeviateSeason of Mist
108. 2017-02-20Violation WoundDead End GazeViolation Wound/Ruin SplitFudge Worthy Records
109. 2017-02-20CORPUS DIAVOLISSigns Of End TimesAtra LumenATMF
110. 2017-02-13Trap ThemLUSTER PENDULUMSCrown FeralProsthetic Records
111. 2017-01-16Rotting ObsceneMetamorphic Transcendence2011 DemoSelf-Released
112. 2017-01-16Harvest Gulgaltha03 Transcend the WrathfulAltars of Devotion LP/CDNuclear War Now! Productions
113. 2017-01-02DestroyVile Horrendous Aerial BombardmentNecropolis
114. 2017-01-02RainbowI SurrenderJealous Loverpolydor
115. 2016-12-26PestilenceSuspended AnimationConsuming Impulseroadracer
116. 2016-12-19ElvenkingNeverending NightsThe Winter's WakeCandlelight
117. 2016-12-19Violent OppositionEndless GrowthViolently Enforced PovertyHorror Pain Gore Death Productions
118. 2016-12-12AutopsyFiend for BloodDead as Fucknecroharmonic
119. 2016-12-05Lock UpPretenders of the ThronePleasures Pave SewersNuclear Blast
120. 2016-11-21OBLITERATIONAscendance (Sol Invictus)Black Death HorizonRelapse Records
121. 2016-10-24Cephalic CarnageEndless Cycle of ViolenceXenosapienRelapse Records
122. 2016-10-03IntegrityRelease the FiendSeasons in the Size of DaysVictory Records
123. 2016-10-03KargTor zu tausend WŘstenWeltenascheArt of Propaganda
124. 2016-09-19BotchTo Our Friends in the Great White NorthWe Are the RomansHydra Head Records
125. 2016-08-15Demoncy04 Descending Clouds of ImmortalityFaustian Dawn LPCDNuclear War Now! Productions
126. 2016-08-01CentinexEnd Of LifeSubconscious Lobotomy
127. 2016-07-18AgathoclesAlternative - Another TrendTheatric Symbolisation of Life
128. 2016-07-04chroming roseNever Ending NightsPressure
129. 2016-07-04Silent ForceMy independence dayWalk The Earth
130. 2016-07-04Reversal of ManIndependence DayDiscographySchematics
131. 2016-07-04BruisersIndependence DayIn the PitTKO Records
132. 2016-06-27TragedyThe Ending FightCan We Call This Life? EP
133. 2016-06-20AshcloudDescend Into MadnessChildren of the ChainsawXtreem Music
134. 2016-06-13EnslavedKrigaren Eg Ikkje KjendeMardraumSeason of Mist
135. 2016-06-06Problem With DragonsAgenda 21RPM Fest 2016 Compilation
136. 2016-05-23NeurosisCold AscendingEnemy of the Sunalternative_tentacles
137. 2016-05-23DesasterEnd of TyrannyThe Oath of an Iron RitualMetal Blade Records
138. 2016-05-09HorrendousHorrendous - 10 - TitanEcdysisDark Descent Records
139. 2016-05-09BRAINDAMAGEShe Can Smell The Blood Of A Surrendering RaceThe DownfallMy Kingdom Music
140. 2016-04-25I Am Noah03 Embrace The EndThe VerdictBastardized Recordings
141. 2016-04-11Izegrim03 Endless DesireThe Ferryman's EndListenable Records
142. 2016-03-21Ancient CeremonyBabalon AscendsFallen Angel's Symphony
143. 2016-03-14ObituaryThe End CompleteThe End CompleteRoadrunner Records
144. 2016-02-15GlacierVendettaGlacier
145. 2016-02-15EnslavedDet Endelege RiketMardraumSeason of Mist
146. 2016-02-08HorrendousHorrendous - 07 - MonarchEcdysisDark Descent Records
147. 2016-02-08Xibalba ItzaesDawn of Endless HorrorsAh Tza! 7" EPNuclear War Now! Productions
148. 2016-02-08VENOMOUS CONCEPT09 PretendKick Me Silly; VC 3Season Of Mist
149. 2016-01-25PurtenanceEnd for the Parasites (Called Humankind)Awaken From SlumberXtreem Music
150. 2016-01-18Tengger CavalryLegend On HorsebackAncient Call
151. 2016-01-11CancerTo The Gory EndTo The Gory End
152. 2016-01-04SkycamefallingNovember's Neverending10.21 Full Length CDFerret Music
153. 2015-12-21EndstilleEndstilles ReichEndstilles ReichRegain Records
