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this is the collection of all the playlists that I've typed in.
the first show was on September 2 1996.
It will take a while to get there
So far, there are 1153 playlist up with 49169 songs played going back to 0000-00-00


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1. 2020-04-27Ashtar (Switzerland)03 BloodstonesKaikujaEisenwald Records
2. 2019-12-23IN HUMAN FORMWeeping StonesIIII, Voidhanger Records
3. 2019-12-16Pulling TeethStonethrowersMartyr ImmortalDeathwish
4. 2019-11-18Nefarious Dusk05 Swinside Stone CircleThe Wanderer of the Cold NorthPurity Through Fire
5. 2019-11-04AuguryBrimstone LandscapesFragmentary EvidenceNuclear Blast GmbH
6. 2019-10-21EstuaryOf Weakening StoneTo Exist and EndureIbex Moon Records
7. 2019-07-15Spite (US)06 Upon Funeral StoneAntimoshiachInvictus Productions
8. 2019-06-24XibalbaStone HeartIncendiary/Xibalba split
9. 2019-03-11LATITUDESDovestonePart IslandDebemur Morti Productions
10. 2019-02-18FallujahCarved From StoneThe Flesh Prevails
11. 2019-01-07XibalbaStone HeartIncendiary/Xibalba splitclosed_casket_activities
12. 2018-09-03CandlemassBlack Stone WielderEpicus Doomicus Metallicus
13. 2018-06-25XibalbaStone HeartIncendiary/Xibalba splitclosed_casket_activities
14. 2018-02-12Inverted SerenityCornerstonesAs Spectres WitherSelf-Released
15. 2018-02-05Corrosion Of ConformityCast The First StoneNo Cross No CrownNuclear Blast Records
16. 2017-09-11XibalbaStone HeartIncendiary/Xibalba splitclosed_casket_activities
17. 2017-08-21EntrallStonedThroes Of FireSelf-Released
18. 2017-07-24NaglfarThe Brimstone GateDiabolicalRegain Records
19. 2017-07-10XibalbaStone HeartIncendiary/Xibalba splitclosed_casket_activities
20. 2017-05-01ObituaryTurned To StoneObituaryRelapse Records
21. 2017-03-13EvocationChildren of StoneThe Shadow ArchetypeMetal Blade Records
22. 2017-03-06XibalbaStone HeartIncendiary/Xibalba split
23. 2017-01-09XibalbaStone HeartIncendiary/Xibalba splitclosed_casket_activities
24. 2017-01-02CIVIL WARTombstoneThe Last Full MeasureNapalm Records
25. 2016-03-28NeurosisStones From The SkyA Sun That Never Sets (Radio Edits)
26. 2016-03-21NecromancerTombstone EpithaphTombstone Epitaph
27. 2015-12-07NevermoreSell My Heart for StonesThis Godless EndeavorCentury Media
28. 2015-11-16Electric WizardStone MagnetElectric Wizard [2006 Remaster]candlelight
29. 2015-09-21SlayerCast The First StoneRepentlessnuclearblast
30. 2015-09-14Sin of AngelsGarden Of StoneFrom Ashesnotcommon
31. 2015-07-27Karyn Crisis' Gospel Of The WitchesThe Sword And The StoneSalem's Woundscenturymedia
32. 2015-01-26AbominatorThe Brimstone NucleusEvil Proclaimedhells_headbangers
33. 2015-01-26AbhorCircle Of Stones 1Rituale Stramoniummoribund
34. 2014-12-29Shed The SkinSkaphe Of Christ/Rebirth Through BrimstoneRebirth Through Brimstonehells_headbangers
35. 2014-12-29AhabTombstone CarousalThe Divinity Of Oceansnapalm
36. 2014-11-17Job for a CowboyThe Stone CrossSun Eatermetalblade
37. 2014-10-06Maudlin The WellStones Of October's SobbingLeaving Your Body Mapdark_symphonies
38. 2014-08-18SodomTombstoneOn Night In Bangkoksteam_hammer
39. 2014-04-28Aborted FetusGarden Of Kidney StonesPrivate Judgement Daycomatose
40. 2014-04-07BongzillaStone A PigGatewayrelapse
41. 2014-03-10Aborted FetusGarden Of Kidney StonesPrivate Judgement Daycomatose
42. 2014-02-03Aborted FetusGarden Of Kidney StonesPrivate Judgement Daycomatose
43. 2013-12-16MalevolenceTurn To StoneReign Of Sufferingsiege_of_amida
44. 2013-12-09XibalbaStone HeartIncendiary/Xibalba splitclosed_casket_activities
45. 2012-10-22XibalbaStone HeartIncendiary/Xibalba splitclosed_casket_activities
46. 2012-06-11XibalbaStone HeartIncendiary/Xibalba splitclosed_casket_activities
47. 2012-05-14DjervHeadstoneDjervindie
48. 2012-01-30SatyriconBlack Crown On A TombstoneThe Age Of Neroroadrunner
49. 2011-12-19BattlecrossMan Of StonePursuit Of Honormetalblade
50. 2011-07-04Faces Of BayonBrimstonedHeart Of The Fireragnarok
51. 2011-03-28Acid WitchStoned To The GraveStonedhells_headbangers
52. 2010-06-28Sky ForgerThe Stone SentinelKurbadsmetalblade
53. 2010-03-01AcrassicaudaGarden Of StoneOnly The Dead See The End Of The War EPvice
54. 2010-02-22DropdeadStoneself-titledarmageddon
55. 2009-09-07AuguryBrimstone LandscapesFragmentary Evidencenuclearblast
56. 2009-08-17Winds of PlagueThe Great Stone WarThe Great Stone Warcenturymedia
57. 2009-06-15Iron LungStone HandsSexless//No Sexprank
58. 2009-03-02Spinal TapStonehengeSpinal Tappolygram
59. 2008-09-29DeicideHorror in the Halls of StoneTill Death Do Us Partearache
60. 2008-06-16Iron LungStone HandSexless//No Sexprank
61. 2008-06-09RageCarved in StoneCarved in Stonelocomotive
62. 2008-06-09UnleashedCarved in StoneHammer Battalionspv
63. 2008-06-02FamineCut From the StoneThe Raven and the Reapingsolid_state
64. 2007-12-17Nilethe Infinity of StoneIthyphallicnuclearblast
65. 2007-10-01NeurosisStones from the Skya Sun that never Setsrelapse
66. 2007-07-09Memory GardenCarved in StoneVerdict of Posteritymetalblade
67. 2007-06-11bitchslicerfrankenstoned
68. 2007-03-19mastodonhand of stone
69. 2007-02-12the Taste of Silverreturn to stone
70. 2007-01-29the endthrowing stones
71. 2006-12-18Texturesmillstone
72. 2006-12-11primordialcities carved in stone
73. 2006-10-23Gorodchronicle from the stone ageNeurotripsickswillowtip
74. 2006-10-02nilestones of sorrow
75. 2006-08-14raise the red lanternthrower of stones
76. 2006-07-03Panicwritten in stone
77. 2006-05-29Estuaryof weakening stone
78. 2005-06-13Estuaryof weakening stone
79. 2005-01-17invocation of nehekdrawing blood from a stone
80. 2004-11-22invocation of nehekdrawing blood from a stone
81. 2004-08-16single bullet theorycold as stone
82. 2003-09-09disembodiedsticks and stones
83. 2003-05-20God Dethronedthe Tomstone
84. 2003-05-20Invocation of NehekDrawing Blood from a stone
85. 2003-04-29Invocation of NehekDrawing Blood from a Stone
86. 2003-03-04Benumbthat which is set in stone
87. 2001-01-09DisembodiedSticks and stones
88. 1999-12-27Naglfarthe Brimstone Gate
89. 1999-11-30Sodomtombstone
90. 1999-09-20Dark woods my belovedInside the Circle of Stone
91. 1999-07-19NileStone of Sorrow
92. 1999-07-12Endlessin stone he creeps
93. 1999-07-05Endlessin Stone He Creeps
94. 1999-05-10NileStones of Sorrow
95. 1997-10-20The MoaningBlood from stone
96. 1997-08-18Usurperstonehammer
97. 1997-06-09John Connelly TheoryCharlie Brownstone
98. 1997-04-21BenedictionBlood from Stone
99. 1997-03-10Clay PeopleStone
100. 1997-02-17Clay PeopleStone
101. 1997-01-1316 voltHead of Stone
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