154. 2015-12-14WarriorDefenders of CreationFighting for the EarthNL
155. 2015-12-14Gore Beyond NecropsyHorrendous Nazi InfectionNoise a Go-GoRelapse Records
156. 2015-12-07ReincarnationThe Beginning of the EndThe Beginning of the EndXtreem Music
157. 2015-11-23Certo PorcosHate Never EndsOdio 666greyhaze
158. 2015-11-23Amberian DawnInnuendoInnuendonapalm
159. 2015-11-09Infera BruoSend My Ashes NorthIn ConjurationBindrune Recordings
160. 2015-10-19NeurosisEnd Of The HarvestTimes of Gracerelapse
161. 2015-10-19Cerebral BoreHorrendous Acts Of IniquitySplit - Carcass/Cerebral Bore
162. 2015-10-19Epoch of Unlightthe end of allThe Continuum Hypothesiscandlelight
163. 2015-09-21Twin LordsTil Time's EndDevastating Planetary Shifthandshake_inc
164. 2015-08-31This Day ForwardEnd Of AugustThe Transient Effects Of Light on Watereulogy
165. 2015-08-24Tengger CavalryLegend On HorsebackVarious Artists - Mongolian MetalMongol Metal
166. 2015-08-17Fuck... I'm DeadHorrendous Bowel EvacuationFuck... I'm Dead vs Engorged - split CDno_escape
167. 2015-08-10Sore ThroatHorrendify And KillVarious Artists: Grindcrusher 2 - the Ultimate Earache
168. 2015-08-03NoctumUntil Then... Until the EndUntil Then... Until the Endmetalblade
169. 2015-07-27AborymHorrenda Peccata ChristiKali-Yurga Bizarreworld_war_iii
170. 2015-07-20Napalm DeathDope FiendLeaders Not Followers: Part 2centurymedia
171. 2015-06-29Shape of DispairDescending Inner NightMonotomy Fieldsseason_of_mist
172. 2015-05-25IrritateHorrendously Repulsive And Irritating Mince Attack Against Religious JerksSplit NASUM & AUTORITAR & CARDIOID & DENAK & SLIGHT SLAPPERS & IRRITATE
173. 2015-05-18ThantifaxathWhere I End And The Hemlock BeginsSacred White Noisedark_descent
174. 2015-05-04UnleashedDefenders Of MidgardDawn Of The Ninenuclearblast
175. 2015-04-20The Red ChordSend in the Death StormPrey for Eyesmetalblade
176. 2015-04-13CarcassCadaveric Incubator Of Endo ParasitesVarious Artists - Grind Madness At The BBCearache
177. 2015-04-13PombagiraEndlessFlesh Throne Presssvart
178. 2015-03-30ExhumedHorrendous Member DismembermentPlatteres Of Splatterrelapse
179. 2015-03-16FrosthelmEndless WinterThe Endless Winterblack_work
180. 2015-03-09EntrailsDescend To The BeyondRaging Deathmetalblade
181. 2015-03-09PsycropticIdeals That Won't SurrenderPsycropticprosthetic
182. 2015-02-23Horrible EarthEndless WarHorrible Earthself-released
183. 2015-02-23Infesting SwarmEndingDesolation RoadArt Of Propaganda
184. 2015-02-23An Autumn For Crippled ChildrenEndless SkiesThe Long GoodbyeWickerman Recordings
185. 2015-02-02MasqueradeEnd Of NothingFoundations Volume 17 (Ozzy Osbourne)
186. 2015-01-12ArmageddonRenditionCaptivity & Devourentlistenable
187. 2015-01-12October FileFriendly FireVarious Artist - Candlelight USA Winter Samplercandlelight
188. 2015-01-05Blessed OffalAn Unnatural Ending In ExcrementBlessed Offalblack_mass
189. 2014-12-29Agnostic FrontFriend Or FoeUnited Blood
190. 2014-12-29SidiousRevealed In Profance SplendourRevealed In Profance Splendourkaotoxin
191. 2014-12-22StarGazerAn Earth Rides Its Endless CarouselA Merging To The Boundlessnuclear_war_now
192. 2014-12-15Ill OmenSuterranean Litany (Of Shadows Endless)Remnants Spheres Of Spiritual Equilibriumnuclear_war_now
193. 2014-12-08Full Of HellEndless DroneRoots Of Earth Are Consuming My Home
194. 2014-10-13Blood Red Thronethe Children Shall EndureMonument Of Deathearache
195. 2014-10-13Job for a CowboySuspended By The ThroatDoom
196. 2014-10-06Morphing Into PrimalRompiendo El TiempoPrincipios De Autodestruccion
197. 2014-08-25Lord DyingDescend Into ExternalSummon The Faithlessrelapse
198. 2014-08-18The ProselyteEnd RegionsOur Vessel's In Needgypsyblood
199. 2014-07-21Symphony in Perilletting go would be an endLost Memories and Faded Picturesfacedown
200. 2014-07-14ThantifaxathWhere I End And The Hemlock BeginsSacred White Noisedark_descent
201. 2014-07-14DesolateEndless InfectionSanity Obiliteratedpathos
202. 2014-05-26SabbatoryEndless Asphyxiating GloomEndless Asphyxiating GloomUnspeakable Axe
203. 2014-05-19Amon AmarthEmbrace Of The Endless OceanTwilight of the Thunder Godmetalblade
204. 2014-05-19SlayerExpendable YouthSeasons in the Abyssmetalblade
205. 2014-05-19Teminal DeathDay After The End ['85 Demo]Teminal DeathShadow Kingdom
206. 2014-05-12Dark AngelDarkness DescendsDarkness Descendscombat
207. 2014-05-12Den SaakaldteEndelost OdeFaen I Helveteagonia
208. 2014-05-05Agent SteelNever SurrenderUnstoppable Force
209. 2014-03-24RingwormI Recommend AmputationHamer Of The Witchrelapse
210. 2014-02-17Saint VitusJust Friends (Empty Love)Hallow's Victim
211. 2014-02-17WorshipTerranean Wake IV - End Of An AeviturneTerranean Wake
212. 2014-02-10GodfleshSpinebenderGodflesh
213. 2014-02-03KayserDreams Bend ClockwiseRead Your Enemylistenable
214. 2014-02-03DragonhammerThe End Of The WorldThe X Experimentmy_kingdom
215. 2013-12-30SuffocationAs Grace DescendsPinnacle Of Bedlamnuclearblast
216. 2013-12-16NasumEviacerated By The Fiendsplit - NASUM&AUTORITAR&CARDIOID&DENAK&SLIGHT SLAPPERS&IRRITATEhostile_regression
217. 2013-12-16Unholy GraveEndless StruggleSplit 7" Unholy Grave/Warsore
218. 2013-11-18EndstilleReich An JugendKapitulation 2013season_of_mist
219. 2013-11-11EmpyreSword Plan/Never Ending BattleThe Foundationcoat_of_arms
220. 2013-11-11CandlemassAt The Gallows EndAt The Gallows Endmetalblade
221. 2013-11-11Cirith UngolChaos DescendsOne Foot In Hellmetalblade
222. 2013-11-11Dark AngelParish In Flames/Darkness DescendsVarious Artist - Ultimate Revege 2combat
223. 2013-11-04Satan's WrathArchfiendAeons Of Satan's Reignmetalblade
224. 2013-10-28NecrophobicSplendour Nigri SolisWomb To Lilithuseason_of_mist
225. 2013-10-28Praise The FlameEndless ScourgeProfane CultBlood Harvest
226. 2013-10-21OccidensDescending Of The Fire HordesVarious Artist - Destruction Of The Heavenly Realms Vol 3deathgasm
227. 2013-08-12EmethEndemicy PreordainedInsidiousbrutal_bands
228. 2013-08-05StormlordI Am The LegendAt The Gates Of Utopiascarlet
229. 2013-07-29Deadly BlessingMind BenderAscend From The Cauldronnew_renaissance
230. 2013-07-22RamlordDependencyCrippled Minds, Sundered Wisdomhypaethral
231. 2013-07-01Call Of The VoidEndless Ritual AbuseDragged Down A Dead End Pathrelapse
232. 2013-06-17EvokenTending the Dire HatredQuietusdwell
233. 2013-05-13Anaal NathrakhThis Cannot Be The EndDomine Non Es Dignusseason_of_mist
234. 2013-05-06HivesmasherSend Me To SatanGutter Choirblackmarket_activities
235. 2013-04-29Euphoric DefilementRending Shades Of DeformityAscending To The Wormsunique_leader
236. 2013-04-08NileThe Fiends Who Come To Steal The Magick Of The DeceasedAt The Gate Of Sethunuclearblast
237. 2013-04-01Rotting ObsceneMetamorphic Transcendence2011 Demoself-released
238. 2013-04-01Cattle DecapitationForced Gender ReassignmentMonolith Of Inhumanitymetalblade
239. 2013-03-11HatchetDawn Of The EndDawn Of The Endend
240. 2013-02-25ManowarDefenderFighting the Worldatco
241. 2013-02-25Euphoric DefilementRending Shades Of DeformityAscending To The Wormsunique_leader
242. 2013-02-04Jack Burton Vs David Lo PanThis Is The End Of The HIt ParadeThis Is The End Of The Hit Paradeself-released
243. 2013-02-04Swarm Of EyesEndless AshesDesigning The Dystopiaself-released
244. 2013-01-14Animals Killing PeopleKentucky Friend KillingKentucky Fried Killingsevared
245. 2013-01-14PortalTranscending The Mere MultivrseSeepia
246. 2013-01-07DealbreakerDead EndReflectionsself-released
247. 2013-01-07RefusedIt's Not O.K. (To Pretend That Everything's Alright)Various Artists - Victory Style IIvictory
248. 2012-12-24DimentianonIt Never Endssplit-Dimentianon-Rigor Sardonicouslargactyl
249. 2012-12-24PallbearerThe LegendSorrow And Extinction
250. 2012-12-24Bane (RS)The End Of HumanityThe Acausal Fire
251. 2012-12-17Job for a CowboySuspended By The ThroatDoommetalblade
252. 2012-12-10Swarm Of EyesJourney To The Endless EndDesigning The Dystopiaself-released
253. 2012-12-03Lethal FireFriends Of StupidityMaster Of Extermination Artself-released
254. 2012-11-26Swarm Of EyesEndless AshesDesigning The Dystopiaself-released
255. 2012-10-22Rise and FallBurning At Both EndsFaithdeathwishinc
256. 2012-10-08DeiphagoHuman Race Absolute EndSatan Alpha Omegahells_headbangers
257. 2012-10-01October FileFriendly FireVarious Artist - Candlelight USA Winter Samplercandlelight
258. 2012-10-01NileThe Fiends Who Come To Steal The Magick Of The DeceasedAt The Gate Of Sethunuclearblast
259. 2012-09-10TestamentLast Stand For IndependenceDark Roots Of Earthnuclearblast
260. 2012-09-10Roadrunner Allstarsindependent (voice of the voiceless)Roadrunner Unitedroadrunner
261. 2012-09-03Acid BathDope FiendWhen the Kite String Popsrotten
262. 2012-09-03MidnightEndless SlutComplete And Total Hellhells_headbangers
263. 2012-08-27PorphyriaEnd, Flesh Divinityep 2005self-released
264. 2012-07-16SvartsynThe True LegendThe True Legendagonia
265. 2012-07-09Jack Burton Vs David Lo PanThis Is The End Of The HIt ParadeThis Is The End Of The Hit Paradeself-released
266. 2012-04-30Cattle DecapitationForce Gender ReassignmentMonolith Of Inhumanitymetalblade
267. 2012-04-16Jack Burton Vs David Lo PanThis Is The End Of The HIt ParadeThis Is The End Of The Hit Paradeself-released
268. 2012-03-05PyogenesisIn The EndWaves of Erotasianuclearblast
269. 2012-01-23Parasitic ExtirpationSuspended CognitionKnee Deep in Diseaseself-released
270. 2012-01-23RAMI Am The EndDeathmetalblade
271. 2012-01-23The CrownAt the EndHell is Heremetalblade
272. 2012-01-16EnablerEnd Of The World PartyEden Sank To Grieffuck_city_666
273. 2012-01-16PowerwolvesWelcome To The EndYou Won't Find Peacepanic
274. 2012-01-09Cave Inthe End of the Rope is a NoseUntil your Heart Stopshydrahead
275. 2012-01-09HammerfallSend Me A SignInfectednuclearblast
276. 2012-01-02Blessed OffalAn Unnatural Ending In ExcrementBlessed Offalblack_mass
277. 2011-12-26Lunar AuroraFlammendre MaleWeltengangerworld_war_iii
278. 2011-12-12Parasitic ExtirpationSuspended CognitionCasketlesssevared
279. 2011-11-28ChasmaShadowbendDeclarations Of The Grand Artificermoribund
280. 2011-10-10Let The Night RoarEnd Of DaysVol. 2self-released
281. 2011-10-10Brutal TruthEnd TimeEnd Timerelapse
282. 2011-10-03DestructionTime Must EndCracked Brainnoise
283. 2011-09-26DraconianEnd Of The RopeA Rose For The Apokalypsenapalm
284. 2011-09-26Brutal TruthEnd TimeEnd Timerelapse
285. 2011-09-12EnslavedKrigaren Eg Ikkje Kjende (Warrior Unknown)Mardraum - Beyond The Withinnecropolis
286. 2011-09-12Environmental HazzardEnd Of BickeringOne Stands Alonesix_klub
287. 2011-09-05DIOThe End Of The WorldMaster Of The Moonsanctuary
288. 2011-08-22ThronehunterBest FriendsThronehunterself-released
289. 2011-08-08DraconianEnd Of The RopeA Rose For The Apokalypsenapalm
290. 2011-07-25Blessed OffalAn Unnatural Ending In ExcrementBlessed Offalblack_mass
291. 2011-07-04PanteraThe Great Southern TrendkillThe Great Southern Trendkillwea
292. 2011-06-27BelieverEnd Of InfinityTranshumanmetalblade
293. 2011-06-06FlameRites Of Endless HatredMarch Into Firelandshells_headbangers
294. 2011-05-23Wreck Havoc!Dead Eagles Dead LegendsAbandon Everythingrotten
295. 2011-05-02Blessed OffalAn Unnatural Ending In ExcrementBlessed Offalblack_mass
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301. 2011-03-07HemoptysisImpend DoomMisanthropic Slaughterself-released
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386. 2007-11-05Dissectorzombies raped your girlfriendAte My Neighborsworldeater
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413. 2007-03-26PestilenceSuspended AnimationConsuming Impulseroadracer
414. 2007-03-12the_networksend them in
415. 2007-03-05strifeshadow's end slipping
416. 2007-02-26the horror storyend of an era
417. 2007-02-19Emethendemicy preordained
418. 2007-02-19in rememberancedead ends
419. 2007-02-12the_networkend Transmission
420. 2006-12-18amon amarthfriends of the suncross
421. 2006-12-04regurgitatetenderizing the malformed
422. 2006-12-04blind guardianthis will never end
423. 2006-12-04shai huludoutside the boundaries of a friend
424. 2006-10-09wolfmake friends with your nightmares
425. 2006-09-18in dire needthe swells of cresendoLost at Seaself-released
426. 2006-09-18fleshcrawlpath of endless fire
427. 2006-08-28Lamb of Goddescending
428. 2006-08-07towers of romedoes your friend have a name or should I just call him lawyer
429. 2006-07-31Suicide Silenceendings the beginning
430. 2006-07-03slayerend of the insane
431. 2006-06-05Criminal Elementcharges pending
432. 2006-05-15Fragments Of Unbecoming live for this moment, stay til the end
433. 2006-05-01dragonlorduntil the end
434. 2006-04-24PorphyriaEnd, Flesh Divinity
435. 2006-04-03Visual Pollutionend of the line
436. 2006-04-03Kill the Clientdefend
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438. 2006-03-06usurpershadowfiend
439. 2006-02-27Symphony in Perilletting go would be an end
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442. 2006-02-20Burstflight's endOrigorelapse
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444. 2006-01-30torn asunderlegends
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446. 2006-01-09Dissectorzombies raped your girlfriendAte My Neighborsworldeater
447. 2005-12-26Dissectorzombies raped your girlfriendAte My Neighborsworldeater
448. 2005-12-26the duskfallthe shallow end
449. 2005-12-19dragonlorduntil the end
450. 2005-12-19severe tortureendless strain of cadavers
451. 2005-11-21PorphyriaEnd, Flesh Divinity
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453. 2005-10-31Dissectorzombies raped your girlfriendAte My Neighborsworldeater
454. 2005-10-24dragonlorduntil the end
455. 2005-10-24hacate enthronedthe pagan swords of legend
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457. 2005-10-17Roadrunner Allstarsindependent (voice of the voiceless)
458. 2005-10-10misery signalsThe Year Summer Ended In June
459. 2005-10-03the_networkidiot trends welcomes
460. 2005-10-03arch enemyi am legend-out for blood
461. 2005-09-19between the buried and meselkies: the endless obsession
462. 2005-09-12Sevenday Curseendless pit of need
463. 2005-09-05Slapshotno friend of mine
464. 2005-09-05between the buried and meselkies: the endless obsession
465. 2005-09-05gutsome friend
466. 2005-09-05jacknifeend of man
467. 2005-08-29jacknifesurrender never
468. 2005-08-22zaodesire the end
469. 2005-08-15Dew Scentedconceptual end
470. 2005-08-08Cephalic Carnagescolopendra cingulata
471. 2005-08-08jacknifeend of man
472. 2005-07-18arch enemyi am legend/out for blood
473. 2005-06-27the bindingaddenda
474. 2005-06-27Emethendemicy preordained
475. 2005-06-13Dissectorzombies raped your girlfriendAte My Neighborsworldeater
476. 2005-06-06norma jeanpretendeavor: In reference to a sinking ship
477. 2005-06-06epoch of unlightthe end of all
478. 2005-05-09abhorredsubmit and surrender
479. 2005-05-09psychristthe abysmal fiendEmbrace Rapture in Disgustdissident
480. 2005-05-02epoch of unlightbroken pendulum
481. 2005-05-02norma jeanpretendeavor: In reference to a sinking ship
482. 2005-05-02Imapled Nazareneendless war
483. 2005-04-18the_networkend transmission
484. 2005-04-18Nocturnalthe final end
485. 2005-04-11originendless cure
486. 2005-03-28virgo lacertuswith vengenace, we ascend
487. 2005-03-28originendless cure
488. 2005-03-21virgo lacertuswith vengenace, we ascend
489. 2005-03-07virgo lacertuswith vengenace, we ascend
490. 2005-03-07virgo lacertuswith vengenace, we ascend
491. 2005-02-28Death Before Dishonorendles sufferingFriends Family Foreverbridge9
492. 2005-02-21triviumascendancy
493. 2005-02-14Death Before Dishonor6.6.6. friends family foreverFriends Family Foreverbridge9
494. 2005-02-07the Taste of Silverendoexo
495. 2005-02-07maroonendorsed by hate
496. 2005-02-07phazmdevourved tenderness
497. 2005-01-31Death Before Dishonorendless sufferingFriends Family Foreverbridge9
498. 2005-01-31stand accusedsuspended for the emergency
499. 2005-01-24incantationdecimate christendom
500. 2005-01-17dark tranquillitythe endless feed
501. 2005-01-10misery signalsThe Year Summer Ended In June
502. 2005-01-10deeds of fleshend of all
503. 2005-01-10the crownat the end
504. 2005-01-01the_networkidiot trend welcomes
505. 2004-12-27nerve gas tragedyendless pain
506. 2004-12-13nerve gas tragedyendless pain
507. 2004-11-29shai huludoutside the boundaries of a friend
508. 2004-11-15the_networkend transmission
509. 2004-11-01amaranthuschapters one through end
510. 2004-10-04Sevenday Curseendless pit of need
511. 2004-09-27God Forbidamendment
512. 2004-09-27Pyogenesisin the end
513. 2004-09-13poison the wellartists rendering of me
514. 2004-09-06zaotruly truly truly this is the end
515. 2004-08-30unearthendless
516. 2004-08-16Pyogenesisin the end
517. 2004-08-02ars macabradawn to an endless night
518. 2004-07-26Drowningmanlast weeks minutes from the meeting of the secret society of your friends who actually hate you
519. 2004-07-19carnivoremanic depression (hendrix cover)
520. 2004-07-19killswitch engagethe end of heartache
521. 2004-07-12sodompretenders to the throne
522. 2004-07-05zaothe rasing end (the first prophecy)
523. 2004-07-05pray for a plaguethis basement is full of trendy cunts
524. 2004-06-28unearthendless
525. 2004-06-14ars macabradawn to an endless night
526. 2004-06-14unearthendless
527. 2004-05-31misery signalsThe Year Summer Ended In June
528. 2004-05-31In Flamesf(r)iend
529. 2004-05-31pray for a plaguethis basement is full of trendy cunts
530. 2004-05-31enslavedhordalendingen
531. 2004-05-24pray for a plaguethis basement is full of trendy cunts
532. 2004-05-24Backstabbers Incif you can see the ending, it's already over
533. 2004-05-17suffocationimmortally condemend
534. 2004-05-17pray for a plaguethis basement is full of trendy cunts
535. 2004-05-10suffocationimmortally condemend
536. 2004-04-26Tragedyno end in sight
537. 2004-04-19severe torturethe children shall endure
538. 2004-04-12Tragedyno end in sight
539. 2004-03-29Imapled Nazarenethe endless war
540. 2004-03-15finntrollvattendaMidnattens Widunderspinefarm
541. 2004-03-15psychristthe abysmal fiendEmbrace Rapture in Disgustdissident
542. 2004-03-01melecheshincendium between mirage and time
543. 2004-02-23maledictatradtional neverending friend
544. 2004-02-23grimlockend of the dream
545. 2004-02-23eternal ruinforced to contend
546. 2004-02-16Imapled Nazarenethe endless war
547. 2004-02-02some girlsall my friends are going death
548. 2004-01-19Full Blown Chaosmeans to an end
549. 2003-12-22diabolicdescending through portals of misery
550. 2003-12-08Tragedyno end in sight
551. 2003-12-01amon amarthfriends of the suncross
552. 2003-11-03Symphony in Perilletting go would be an end
553. 2003-10-27Symphony in Perilletting go would be an end
554. 2003-10-27under threatthe end of grace
555. 2003-09-29Tragedyno end in sight
556. 2003-09-22hecate enthronedthe pagan swords of legend
557. 2003-09-15Full Blown Chaosmeans to an end
558. 2003-09-09borknagarthe beginning of the end
559. 2003-08-26Fleshgrindmurder without end
560. 2003-08-05QuellFinal Transaction & end Balance
561. 2003-07-29the_networkend transmission
562. 2003-07-22Forest StreamLegend
563. 2003-07-15shai huludOutside the Boundries of a friend
564. 2003-07-15Misery SignalsThe Year Summer Ended In June
565. 2003-05-20UnearthEndless
566. 2003-05-20All Out Warwitness the endFor Those Who Were Crucifiedvictory
567. 2003-05-13BrujeriaHemanos Menendez
568. 2003-05-06the_Networkend Transmission
569. 2003-02-11SuffocationSuspended in Tribulation
570. 2003-02-04ExcommunionRendering the Demon Gate
571. 2003-01-21BurialEnd Times
572. 2003-01-14UnearthEndless
573. 2003-01-07Love Lost but not ForgottenIt never Happend
574. 2002-12-24ExcommunionRendering the Demon Gate
575. 2002-12-17God ForbidAmendment
576. 2002-11-26AborymHorrenda Peccata Christi
577. 2002-10-08Blood REd Thronethe Children Shall Endure
578. 2002-09-24Shai HuludOutside the Boundaries of a friend
579. 2002-09-10UnearthEndless
580. 2002-09-10Luna AuroraFlammende Male
581. 2002-08-20UnearthEndless
582. 2002-07-23SinisterBleeding Through the Wendingo
583. 2002-07-02The WAge of SinIn Dependence
584. 2002-07-02Dimension ZeroEnd
585. 2002-06-04The Great Deceiverthe Living End
586. 2002-05-28Backstabbers Inc...and your good friend is your scapegoat
587. 2002-05-21Beyond The Embracethe Bending
588. 2002-05-14Obituarythe End Complete
589. 2002-04-09Hypocrisyanother deadend (from another dead man)
590. 2002-04-02Light is the Languagethe digital wendingo vs. the little guy
591. 2002-02-26Flesh Crawlthe Fothcoming End
592. 2002-02-26Dew ScentedLife Ending Path
593. 2002-02-11DeteriorotEndless Hauntings of Demons and Despair
594. 2002-02-05DiabolicVegeance Assending
595. 2002-01-08Infernal TormentThe End of Cilivization
596. 2002-01-01Old Man\'s ChildIn black endless void
597. 2001-12-25ExhumedDecrepit Crecendo
598. 2001-10-30ExhumedDecrepit Cresendo
599. 2001-10-30ExhumedDecrepit Cresendo
600. 2001-10-02Old Man\'s Childin black Endless Void
601. 2001-06-26ExhumedDecrepidit Crecendo
602. 2001-06-19Strifeto an End
603. 2001-04-24PanteraGood Friends & a Bottle of Pills
604. 2001-04-17ZaoThe end of the world
605. 2001-03-13Hecate EnthronedPagan Swords of legend
606. 2001-02-27AstriaalCelestial Transcendence of the Aphelion
607. 2001-02-13NoctuaryAt Journey's End
608. 2001-02-06AstriallCelestial Transcendence of the Aphelion
609. 2001-01-16AstriaalCelestrial Transcendence of the Aphelion
610. 2001-01-09DevineBirth of Ledgends
611. 2000-12-25SuffocationSuspended In Tribulation
612. 2000-12-12Devine EmpireBrith of Ledgends
613. 2000-12-12Devine EmpireBrith of Ledgends
614. 2000-11-31SuffocationSuspended In Tribulation
615. 2000-11-31Human DisorderFriend
616. 2000-11-07Devine EmpireBirth of Ledgends
617. 2000-11-07Devine EmpireBirth of Ledgends
618. 2000-09-18Rotting ChristIf It Ends Tomorrow
619. 2000-09-12Rotting ChristIf It Ends Tomorrow
620. 2000-09-04Gore Beyond NecropsyHorrendously analdrilled
621. 2000-09-04SuffocationSuspended In Tribulation
622. 2000-08-21ExhumedDecrepit Cresendo
623. 2000-08-21Poison the WellArtists Rendering of me
624. 2000-07-31Torn AsunderLegends
625. 2000-06-19Old Man's Childin the Black endless Void
626. 2000-06-19Userpershadowfiend
627. 2000-06-12Project HateOcenas Seemingly Endless Bleeding
628. 2000-05-15OuijaTransendental Misnight
629. 2000-05-08Poison the WellArtists rendering of me
630. 2000-05-01UsurperShadow Fiend
631. 2000-04-03Niven Div 187the End
632. 2000-03-13Old Man\'s Childthe Black Endless Void
633. 2000-03-13KrisiunEndless Madness Descends
634. 1999-12-20Amon AmarthLegends of a Banished Man
635. 1999-12-06Amon AmarthLegend of a Banished Man
636. 1999-12-06IncantationImpending Diabolical ConquestDiabolical Conquestrelapse
637. 1999-11-30Blood for BloodNo Friend of Mine
638. 1999-11-15Amon AmarthLegend of a Banished Man
639. 1999-10-11ZaoDesire the End
640. 1999-09-06Dark AngelPerish in Flames/ Darkness Descends
641. 1999-08-30ZaoDesire the end
642. 1999-08-21ScholomacePt II End
643. 1999-08-21ScholomacePt II End
644. 1999-07-19TurmoilImpending Doom Theory
645. 1999-07-05At the GatesAll Life Ends
646. 1999-06-28TurmoilImpending Doom Theory
647. 1999-05-31IntegrityNever Surrender
648. 1999-05-24bandthe end records
649. 1999-04-20At the GatesAll Life Ends (live)Terminal Spirit Diseasepeaceville
650. 1999-04-20Cave Inthe End of the Rope is a Nose
651. 1999-04-06UsurperShadowfend
652. 1999-03-22Shai HuludOutside the Boundaries of a Friend
653. 1999-03-22the CrownAt the End
654. 1997-11-24Shai Huludoutside the Boundaries of a Friend
655. 1997-10-27CrisisKingdom is End
656. 1997-10-27Ammer EinhietSender 1212
657. 1997-10-20AbominationImpending Doom
658. 1997-08-25Earth CrisisGamorrah's Season Ends
659. 1997-08-25Strifeto an End
660. 1997-08-18Funker VogtSuspended Animation
661. 1997-08-04Funker VogtSuspended Animation
662. 1997-07-21At the GatesAll Life Ends (live)Terminal Spirit Diseasepeaceville
663. 1997-06-23At the GatesAll Life Ends (live)Terminal Spirit Diseasepeaceville
664. 1997-06-16IntegrityRelease the Fiend
665. 1997-06-09Death Line InternationalMy Friend is Dead
666. 1997-05-19Hanzel und GretylPleiadian Agenda
667. 1997-04-21Honkey BallSo Called Friends
668. 1997-04-14SepulturaEndangered Spices
669. 1997-03-31DrillInnuendo
670. 1997-03-17Infotmation SocietyAre Friends Electric
671. 1997-03-10BrujeriaHermanos Menendez
672. 1996-11-18Life of AgonyLet's Pretend
673. 1996-10-07Obituarythe End complete
674. 1996-10-07ScornEndless
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